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A Planning Guide For The Tastiest Wedding Cakes

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Well, we all know what can be the toughest decision to make on your wedding apart from choosing a dress and that is CHOOSING A WEDDING CAKE. When the time comes to pick the wedding cake, either it is for yourself or your best friend, anxiety hits!

If you want your cake to be the best, you need to deeply research it and put in the amazing effort or your cake will fail to meet your expectations and probably guests. Regarding wedding cakes, the ideas are pretty endless which will definitely confuse you. Besides the design, you need to pick the right frosting, flavor, and most importantly colors.

No matter how much you are delved into all the new ideas of cakes, having the royalty of traditional cakes will never be beaten. The traditional wedding cake in weddings today might be perceived as old but has our heart. But what exactly is the traditional wedding cake?

A traditional wedding cake – All you need to know

If you are getting a fruit cake, it is the first part of the traditional wedding cake. But if you have got it covered with marzipan and icing, it is definitely a traditional wedding cake!

Fruit cake with icing and made in three tiers of large to small sizes is how traditional wedding cake looks like. We are not asking the couple to stop experimenting as it is their happiness. Though, a traditional cake will incessantly be an eternal choice that is cut by the couple.

Why do wedding cakes are traditionally made with three tiers?

It might be one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is here! A pretty simple logic behind the three-tiered shape is:

  • Large bottom tier is for the guests
  • The middle/smaller tier is reserved for those who haven’t attended the wedding
  • The smallest and top-most tier is always for the couple

Why do people save the topmost tier of a wedding cake?

It might sound strange to some or many, but it is true. The top tier of the wedding cakes is saved and the reason is the baby that will be born to the couple. The piece is basically reserved for the day of the first child christening. Well, that is also the reason for choosing a fruit cake because it lasts longer and stays edible even after a long time.

Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors

For those who don’t know, the most important part about the wedding cake is its flavor that needs to be perfect, ideally chosen, and scrumptiously complementing the design. Here are the top recommendations for the wedding cakes:


It might not be that surprising because is there really a person who doesn’t like vanilla sponge cake? We don’t think so! Well, we understand it can get mainstream but if it gets the pretty frosting, amazing design, and delicious layering, it will be the yummiest cake ever. Considered as a definite crowd-pleaser, vanilla cake is and will always be a classic go-to pick that never goes wrong.


Delicious chocolaty flavor blended with edible flowers, fruits, and yummy frosting either cream cheese or buttercream, makes an epic choice. Chocolate goes well with all frosting flavors. It is richer in flavor and aroma that brings the supreme tastiness at weddings after dinner. Having a chocolate sponge or hazelnut cake with chocolate-covered layers will be an absolute indulgent treat for the bride and groom.

It is advised to top with smooth buttercream, intensely flavored caramel, or raspberry.


This flavor deserves the spotlight. One of the most requested delicacies, this colorful cake seems to be loaded with eye-catching sprinkles. For some, it is pretty childish or simple but in reality, it looks really fun that brings out smiles with its subtle yet bold flavors


Lemon tarts are the necessity of time but now the lemon wedding cakes have been trending on weddings, too.

With a pop of tanginess, it tastes delicious. A piece of Ideal hearty and heavy confection that can take over the center stage as the flavor feels tartly energizing. For the frosting, the better option is always lemon frosting. But never would go wrong if you choose vanilla buttercream as a frosting with a sweet and sour raspberry filling. For the plus, top it with fresh berries.

Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Cake with florals and smooth frosting never goes out of fashion

This cake looks brilliant, imagine how tasty it would be. It would not be wrong to say that it is a cake too beautiful to eat. With simplistic illustrations, pastel colors are used which has made us jaw-dropping. The baker deserves applause for delivering this statement-making cake. Apart from a wedding, it can go well with a romantically feminine fête or garden party. It will make your wedding shine brighter along with giving a tender look.

Get the rustic feels

Having three-tiered rust wedding cakes at your wedding will be a real gem. It brings all the rustic vibes with a splash of pink and white edible flowers. Just look at the creativity done with woodland vines crawling bringing a natural wildness to the time. It seems like every layer is made out of love and boundless imagination. The work looks keen and the cakes look undoubtedly delicious. Get the enchanted feels if you are planning your wedding to be a fantasy!

Fairy colors- blue and white

Plain white base with the decoration of freshly-foraged flowers in subtle shades of blue and purple seems dreamy just like a gentle summer breeze. Absolutely refined whimsical creation for a fairytale wedding! The real glow is made through its Pristine white fondant that forms the brilliant base for signifying gradient watercolor flowers. This cake has a fascinating sheen to its smooth layering.

Perfectly merged aesthetics

Looking for small wedding cakes?

Two worlds of brownish pink and white colliding to make a masterpiece that will catch the eye of every guest. With its comforting feels and delicate pattern, it will make your event memorable. Suitable for small weddings, this two-tiered cake comes with a classically embossed geometric print. But the highlight is the smattering of dried florals. Ideal earthy touch!

White and gold, you never let us down

This wedding cake can bring the essence of summertime time. The design screams the fresh aesthetics of spring. The cake can never get more expensive-looking. Made with a white fondant brushed with metallic gold which makes it look luxurious.

Eggshell – A rare beauty

We all know how fewer people choose the eggshell color but if you see it closely, you will know how essentially gorgeous it looks. In this delicate cake, we can see how pretty flowers have been topped to make it a magnificent option to choose. You might have never seen such a classic dusty wildflower ensemble. All the organic and fresh feels with a unique blend of striking flowers.

Monochrome designs – unique sculptural form

Can you believe it is hand sculpted giving yummilicious sugar orchids?! WHAT A MAGNIFICENT EFFORT!

Although it is white, it still has the perfect romantic vibes tempting to have a second look. Imagine how mouthwatering this delectable delight smells. Designed in a captivating flow, you would love it at a glance.

Dramatic, moody hues

This is a 4-tiered cake to bring all the gossip to the table. Pretty dramatic cake, indeed, having a black base with an asymmetric pattern. What more? It is topped with luxurious fall foliage and explosions of brooding crimsons. Radiating surprisingly dark tones but still making a statement.

Eye-popping confectionary creation

What else looks better than the blue floral illustrations perfectly styled on a white fondant? This porcelain piece is an absolute marvel as you can simply not resist adorning its hints of matte metallic piping. It would look more graceful if served on an identical dish. Calling this cake a showstopper would not be wrong.

The flowers and birds painted with delicate blue hues seem positively ageless. Leaving an impressive visual impact, it comes as a confectionary dream

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