5 Best Wobble Boards for Fitness – Benefits And Exercises

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There are different techniques to improve your body balancing, even some of the yoga poses are as effective, but the best that can enhance your balance & stabilize is a balancing board. 

Wobble boards are so effective that physiotherapists recommend their use to the ones who want to strengthen recovery from injuries. If you are a seasonal athlete or newcomer to this field, then it’s a dawn light ray for you. Balance boards are one of the most impressive multipurpose tools that can improve your core strength, balance, and works on enhancing your overall fitness. 

Some wobble balance board models are specially designed for surfers, wakeboarders, skaters, and snowboarders while having consideration to develop their sports skills in the chillier or warmer.

Best Wobble Boards That Worth A Try

A wobble board instrument is a safe and assured way to strengthen your core and a fun way to add a challenge to a workout. It’s also a relatively affordable and accessible device that can be used by people of different ages regardless of their ability levels. 

Wooden Wobble Balance Board

Wooden Wobble Balance Board

  • Ideal for Balance Exercises & core strengthening 
  • Balance Board is made of high-quality wood
  • Size is 15,75-inch diameter
  • Best for dynamic movement of your legs and feet
  • Allow 360 rotation and having a tilt angle of 15 degree

Wobble Board for Physical Therapy, Home Gym Workout! This is a very useful board, having featured an anti-skidding surface. This is the best choice for the athlete because its surface gives an outstanding grip for exercise. 

The Level

The Level

  • Sleek design 
  • Smooth surface
  • Stabilizes your body along with burning extra calories
  • Premium maple wood 
  • Military-grade aluminum 

Looking for ways to stand longer with ease along with improving your postures and core strengths? This is your solution. You can have it in any of the three different wood furnishings. Anyone can fall in love with its professional-looking design.

Standing Desk Wobble Balance Board

Standing Desk Wobble Balance Board
  • Ergonomically Engineered Design
  • Withstand 320lbs of weight
  • Relax your muscles, relieve stress
  • Steady with an 8.5° tilting angle
  • Item Dimensions are 20 x 13.9 x 2.2 inches

Anti Fatigue Wooden Wobble Board! This textured balance board provides a mini foot massage to prevent fatigue while standing and also gives you an opportunity to work on your balance and posture.

Toddler Balance Board

Toddler Balance Board

  • It keeps you steady on your feet 
  • Offers fun and promotes motor skills at once
  • Adult assembly required 
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ x 9.5″ 
  • Made with sturdy wooden
  • Suitable for children of 3 years of age or older

Available in a cute design adored by the kids, it is one versatile toy helping improve balance along with burning off some calories. It comes with easy assemble. The drawback is its not-so-substantial ground grip.

StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board

  • Improve strength & conditioning 
  • Low-impact exercise board 
  • Compact
  • Made with high-quality Lauan hardwood plywood 
  • Portable 
  • Slip-resistant surface

This is another wooden rocker board designed for physical therapy to revitalize your core energy. With a size of 17.5” x 13.5” x 3”, it is kept lightweight and compact making it also a perfect standing desk tool. Its easy-grip surface offers safety and ease of use.

Benefits of Wobble Balance Boards – An Emerging Trend

As the wobble boards, we have gone through, we might have gone through their functionality as well. Now there are many other wobble board benefits. 

The board is yet to challenge for anyone, to test your core & balance, and encourage yourself to be in connection with your mind with your body. So yes, some people have to face hardship with it at first, but with the passage of time & by the end of the starting period, everyone is flying through the exercises and enjoying it. 

Increase workout difficulty

By using a wobble board, you can create a challenge for yourself especially if your regular workouts have become too easy or boring. Adding a factor of instability can help in revving up your boring workout or might help kick-start your motivation for a fit life.

Low-impact exercises give the best impact

A wobble board is an excellent low-impact workout tool. It doesn’t require any sort of jumping or bouncing. Balance boards are often recommended in physiotherapy for fitness and rehab purposes. What a versatile yet feasible piece of equipment!

Strengthen your core

You can work on balance alongside strengthening your torso at once by using these amazing wobble boards. We all know, a strengthened core is the foundation of good posture. Besides, it is vital for completing everyday chores and functional movements. It puts your premature fatigue to an end.

Engages your whole body

Maintaining your balance and body control demands the involvement of the whole body to work in unison, even including the mind. This means each and every muscle, joint, tendon. Even the brain is being challenged and strengthened.

Indoor training

Athletes can take a multitude of benefits from using balancing tools, particularly wobble board. It is a valuable addition to your gym kit when outdoor training doesn’t seem possible. Working on your balance with a balance board is a suitable, as well as safe indoor option.

Improve flexibility and joint strength

It is known to greatly improve the body’s flexibility and joint strength: ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, etc. The reason? because the Wobble Board simulates diverse types of instability that you usually don’t encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Focus on The Wobble Board Exercises To Take Full Advantage Of Your Workout Regime

A wobble board is known to work by providing an unstable surface to keep a steady balance on, which helps train your muscular and neurological systems. This most basic focus of it is core strengthening, or we can say that an unstable surface also calls your core into play. It is clear that the wobble board can actually be a smart way to build foot and core strength.  

Here are some of the following exercises done best with the wobble boards.


Keep your feet on the balance board while standing. Down your hips back to lower into a squat, then drive through the heels to return to start. In the beginning, use support to do the exercise. After some remove that stretch your arms start while doing it. 

The squat is a core exercise, and the addition of a wobble board doubles its benefits, especially to the ankle joint. 


The pushup is an exercise that involves the whole body and makes any person’s body more active. Place your hands on the wobble board and come into a high plank position. While keeping the board at a level as you can maintain, then bend your lower arms as lower equals to your chest to the board. And push yourself back up to the beginning position.


It is known as a fat burner and body-warming exercise. Grab the confronting edges of the wobble board with both hands. Come into a high plank position in such a way that the body forms a straight line with shoulders over wrists and core engaged. Make sure your back stays up, don’t let your body sinks from any part, and keep your abdominal muscles drawn up and in. 

Planks are performed to target the stability of the entire body. It is helpful in connecting the sense of control between the upper and lower body.

Running Pose

The most important thing that needs to be maintained is the level of the wobble board as straight as possible. Stand while keeping your right foot on the wobble board and your left foot on the ground. Start leaning forward. Once you have attained a slightly lean posture, quickly pull your left knee up. Take it to the hip height as you pump your arms like the way you do while running. Hold for one breath and try to balance on the board. This left you with a lesser ground contact time and faster turnover. Both of which are important in avoiding accidental or exercise injuries.

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