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A Quick Guide to Split King Mattress Purchasing: Benefits and Top Picks

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After a hectic schedule and a tiresome day, a person needs a comfortable spot to replenish their energies and let go of troubles. A comfortable and cozy mattress on a bed is the best place for that which should suffice the need for relaxation. A newer type of mattress has been introduced, called the split king mattress, which has gained much popularity and is being adopted by the majority of people.

Many brands are offering this mattress with their own technology and terms. In this article, we shall walk you through the benefits of a best split king mattress, what features to look for when buying one, and a few top brands in the market.

What Is a Split King Mattress

A split king is a type of bed in which two separate mattresses of equal dimensions are placed together and used as one. The Standard dimensions of the individual mattresses are followed by almost all the brands, i.e., a length of 80 inches and a width of 38 inches. There is a type of split king mattress called split California king mattress, which has different dimensions and resembles a rectangle in shape.

The split king comes with adjustable bases, which, unlike the conventional style beds, can be easily adjusted according to the requirement and moved without hassle for relocation. The reason for so much popularity in these mattresses is the range of benefits they offer, let’s discuss a few of them.

Benefits of Split king mattress

Easy to move and relocate

The conventional type of large and king-size mattresses becomes a headache once they have been unpacked and required to relocate. Owing to the size and weight, it becomes very cumbersome to move them around the tight spaces, doors, and stairs when moving to a new location and can cause irreparable damage. On the other hand, the split type of mattresses solves this problem very easily as the two parts can be separated and moved individually without any hassle or fear of damage.

Not only does it make it easier to move, relocate or adjust the mattress but it also prolongs the life of the product by avoiding damage.

Beneficial against snoring and apnea

Some people have this problem of making offensive noise at night which is totally involuntary but causes so much trouble for the partners and leads to arguments. Apnea and snoring both these problems can be solved by adjusting the sleep posture, and elevation of the head. A split type of king split mattress is the best and most effective way of managing these sleep problems. Not only does this improve the overall health by improving the sleep cycle but also enhances the quality of mental health and relationship by preventing arguments and quarrels. 

Perfect against disturbance due to motion transfer 

It is nice to cuddle with your partner just before sleep time and promotes a healthy relationship, but movements during sleep can cause disturbance and disrupted sleep as the whole mattress moves when a part of it is used. A split king mattress solves this problem by providing two separate mattresses which act as one and prevent the transfer of motion from one side to another, hence allowing a comfortable span of sleep for both partners.

Enables customization 

A conventional type of mattress can only be used for sleeping purposes and doesn’t allow any customization if required. Whereas the split king mattress can be used for multiple purposes by both partners as suited to their needs. One partner wants to enjoy a zero-gravity position, and the other is looking for a massage. The split king allows both of them to enjoy as per their requirements.

It can also be used for late-night office work or be used in elevated or depressed positions without disturbing the partner. This proves to be very beneficial in terms of individual needs and requirements as can be used for personal preferences. 

Allows the consumer to use as per their sleep preference

Having a split mattress and a separate base allows the users to enjoy their sleep preference as they want; for example, a person enjoys sleeping on his side, and his partner is a stomach sleeper. Both of them would want the mattress to suit their needs, and the split mattress allows that freedom.

Factors to consider While Picking the Best Split King Mattress

  • Sleeping Positions (side, back, and stomach sleepers)
  • Body Type
  • The material used for Mattress (Innerspring Mattresses, Hybrid Mattresses, Memory Foam Mattresses, Latex Mattresses)
  • Warranties, Sleep Trials, Return Policies

Top Picks from the market

Although every brand has its own qualities and features, we have shortlisted some top picks based on consumer reviews and feedback.

Saatva Solaire Mattress

Giving you a lifetime of worry-free, high-quality sleep.

  • It is an adjustable hybrid type of split king mattress
  • It measures 13 inches in size that seems adequately big
  • The best part is its ability to offer plenty of customizable options
  • Equipped with approximately 50 firmness levels
  • Organic cotton pillow top


It is a costly add-on

AmeriSleep AS3

Simply put as breathable and responsive memory foam split king mattress

  • Has a profile of 12 inches and supports up to 800 pounds.
  • A true medium on the firmness scale
  • Comes with a 20 Years warranty, a trial period of 100 nights and free shipping.
  • Bio-Pur layer is made of 100 % non-toxic plant-based oils that helps relieve pain and discomfort.
  • Breathable top for air circulation.
  • HIVE technology for better comfort and firm support.
  • Bio-Core support at the basal layer to prevent sagging.
  • Removable and machine washable cover

Vaya Mattress

Absolutely an epic choice if you are cringing at the cost

  • A 12-Inch profile and support for up to 700 pounds.
  • Industry standard 10 Years warranty, free shipping and a trial period of 100 nights.
  • Medium firmness ideal for back and side sleepers.
  • Porous top for heat circulation.
  • A 3-Inch supportive core for longevity.
  • Cost-effective option

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

Comparatively, longer and pricier, but more room is more room, isn’t it?

  • A hybrid type with an 11.5 Inch Profile.
  • A trial period of 120 nights and a 10 Years warranty period.
  • Best in class California split king type.
  • Customizable on both sides for base and firmness.
  • A gel top for temperature regulation.

GhostBed Split King Adjustable Set 

Favorite option because it offers a universal comfort

  • Mattress Type: Memory foam and hybrids
  • Available in three Mattress Height – 11, 12, and 13 inches
  • 15 massaging modes to soothe all your muscle aches and joint pains as they work whisper-quiet
  • Built-in 5 (preset) positions, but you can customize it as per your need and sleeping style 
  • Under-bed lighting is one of its distinguishing features
  • Now there is no need to keep your bed right by the side of a socket because it comes with USB ports
  • Two Wireless remotes

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