25 Best Purple Hair Ideas in 2022 For a unique Look

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It is nothing surprising that one of the trendiest hair colors of 2022 is definitely purple. And it can be any hue of purple, either combined with one or more shades, light or dark, sharp or blunt. But why? Because purple hair color not only looks elegant but also edgy, graceful, and classy. Besides, who doesn’t like to get a touch of unusualness in their style!

Are you one with a dark complexion or fair, hazel eyes or brown? DOESN’T MATTER. No color can signify your inner or hidden beauty the way purple shade can. All thanks to its rich palette of shades 

Coming to the hair-style, purple hair color is not restricted to just a single haircut or texture. It is your choice whether you want to go ALL PURPLE or just need a touch-up with light streaks.

Here we are highlighting all the trending and fashionable hues of purple that can bring your glamour. Choose the one that looks best on you!

Plum Purple Brown Hair

Are you ready to make some heads turn your way?

Get yourself a deep plum purple if you have brown shade hair as it can be the most organic look you can carry without feeling alienated. Where the plum color will give a bright shine outside, it will look extremely subtle inside.

Red and Purple Hair

Definitely a color combination every woman is asking for!

Imagining both bright shades seem weird but when combined, you will be left awestruck with the coolness and uniqueness it brings to your fashion style. A perfect makeover for the passionate personality giving you bold looks.

Purple Hair Dye with a Vintage Flair

Want some light purple tint to carry your everyday hairstyle? This color mix is to die for! Giving all retro romantic vibes but wait…you won’t look old but younger, not typical but modish. The best combination will be these purple highlighting looking flamboyant and asymmetrical medium-length cuts in a loose curly or wavy style.

Gray Purple Hair

One of the rarest and delicate combinations to get, but do not worry, it looks chic no matter what age you are. Where purple brings class, the gray brings refinement. Suitable for a medium-length cut with straight or rough hair. Due to its subtleness, it works well with cool undertones.

Pink and Purple Hair

First, you need to decide whether you need a bright or light mix. If you need an eye-catching look, get an all bright combo. But, if you need something casual and easy-going, go for lighter shades. If you have long hair, it must be your first try. Managing thin purple and pink hair can be tricky so how about curling them a bit!

Multicolored with Purple Hair Highlights

A perfect rainbow effect!

Can’t decide what exactly color will go best with purple? Let’s try every color of a different hue and bring the perfect mermaid look. If you ever get this hairstyle, make yourself a cute braid or let your hair flow all the way. 

Blue and Purple Hair

Sounds electric but who cares! Be a rebel and go for an all-out contrast!

Matching and mixing colors can get tricky but a colder and warmer shade mix will create an absolute passionate look that will worth your courage. Consider it a statement of your nature.

Light Purple Hair with Shadow Roots

Feeling so typical with all the silver blonds? Bring a twist with a twirl of purple shades. It will not give you a complete makeover but will give you a refreshing look. Most natural way to add a cool accent!

It Will not only look stylish but also stunning. It is recommended to keep the ends choppy and light.

Bright Purple Hair

Need an edgy look? Look no further!

Perfect for summertime! Perfect for autumn! Perfect for girls’ trips! Perfect for open-air music festival night-outs! And YES, perfect to have an exotic photo shoot.

Burgundy Purple Hair

You have multiple purple hair options if you are a natural brunette, but the best is this burgundy! Highlights your expressive face and signifies the dark eyes. it can be the ideal color for all girls with olive skin. Get a younger yet not a bizarre look.

Neon Purple Pink Hair

Neon purple hair


This neon goes best with women having porcelain skin. The best part is that it will suit you regardless of the hair length. Long, medium, short, bob, no worries! You will bring the classic outlook.

Long Ombré

Best for straight hair, as all hues will be clearly shown. How will it look? Imagine having a lavish dark purple hair lightening to get an incredible ashy rainbow shade. That is exactly how fabulous it will look on you, rocking two exquisite blends. Get ecstatic with this deep ashy purple hair color!

Brown And Deep Lavender

What we exactly mean by DARK lavender is an INTENSE hue. Mixing your deep brown hair with lavender shade is something, you will never regret. Time to showcase your natural brunette locks with the twist of purple highlights.

Reverse Purple Ombre Hair

Need something unique? Get your highlights or color dye in reverse. Keeping a subtle transition of shades, get yourself a defined border giving all the artistic vibes. It works for both, light and dark purple shades matched with your natural hair color, preferably white or gray. It glows your face spectacularly.

Platinum Purple Hair

To keep your look as dramatic and mysterious as possible, you must get this purple hair dye. Leaving a stunning impression in photos, you can pair it up with any color dress. This look goes wonderful with full makeup.

Purple Balayage Hair

It would not be wrong to say that every hairstylist must have given you this option. And why not! Carrying this multilayered balayage is classy and glamorous. Best works with natural waves of long hair or curls.

Pastel Purple Hair

Apart from getting peculiarly darker purple dyes, you can go for lighter pastel shades, especially in the summertime. To keep the feminine touch, this eye-catching transition makes you artistically gorgeous.

Do you have thin hair? This subtle shade will give your hair the volume.

Rose Purple

It is impossible to not love this spectacular color that brings all the attention to your face highlighting your face details. A perfect blend of rosy mixed with a reddish-purple shade. For parties, style your hair in curls or waves. The braid will be your go-to favorite hairstyle.


Hearing for the first time? Well, you are lucky you have because blending all the inspiring shades such as blue, purple, dark emerald green, and light pink will create a glorious peacock look like no other hair dye. It gives a tacky look.

Tropical Punch

Similar to a magenta color, it looks just terrific or we can say darkly sexy! If you have warm undertones, this must be your first choice. The hard-hitting grape tones mingled with plum complimenting slight fruit orange is a combination to be reckoned with.

Be ready to get a rich, juicy hue!

Unicorn Purple

Like being too girlish? Or like to live in fantasy? Unicorn hairstyle is your jam! Bring the party to your life with a subtle and imposing blend at the same time. Perfect for brunettes with cool undertones. Put a sweet purple touch on your dresses, and you’ve got one stellar purple look.

Deep Lilac

Looking for a not so drastic makeover this summer? Get a stylish cut and color it lilac! Deep lilac – a perfect hue to shade hair in that seems compatible with every skin tone. Take some inspiration from the met gala look of Kylie Jenner. And, yes, you can totally own this look in winters, too.

Black and purple Hair

Ready to go Half & Half? Always mate purple with black! One of the most followed trends of the 2020s. It gives you a little more avant-garde and a chance to showcase your tense look, in fact, looks gorgeous, especially in the full blossom springs. A two-toned hairstyle never goes wrong!

Electric Purple

Transitioning to purple is no joke but if you are ready to do some adventurous, turn your hair in electric purple. One thing we are sure of is…people will stare for a while! A good option for neutral-toned skin. But it comes with a lot of maintenance.

Indigo Blend 

What we really mean with INDIGO is a perfectly balanced mix and match of blue and purple but with creativity and style. Do not get it? get some serious inspo from a la singer Demi Lovato. The bluish purple shade is unique and less drastic, still offering a striking transformation.

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