A Detailed Guide About Lower Chest Workout – Best Exercises

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The Lower portion of the chest is developed better than the upper portion, shown by most lifters. Creating a vivid thick lower pec line is difficult for some lifters; that’s why many people found themselves exerting pectoral-pumping and chest chasing in gyms all over the world.

Are just lower chest workouts enough to build your body?

A bodybuilder is personified by its well-defined chest. Concentrate on the best lower chest workout, and one pec exercise is not enough to build thickness to your lower chest. You can add different techniques like rest-pause sets, drop sets, and negative reps to magnify your workout and training other than the lower-spec exercises.

To relight muscle growth and to lift your lower Pecs, all these elements are best.


A visually captivating, expound, and well-rounded pectoral look is provided by lower chest muscles. You wouldn’t get the desired shape with the under-worked lower chest muscles. Lower Pecs are not associated with heads, but you should target the lower chest too.


Despite the looks, to execute a lower chest workout and to move your arms, pectoral muscles will help you out. With pectorals, shoulder movements like lateral, vertical, and rotational work side by side. Other than balance and strengths, well-formed Pecs also provide movement to your arms in all directions.

Best Exercises

Including the below-defined moves in your lower chest workout routine would help you to develop an immense thick low-pec line.

Incline pushup

The pushup is a diverse exercise as it works the whole back and upper body.

Here is the equipment used to do push-ups

  • A jump box or step platform
  • A flat workout bench


  • Be erect in front of the bench. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the boundary of the bench.
  • Hold out the legs by adopting a front, hold the position till a straight line is formed by the legs and back. Retain your whole weight on the metacarpals.
  • Don’t forget to hold out the elbows and arms close to your body. Gradually bend the arms to the lower chest in the direction of the bench.
  • Gradually draw your body away from the bench. Maintain the bend in your elbow while giving extension to your arm.
  • Perform one set of 8-12 reps.

The Smith Machine Decline Press

The lower portion of the chest can be accidentally targeted by a smith machine, which is not as popular as incline presses. Rather than balancing and stabilizing the bar, your center of attention should be contracting and stretching the Pecs. Because the movement of the bar is in a fixed plane.

Decline dumbbell press

A lower chest workout with dumbbells is a necessity, and for this, you need to get yourself a dumbbell instead of a barbell that is used by people. People who have chosen a lower chest as their target should go for dumbbells because of the broad reach of motion.


  • A decline bench
  • A barbell or two dumbbells


  • Lie down on a decline bench with an angle of 45-degree, having dumbbells in both hands.
  • Keeping the back flat and facing the palm inward, dumbbells should keep on thighs.
  • By stretching your arms in the direction of the ceiling, dumbbells are raised over the chest.
  • Until the palms turn away, clasp the dumbbells as wide as shoulder away.
  • To start, arms should be bending at the right angle of the elbow, and the outer border of the chest should have dumbbells.
  • Breath in
  • Plunge the dumbbells up by using chest muscles while exhaling.
  • Do one set of 8-12 reps.

Decline dumbbell bench press with external rotation

This exercise is the variation of the earlier one. It is a little trickier than the conventional dumbbell press.


  • A decline bench
  • A barbell or two dumbbells


  • Lie down on a decline bench with an angle of 45-degree, having dumbbells in both hands.
  • Keeping the back flat and facing the palm inward, dumbbells should keep on thighs.
  • The only contradiction is the direction of your palm that is facing inward instead of rotating.
  • Breathe in gradually
  • Plunge the dumbbells up by using chest muscles while exhaling.
  • Keep your palm oriented outward.
  • By keeping the palm inward, lower the dumbbells to their original position.
  •  Each set contains 8-12 reps.

Cable crossover

Cable machines provide different benefits on the basis of the position of the pulley. In fact, crossing over wires is beneficial for both upper and lower chest muscles. There is a misconception that it does not build the muscles but only shape. Resistant exercises at specific intensity build muscles, and crossover cables are best in providing resistance.

Parallel Bar Dips

These activate muscle groups of the chest, arm, and shoulders.

Push your body up above the bars by gripping. Bend arms and inhale while leaning forward. Keep lowering the body and exhale while lifting the body back up. Repeat this over and over.

Parallel bars dip demands enough upper body strength. So, if muscles are not strong enough, a person can try parallel dip variations as follows.

Jump after gripping the bars with arms straight. Lower down by bending your arms till you have a slight stretch. But now, stand on the floor and leave the bars instead of lifting your body up. While repeating this, the goal should be gaining strength through full ROM and getting prepared for Chest dips.

Lower Chest Workout At Home

Regular push-ups

For beginners, this is the primary full-body or upper-body workout. The wide grip method fixes it better than a narrow grip. If the position of your foot is elevated, then it becomes harder.

Decline push-up

Deltoid muscles and upper chest are directly hit by decline push-ups. That’s the reason a remarkable proportion of weight is gained as compared to that of a regular push-up.

Plyometric push-ups

These push-ups can be done in rarely astonishing and enjoyable ways.

Time under tension push-ups

Slowing down your movements while making moves gives you excellent results. During push-ups, lowering yourself slowly and returning to your previous position slowly will help you in building your muscle mass.

Health Problems May Arise Due To Wrong Techniques And Guidance

  • Dark vision
  • High BP
  • Tinnitus

Common mistakes in Lower Chest Workout

  • Overtraining
  • Uncontrolled shoulder rotation
  • Excess bench pressing
  • Neglecting upper chest
  • Avoiding a full range of motion

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