5 Best Hanging Fruit Baskets For Daily Use In Kitchen

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Kitchen decor matters a lot, probably as much as any other space in the house. Adorning it up with some unique ideas in a fine way is always a cherry on top. Hanging fruit baskets are such a pretty kitchen décor item that gives a festive and lively theme to your kitchen space. Not only appealing look-wise but also very practical to use. It can free some space on the kitchen counter and make you reach on top and get the freshness of fruits.

If you want to buy the hot favorite kitchen obsession that is back in style and taking over, you need to look at these hanging baskets on Amazon. We’ve chosen some exceptional variety for you, from tiers of metal containers to macramé baskets to a lot more. So let’s get you on tour to hanging baskets land.

3 Tier Wicker Hanging Basket 

3 Tier Wicker Hanging Basket 

This woven wicker hanging basket is a nifty design that is very easy to use, natural and appealing. With its three-tiered design, it can free the space off the countertop and can be used separately by detaching it to add versatility. With its 2-pound weight and heavy metal chain to hang, the durability of this hanging tiered fruit basket is guaranteed.

Space saver design– Free space on the counter with fruits placed in hanging kitchen basket gives nice aesthetics to kitchen and freshness to fruits and vegetables.

Durable materialThe baskets are paper rope woven plaiting –hanging wicker baskets with a heavy metal chain that gives it a strong structure to endure the weight.

Detachable bowls– With this feature, a fruit hanging basket can be dangling with fruits in the air and also can be separated to put alone on the counter or breakfast table.

Versatile– Macramé hanging baskets is a convenient buy for every family member and is a perfect piece for the kitchen, pantry, patio, farmhouse, or any place you want.    

The Nifty Nook Farmhouse Wall Hanging Baskets 

The Nifty Nook Farmhouse Wall Hanging Baskets 

For people with vintage style aesthetics and who love old-school stuff, this farmhouse-style hanging fruit basket is the best pick to give a rustic look to your kitchen wall or cabinet door. It’s a set of two metal and wire hanging baskets that has two size options. A small one to hold small peaches, and a large one to fill it with big onions. This metal hanging fruit basket can be used to hang somewhere or to place it on a tabletop.

Organize and decorate This set of 2 nifty wall hanging baskets is best for storing fruits, vegetables, flowers, pieces of bread, and other items in the kitchen or at other places. You can organize towels, mails, keys, potpourri, or any other thing that you want.

Best Quality– These storage baskets are made with fine quality metal and wire that gives the classic rustic farmhouse look to the product and is durable too.

Size– Large: L- 10”, W- 7”, H- 16.25”. Small: L- 8”, W- 6”, H-13.5”.

Set of 3 Macramé Hanging Fruit Baskets 

Set of 3 Macramé Hanging Fruit Baskets 

These macramé 3 tier hanging fruit baskets are very appealing, durable, and useful and add an element to the kitchen. They are best for the storage of garlic, onion, lemons, apples, oranges, and a lot more. Made with fine cotton, they won’t bruise soft items placed in it. It has three sleeves; two small and one large.

Color– It has a nice rustic ivory color bohemian style storage basket that fits best for the cozy feel. It is a perfect ornament that fits in a variety of styles in any space.

Sturdy and spacious– This product has a significant storage space that can hold quite a lot of fresh produce and free up space on the tabletop. Either to store onions and garlic to give fresh air or to give a nice home to apples and oranges, these baskets are a fine element for kitchen walls, pantry, or camper.

Handcrafted– This hanging basket for fruits is made from 100% natural cotton rope that is intricately handcrafted. It can be an amazing gift for a friend or a great housewarming gift for a family.

Size Macramé hanging baskets are two small sizes and one large in size. Length is 36” to 40”.

CAXXA 3-Tier Hanging Basket

CAXXA 3-Tier Hanging Basket

This is one heavy-duty hanging wire fruit basket that is aimed to keep big and bulky fruits and vegetables like apples, cantaloupes, or grapefruits. It is a 3-tiered set with small, medium, and large baskets to accommodate all-sized stuff. This hard-wearing basket is made from alloy steel, and it has two colors; black for a classic look and bronze for a rustic boho look.

Well-designed Its 3 tiered design is very practical and durable, made with sturdy steel wires with 2 metal hooks to hang it, and three different sizes that fit perfectly for kitchen décor.

Sizes– The three baskets measure 7.3”, 9.0”, and 11.2” with a hanging weight of 30”.

Easy-to-use– This product is easy to assemble and use. Connect 3 baskets effortlessly. No tools are required for assembly. Two hooks are available for hanging around. 

AerWo 3-Tier Hanging Fruit Basket 

AerWo 3 Tier Hanging Fruit Basket for Kitchen

This subtle 3 tier hanging fruit basket is a great pick for delicate items at home, like peaches and plums. It is made of 100% cotton and is deep enough to keep stuff from spilling out. But a hitch is that it can store up to 15 pounds of produce.

Spacious and convenient – 3 tiered hanging fruit basket is medium-sized and is very appropriate to hang at any corner of the home. It can store fruits, baskets, and much more and can keep the counter-top tidy.

Improved Design – This basket is handwoven, and made with 100% natural cotton rope, and has enough depth to prevent the produce from slipping out. The bottom adds a bohemian aspect to it, with tassels designed on it.

Versatile – The unique design and structure can be used to decorate kitchen space, living room, children’s area, or any place you can fit well in. This basket is a great pick for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes.

Size – The hanging fruit basket can hold up to 5 pounds. 46” in length, basket diameter from small to large is 6”, 7.8” and 8.8” and has adequate depth.  

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