Adorable 11 Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments For 2023

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This is Christmas time, and if you are blessed with a baby, nothing can beat the delight, excitement, and happiness. To enjoy this huge blessing and the best holidays combined, you better start thinking about the baby’s first Christmas ornament. Having a unique and equally adorable ornament decorated or hung on your tree is the right way to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas. When it comes to “first,” you will get plenty of options to go with, such as first Christmas clothing, first gift, first step taken, the first glimpse of a Christmas tree, first toy, and the list continues.

Never miss out on the “customizable baby’s first Christmas ornaments”— something you will be hanging year after year with the same pleasure.

Best and Most Unique Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Ornament selection can be tricky due to the massive range of personalization available featuring your kid’s cute handprints or footprints. Such tree decorations make every family moment unforgettable. Consider these ornaments a token of love for babies. The below-mentioned ornaments are great picks to adorn your X-mas tree this year.

Handmade Metal Ornament

A metal piece personalized with the text of your choice.



Baby's First Christmas Tree Ornament - Baby's 1st Christmas - Personalized Keepsake - Custom - 2021

This baby’s first Christmas ornament personalized is a must-have for all the parents if they want something memorable on Christmas this year. Made with four sturdy metals, including nickel, silver, copper, and brass, it comes hand-stamped with the required dates and details. The real highlights are the lovable pewter baby foot charm on the top and a cute red elastic ribbon. The largest disc is 1.5-inch.

The bottom disc is stamped with “Baby’s First Christmas.” For the central disc, the baby’s date of birth is stamped. And On the top disc, the baby’s name is engraved creatively.

Baby Stats Ornament

Eye-catching baby’s first Christmas ornament with the right size, high quality, and incredible finesse.



New Baby Ornament | First Christmas Ornament | Birth Stats | Baby Boy Ornament | Baby Girl Ornament | New Mommy Gift | Baby Keepsake Gifts

This personalized handmade piece looks brilliant when hung on the tree showing your baby’s name, birth date and time, weight, and length. All essential details are saved in one! It is made of copper, so you never have to worry about the quality or strength. With time, you will love its antique-looking patina. Every word is engraved carefully to give one of a kind look. The ornament is 3-inch tall and 2.5-inch across.

White Baby Bodysuit Ornament

An ideal piece for an effortless celebration!



White Baby Onesie Ornament

One of the unique baby’s first Christmas ornaments to buy this year is definitely this baby bodysuit. It is a sweet present that will make a lasting memory. And not only this! It also makes a distinctive decoration. This miniature version of clothing measures 3.25 X 2.75 X 1. This baby’s first Christmas ornament personalized with the baby’s stats looks spectacular.

Mother’s Angels Ornament

A genuinely thoughtful gift to add a little more peace!



Mother's Angels Ornament

No more typical stats or frames this time. Get yourself this marvelous handcrafted piece with decorative string to hang!

This ready-to-show, stained-glass-style, and laser-cut ornament measures approximately 3.5-inch in length and 3.25-inch in width. Feel free to hang it on your tree or use it as a Christmas shelf decor. The design is unique as it features the baby’s birth flower. The concept of hand-drawn sketches is excellent. Made with quality Sapele plywood and MDF, it guarantees to stay longer. The color selection of the baby’s first Christmas glass ornament (metallic white, frosted purple, transparent purple and blue, and frosted lime green) enhances the beauty.

Scrabble Name Ornament

The perfect addition that will be treasured for years to come!



Custom Scrabble Name Ornament, Scrabble Ornament, Wedding Favors, Name Ornament, Creative Christmas Gift, Thoughtful Ornament, Scrabble Gift

How can we forget mentioning this tremendous piece of decoration!! A Scrabble ornament featuring a cute Red Gingham styled bow that will win your heart right away. You can have the hanging bow in any color, print, and style you think goes best with the décor theme. This is a handcrafted ornament that puts your baby’s birth details such as place, year, day, date, or name on the front and center.

Baby’s First Christmas Booties

A sweet Christmas tree ornament to celebrate the special time



Baby's First Christmas Booties 2021 Porcelain Ornament

Made with porcelain, this collectible baby’s first Christmas ornament is necessary. It makes a perfect gift to share your happiness. The pair of porcelain baby booties adorned with metallic gold inflections and mentioning Baby’s 1st Christmas year in pink looks extravagant. For hanging, it comes with an ivory satin ribbon. It measures 1.3125″ W x 2.625″ H x 1.3125″ D.

Keepsake Ornament

The baby’s first Christmas is incomplete without a handprint or footprint-stamped ornament.

Little Hippo 


Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit (Newborn Bundle) 2 EASELS, 4 Ribbons & Letters! Baby Handprint Kit and Footprint Kit, Clay Casting Kit for Baby Shower Gifts, Boys & Girls

This cutest baby gift is basically a DIY where you get a non-toxic clay with a letter stamping kit. In a set, you will get a super cute variety of ribbons, molding rings, string hangers, and frames. It comes with every creative craft supply you might need. Choose the way you want it styled! It is one perfect sized and premium quality ornament

Welcome Baby Girl Gingham Glass Ornament

A beautiful gift for anyone welcoming a new baby



Welcome Baby Girl Gingham Glass Ornament

Ah, this piece is for the extra sweetness. – baby’s first Christmas ball ornament! With subtle and cool hues, it gives happy vibes. Choose pink for baby girl and blue for baby boy. The gingham adds a new panache and cuteness. You can hang this ball of joy with its color-matched tied ribbon or keep it on display. Moreover, the baby’s first Christmas ornament comes packed in a matching gift box.

Keepsake Wooden Block Ornament 

A timeless and durable ornament for your Christmas home decor

Palmetto Wood Shop


Baby's First Christmas Ornament, Choose from 3 Sizes, Personalized Christmas Wooden Block, Laser Engraved Wooden Baby Block (2")

This unique baby’s first Christmas ornament has multiple reasons to become your favorite instantly. First of all, you can have them in any of the three sizes, including 2-inch, 2 ½-inch, and 3-inch. Moreover, it is made with premium quality solid maple wood having laser-engraved details. You can have it personalized with a name or first initial, custom message, birth year or date, zodiac sign, image, and even a bible verse. It has the design, size, and outlook to fit any tree theme.

Personalised Pregnancy Announcement Ceramic Bauble 

A lovely reminder of beautiful baby memories!



Baby Ultrasound Ornament, Baby Announcement Ornament, Pregnancy Announcement Gift Keepsake, New Baby Christmas Ceramic Ornament

The best way to save your treasurable ultrasound photos is to have them turned into a keepsake ornament. This ceramic-built sonogram decoration looks beautiful due to its unique design and sweet hanging ribbon. No matter how old your baby is, this handmade customizable baby’s first Christmas ornament will always stay close to your heart. The best part is that this is available in numerous shapes and styles.

Reindeer Ornament

Rudolph-inspired decoration personalized with your choice of message or date



Child's First Christmas Ornament Boys First Ornament Girls 1st Ornament Children 1st Ornament for Grandchild Holiday Ornament Xmas Ornament

This high-quality metal customizable baby’s first Christmas ornament is unique as the item comes in brass featuring classic gold ribbon and imposing two red bells. You can have it in either copper or nickel. Feel free to pick any color for ribbon and bells. Carefully personalized with hand stamping, you will find this baby’s first Christmas ornament exquisite making it an ideal pick for sharing the joy of the baby’s first Christmas with the family. Shop now and add this to your ornament collection right away.

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