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Top 5 Best Plastic Pools To Try In 2023

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Ever since the rise of COVID 19, many places have suffered from lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. In times like these, especially in such scorching heat, plastic pools gained much popularity amongst adults and children alike. 

In demanding times like these, instead of going out, families had to look for alternative ways to have fun with activities that had a low-risk factor of spreading the virus. In such a situation, the increase in demand for swimming pools was a justified sign as to be a solution to this problem. 

Swimming pools come in several different shapes, sizes, and types. On one hand, you have your kiddie pools which are to be enjoyed by solely children only. These can be either inflatable or plastic children’s pools that most people prefer to opt for.

On the other hand, you have large-sized pools that also come in the option of being either inflatable or made of plastic. These can be easily enjoyed by the whole family without any inconvenience. 

Whilst facing these numerous choices in above-ground pools, the vast majority of people prefer to go for plastic pools. This is, indeed, a wise choice; and we’ll tell you why. 

Not only are these easier to set up and do not need to be refilled each time you want to use them, but they are also not prone to cuts or scratches which might leave the conventional types unusable. 

Thus, going for the best plastic pools available in the market would not be a bad call if you want to cool down a bit. And don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered even further. In the effort of making your choice easier, here are 5 of the best plastic pools you might ever come across in the market:

Intex – 10’ X 30’’ Prism Frame Premium Pool Set 

Originally available for a whopping price of $1019, at the time of writing it is available for a hefty, discounted price of $459.99 (almost more than a 50% discount). 

This pool set is perfect for a family afternoon of pure enjoyment. With enough length for you to swim and have the time of your life, you can be sure to make many joyous memories. 

It boasts a water capacity of 14 thousand liters to ensure that all your swimming needs are fulfilled from the comfort of your home. However, be sure to measure your backyard correctly to avoid ending up ordering a pool that is too big to fit into your garden!

This pool set contains 4 major components: a filter pump to help fill up your pool, a removable ladder to help you enter it, a debris cover to protect it from dust, and a ground cloth to provide added protection for the pool bottom!

Bestway Pro Max Above Ground, 14ft X 33in 

This is one of the best plastic pools you will ever come across. Adorned with a metal frame, it guarantees extra durability and longer life to its user. 

Unlike inflatable pools whose air needs to be drained out after use, this pool has no such troubles in store for you. All it requires is a one-time assembly, and it will be good to go. With the lack of any inflatable parts, you can stop worrying about your pool running a risk of being damaged from cuts or scratches. 

Being a healthy alternative to kiddy pools, if you want to enjoy summertime with your kids, you and your whole family can splash around without any fear of damage or breakage due to its ultimate rigidity. 

Being available for a mere $168, you can trust Bestway with providing you with a high-quality product at an affordable price. 

Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set 

With a price that might seem a little out of the box, the facilities provided by this pool are well worth every single cent. 

For $1999, the Ultra XTR pool set contains a removable ladder that is not only slip-resistant but corrosion-resistant as well. In addition to that, it comes with a Clear Sand Filter Pump that filters the water before letting it flow to the pool, making your swim sessions not only joyous but healthy as well. 

The debris and ground cover providing extra protection, this pool is an investment that you definitely would not regret making. Though be prepared to sacrifice a large area out of your garden or backyards space. After all, joy comes at the expense of something!

Intex 28107EH Easy Set Ground Pool, Blue

This pool measures 96 x 96 x 24 inches and is available on Amazon for just below $55, the original price is almost $80. 

Being made entirely of plastic all around with no frames or anything of the sort whatsoever, it is quite easy to put up. Just spread it out, inflate the top ring for safety and start filling it with water. Easy as that!

This is a great example of a plastic children’s pool in which adults can enjoy it as well, having ample space for everyone. 

This pool is a great way to keep your kids cool on a hot summer day or to give them a source of enjoyment that differs from their usual routine. Having the capacity to store almost 513 gallons of water with a quick drainage facility, be prepared to have a fun couple of hours with your loved ones!

Lunaoo Portable Kiddie Pool/Dog Pool – PVC Bathing Tub

Available in an XL size of 63” x 12”, this is the best plastic pool that you will come across that is purpose-built for kids only. 

Being crafted with high-grade industrial strength PVC, you can expect the utmost durability from it and thus wish all your worries about the safety of your children goodbye. 

The best part: it requires next to no effort at all! It is easily portable and foldable, allowing you to open it up in just a handful of minutes. Then, it proves its ease of use by no need for inflation at all. Just spread it out and use the in-built drains to make filling and draining a breeze. 

Thus, this pool is best if you want to see your children have a time that they will almost certainly never forget!

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