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15 Witch Costume Ideas For Halloween – A Styling Guide

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It’s October again! Halloween’s around the corner! But Oh! You haven’t the slightest idea how you’re going to dress up for Halloween? Worry not, for there is so much in store for you. If you have a mind of dressing up as a witch but don’t know how to pull out your outfit, Voila! You are at the right place. Witch costumes are ever-trendy, ever-spooky, and easy to carry. Dressed up as a witch, flashing your teeth around will surely make the hair stand on the neck of your neighbor’s child!

After all, that’s what Halloween is for, right? Black witchy outfits for the dark night! Witches are always known for their dark mystic robes. This Halloween, you can go for shades of black to grab the attention of the night. Black cats, ravens, spiders- all cry Witch! Use these animal props to accentuate your look. Black has been the color of the witches, and it’ll be yours too!

Scroll down to get an idea of what you may want as your Witch costume this Halloween. The perfect solution to womens witch costume here:

Perfect Puffed-Sleeve Detail Witch Outfit 

Perfect Puffed-Sleeve Detail Witch Outfit 

This full-length long-sleeved dress is sure to make people gasp at your classical Witch look. The dress has an amazing fitting around the waist, chest, and arms. The puffed sleeves, silver buttons up front, and tulle petticoat give a vintage punch to the style so that you’ll look like one of the oldest Salem witches.

Above all, the pointed hat has a wire in its brim edge to allow you to adjust it accordingly. Complement this witch Halloween costume with black Victorian shoes of your choice, and you’re ready to scare the soul outta everyone!

Medieval Style Iridescent Black Velvet Queen Costume 

Medieval-Style Iridescent Black Velvet Queen Costume

This outfit will be the best choice if you want to act as the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This form-fitting dress, with its plunging V neck and seven-pointed stand-up collar, will pull all the dark energies of the world to you. The metallic headband and chain belt add a powerful image to your dramatic style.

With complementing makeup, you’re sure to be the sorceress of the night! It might be the best out of all girls witch costumes.

Great Black Laced-Bodice Hooded Costume 

Great Black Laced-Bodice Hooded Costume 

Want to stay low-key yet give the witchy vibe? Dress up in this elegant long black robe with hanging sleeves and a large hood. The bodice has satin ribbon lacing on the front, giving it a feminine touch. This outfit has a sense of mysticism and suspense. Who knows what you may conjure out those long sleeves or hide under that shrouding hood?

Cute Knee-Length Witch Costume with Bell Sleeves


Cute Knee-Length Witch Costume with Bell Sleeves 

Now, this is a style unique in every way, made short up to knees from faux-brushed suede, giving it a luxurious look. The high raised collar and crooked hat make you feel like a witch out of an animated storybook. Complete the look with a black net pantyhose and sleek black heels. You’re all ready to fly on your broom on Halloween eve!

Fortune telling witch 

Fortune-Telling Witch

One of the most creative witch costumes made with a thin sheer shirt texture and a sheer cape to create an awesome overall look and texture with a black slip-on tank, the full black mesh detailing on the shoulders look classy, giving you perfect modesty vibes. Bring your interest for fortune in a style you walk by on Halloween eve. Style it with a wide-brimmed had a colorful wig and a crystal ball. Be mysterious! Everyone must have dreamt of being a gorgeous witch and, of course, be picture perfect for a night.

Seductive Black Witch Catsuite with Opera Gloves 

Seductive Black Witch Catsuit with Opera Gloves

This outfit is designed to give you the Stylish Witch award of the evening. The sleeveless catsuite hugging your curves has a zipper on the back for easy wear. The sheer net duster skirt, glittery tulle bodice overlay, and straps add a wave of glamour to your style. Adjust your cone-shaped hat and slip on the Opera-length gloves to complete the outfit.

DIY Witch Outfit Ideas 

If you can’t find any dresses according to your taste, don’t sulk in that corner. Look at these amazing DIY ideas that could turn you into a Salem witch right away!

Scarlet Witch Outfit 

DIY Scarlet Witch Costum

To pull out this look, all you need is a red dress from your grandmother’s closet, a buckle belt to get hooked at your waist, and a pointy witch hat. This style is simple and easy yet elegant. Perfect for a Halloween where you want to play the part of a good goofy witch.

Elphaba’s classic Wicked Witch

DIY Elphaba Costume

Dressing up as Elphaba can never go wrong! You can be a classic Wicked Witch for your Halloween with this exotic and scary look. Don’t forget to throw a pointy black hat! Try going with its most famous “University uniform.” Adding green face paint will bring a new style and reflects the true Elphaba vibes.

Hocus Pocus Witches 

Hocus Pocus Witches

The perfect way to dress up with your gals! All you need for this outfit are vintage skirts, heavy blouses, and a lot of accessories. Mix and match any color that you think of, topped with your favorite witch hat and a long cape on the back. Don’t forget to apply dramatic makeup. Have fun trick or treating all night!

Simple Witch 

Simple Witch

Want to be a witch but also keep it casual? Being a witch doesn’t really mean heavy drapes. Throw on a black skirt or dress of your own liking with black net leggings and laced booties. Add a bit of dark lipstick and cat eyeliner.

Top up with a crooked old hat from your attic, and you’re pretty much a witch!

Witch Costumes for Kids 

Halloween is not only for adults but also for kids. Here we have given a few simple yet alluring kids witch costume ideas to feel like a wicked one for a night.

Pottery Barn Kids Toddler Glow-in-the-Dark Witch Costume 

Pottery Barn Kids Toddler Glow-in-the-Dark Witch Costume 

This costume is the dream piece for your child. The three-piece outfit having tulle dress, cape, and the pointed hat have the magical glow in the dark. Your child will look all lovely and feel the costume alive and full of witch spells!

Rubies Radiant Witch Costume 

Rubie’s Radiant Witch Costume

Do you want your kido to stay cute but wickedly awesome, on the other hand? We got you we offer you this beautifully and selectively made dazzling Rubies Radiant Witch costume for a perfect pick – another elegant addition to the little one in their costume wardrobe.

Your little being will surely look marvelous in this emerald green and purple bodice with crafted with bold, velveteen material with puffy shoulders. Along with comfort, this favorite go-to dress will ensure a style just a wand, and your little is ready to go.

Hyde & EEK! 

Hyde & EEK! Boutique Girls' Royal Witch Deluxe Halloween Costume

Boutique Girls’ Royal Witch Deluxe Halloween Costume The best pick for your child is this black and orange billowing dress with a laced bodice and flounced sleeves. The black hat has orange embellishments that will look cute on every little witch. Dress your little one in buckled shoes and black leggings to complete the style. Give them a broom to soar all night!

Pottery Barn kids harry potter Dumbledore costume

Pottery Barn kids harry potter Dumbledore costume

This cute Pottery barn kids Harry potter Dumbledore costume is a wizarding secret and suits best to your babies. The three-piece comes in with a super cool embellished cloak, wizard’s hat, and a long beard, keeping your pint-sized Harry potter fans warm in this cute style Halloween season.

The costume lets your kids harry potter fantasy world come true to life. Here your kid goes, a super cute Dumbledore.

Stripy Witch DIY Costume 

Stripy Witch

This kids witch costume is simple yet eye-catching. Get a pair of yellow and black striped leggings complemented with a ragged blacktop and a crooked Witch hat. Your child is sure to look like the Baba Yellowlegs from Throne of Glass.

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