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5 Best Minimalist Ladder Desks with Shelves

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You probably have a computer desk or other wooden desks at your home covering a lot of space. Here is where the ladder desk comes in. A ladder desk is an extremely useful piece of furniture that has gained much popularity in recent years. It is best suited to people who have limited space yet require a desk with plenty of storage 

Ladder desks are literally what the name implies: they are shaped like a ladder, and thus take advantage of your room’s vertical space instead of its length or width.

The best kinds of ladder desks usually taper towards the wall, giving you adequate space to store whatever it is you want to such as laptops, writing pads, books etcetera. A well-designed ladder desk might also have multiple shelves, maximizing storage space in a small area.  

Things to consider when buying a ladder desk


A well-designed ladder desk makes the best out of whatever limited space it has been given to fit in. Thus, a good ladder desk is one that takes up as little space as possible, whilst doing its best to provide you with facilities that a regular desk with plentiful space might provide.


A good ladder desk will provide you with several facilities that will potentially make your life easier. These range from the ease of access it offers to its comfortability. All of these things contribute to an ideal desk. 

Storage Space

One of the most important aspects of a ladder desk is for it to provide as much storage space as possible whilst taking up as little space as possible. This not only eases your worries by taking care of your belongings but also makes everything be within your easy reach. 

If you are looking for decent ladder desks to buy, here are a few recommendations that might appeal to you:

Monarch Specialties Ladder Desk

The Monarch Specialties Ladder Desk is the perfect fit for you if your aim is to get a ladder desk that provides plenty of shelf space in addition to a desk. 

It is the ideal fit for those people who require an office set up with all the facilities but lack the space for one, thus being an alternative miniature option. 

This desk is not only rigid but multifunctional as well, providing not a single, not two, but three extra shelves worth of storage space.

The unique design of this ladder desk allows it to easily blend in with whatever your home décor is. Not only that, but it would also add an aesthetic appeal to your room giving it a sleek and sophisticated look. 

Providing a luxurious design, exceptional functional features, and plenty of storage for a seemingly average ladder desk, the Monarch Specialties is an excellent choice. 

American Trails Freestanding Ladder Desk 

The American Trails Freestanding Ladder desk is perfect if you prefer a minimalist approach to everything. 

Having a simplistic design with a wooden frame and white shelves, this ladder desk is the best example of the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Do not be fooled by the seemingly limited features that you have read yet, for there is more. The best part: this ladder desk is extremely easy to assemble, allowing for any amateur to do the handiwork needed. This eradicates the need for any external workers, helping you to save money!

Being made completely from wood, this desk is the best example of sustainability out of the whole list. This also has the added benefit of making it durable and sturdy, paving the way for a long life of use. Thus, this desk can easily be deemed a good investment.   

Lastly, the spaciousness compared with the amount of space this desk requires deems it worthy of being labeled as one of the best ladder desks available in the market. 

Nathan James Theo-2 Shelf 

Just as the “2-shelf” in the name suggests, this desk consists of two distinct parts. The first is the metal frame, which is fixed to the walls to provide not only a sophisticated effect but extra support for the desk. The second is the vertical build which is attached to both the walls and the metal frame, making it extremely compact. 

Being extremely easy to assemble and mount, it is one of the best options for work or craft in the availability of tight spaces. 

This ladder desk comes in three different colors to fit your taste:

-rustic oak having a white frame

-nutmeg wood with black frame

-whitewood finish with a golden frame (our personal favorite!!)

Thus, not only is it wide enough to provide you with enough space to do your work with comfort, but it also offers loads of legroom, therefore being a great fit for all of our tall friends out there.

SIMPLIHOME Aleck Solid Wood

This ladder desk is the best option for all the minimalists out there.

Being made totally, from top to bottom, with solid wood; it is the best example of simplicity yet sturdiness.

Having a low vertical height guarantees stability with comfort. Not only that, but it is coated with lacquer, thus making it completely resistant to scratches, stains, and anything of the sort.  

It features two drawers and a small top shelf to provide ample storage space for someone who has a minimalist mindset. These may be utilized to store notes or pens, but definitely are not large enough to accommodate books. 

Being small yet multi-functional, this ladder desk will definitely stand out in any room it is placed in. The added benefit of it being handcrafted might appeal to the woodworker’s enthusiasts in the population as well.

And saving the best for last:

Walker Edison Industrial Wood and Metal X-Back Ladder Desk

This ladder desk with an extremely long name is worth the effort to pronounce. 

The Walker Edison Industrial Wood Ladder Desk is best known for its sturdiness and stability due to its surrounding steel frame. 

One may say that this is a hybrid between a conventional desk and a ladder desk, but it does the trick for most of us!

Not taking very long to assemble, it is a reasonably priced desk that provides an innovative and minimalist solution to your problem of small spaces. 

The dark wood coupled with the metal frame’s black color provides the epitome of aesthetic appeal to any room, thus making it a great fit for both residential and industrial room decors. 

Providing three cubicles and a shelf as its storage space, this ladder desk is definitely not a purchase you would regret!

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