All about Bertie Highmore – An emerging star

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You must have heard about Freddie Highmore as he has been on the high rating nowadays. But we are not discussing him. Today, we are going to learn  about his handsome, pretty, smart, and talented brother named Bertie Highmore. He is also a British actor. Although he has a family of entertainers, still we can all agree that he made his repute himself. He has his story of struggle, heartbreaks, and success.

Albert Samuel Highmore nicknamed Bertie Highmore is pretty tall, about 5 ft 9 in. He is a passionate and able performer. Making his debut in 1999, he got appreciated for his performance in Women Talking Dirty. He is acknowledged for his brilliant acting in The Spiderwick Chronicles and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

He likes to stay in the limelight and is usually seen as highly active on social media accounts. Besides, he has a lot of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but the accounts are not verified, yet. You can follow his Instagram account named @bertiehighmore.

Early life phase -Family and childhood

Bertie Highmore, a talented actor was born on February 8, 1995, in London, England. As of 2021, he is 26 years old. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. Born in a family of high-rated performers, his brother Freddie Highmore is trending nowadays. Born to Sue Latimer and Edward Highmore, he is the last born of two children.

Edward Highmore himself is a famous English actor, known for his exquisite roles in blockbuster movies. He used to work in TV shows including Doctor Who (1984), Howards’ Way (1985-1990), Cabinet MP in the British comedy film Ali G 1ndahouse, Jack and Jeremy’s Real Lives, and Jack and the Beanstalk-The Real Story. Sue Latimer, his mom works as a talent agent, as well as the producer. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you must know that she produced Daniel Radcliffe.

Bertie Highmore has been mistaken for Freddie Highmore or people ask if they are twins, but both are not the case. Although Freddie Highmore and Bertie Highmore have a striking resemblance, they are not twins. Bertie is younger (3 years) than Freddie.


He has received primary education from the local school in Hampstead Garden Suburb where he was known for his brilliant acting performances. As soon as he recognised his interest in acting, he registered himself in the school’s drama club where he took part in all the plays and presented his skills. In 2013, he completed his matriculation. BUT didn’t enrol at college as he began concentrating on his acting career. After a gap of years, Bertie Highmore graduated from New Castle University, United Kingdom.


Well, acting is not his only skill. Since his school days, he used to participate in sports. He was known to be pretty skillful in soccer and tennis. Being mentally active, he was physically active, too. Over time, he has skilled his abilities in sports and in high school, Bertie Highmore became an enthusiastic soccer player.

Obviously, currently, he is not into sports but only acting, but we can say he is still found amazingly active. He attends multiple gym training sessions weekly, to maintain the form and build stamina.  

Bertie Highmore Net Worth

As of 2020, he is known to have a net worth of $4 million. You must be thinking how? Well, all credit goes to the wonderful acting skills that took him to the new heights of success. Evaluating all his successful films and productions, we can assume his net worth to increase in the matter of a few years.

Acting career

One thing we can all agree on is that he has always remained a perfect fit for romantic movies. Moreover, he has been portraying his roles with such brilliance that the audience enjoys and loves to see him more often on big screens. After years of struggle, he has gained immense acknowledgment, the recognition he deserved.

Counting from the beginning, Bertie Highmore debuted with his brother in the British comedy Women Talking Dirty. Well, that is not the only movie they did together, the family adventure comedy film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” released in 2005 has starred Bertie and his brother Freddie. But do you know what role made him prominent? His role in 2004 blockbuster biographical family drama movie named “Finding Neverland”. One of his huge successes!

One of his roles that you simply cannot resist praising is in the romantic drama movie “The Art of Getting By” released in 2011. The list of his successful milestones is pretty long. Apart from being cast in a family drama movie, he played a supporting character in a horror mystery series “Bates Motel”, shot from 2013 to 2017 alongside his brother. It goes without saying as everyone knows but, this series was an absolute hit.

Awards and Nomination

It is pretty shocking and seems unfair but Bertie Highmore has not received an award to date. Unquestionably, he has given incredible performances bringing life to the role, but he has never been nominated for any of his classic roles.

All we can say now is that fate doesn’t want it otherwise, he definitely deserves awards for his skills. But the best part is that he has received enough appreciation and acknowledgment for his roles that can do a little of justice.

Nevertheless, it will not be erroneous to hope for him to get honors, awards, and nomination in future

What does he do in his spare time?

Every person has his hobbies, liking, preferences, and favorites. As far as the life and nature of Bertie is concerned, he has been found to be enjoying traveling, eternally. It means he not only likes to travel but really a fun guy. He has visited Spain, Italy, France, NYC, and Miami.

Apart from having tours, Bertie Highmore likes to watch movies. As he has said in several interviews, some of his favorite performers include Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Emma Watson. Adding to your surprise, he is a big fan of the “Harry Potter” series.

Love life and relationships

Just like many other celebs, he likes to have his private life hidden from the camera eye. Keeping his love life private he does not seem to talk about any of his past or current relationships. But the media has not one but several ways to dig out the information!

One of the most shocking rumors about him is that he is gay. Well, it was the consequence of not being seen with any girl. Moving to the other gossip, Bertie Highmore is alleged to have dated Dakota Fanning in 2009 and had an affair with Emma Roberts in 2011. For the past 2-3 years, the media has failed to find his girl, and now he is rumored to be dating a mysterious girl. If we go more into his past, he was together with Sarah Bolger in 2006 for a short period.

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