All About Yaron Varsano

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Ever came across the name “Yaron Varsano”? If not, then at least you must have heard about Gal Gadot, the Wonder Woman!

Who is Yaron Varsano and how is he related to Gal Gadot? Well, Yaron Varsano is an Israeli real estate developer, who has been married to Gal Gadot and has made several appearances on movie premiers. Or, you can see his pictures on Gadot’s Instagram profile. Due to high privacy, not much information is available about their relationship, but we are sure that they are sharing the strongest bond that has loyalty, trust, sincerity, love, and care!

This 45-year-old businessman has been known to be involved in a rich business where he works with his brother and Gadot. Their most famous asset is Tel Aviv, a masterpiece made on inspiration.

What things can make you like him? His personality, obviously! Besides, his firm belief and strong support for true feminists. Apart from social work, he likes fast sports cars. You can call yoga his top priority or favorite time of the day.

BONUS: Versano is a big fan and loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Gal Gadot’s husband, Yaron Varsano!

Net worth

If you are thinking about his riches, assets, and overall net worth, the answer will leave you surprised. If we trace back to 2018, $30 million is known to be his estimated net worth, majorly coming from his fruitful career as being a real estate industrialist.

Well, wait right here!

In the past few years, especially after he has been married to Gal Gadot, he is observed to have a real bounce in his overall wealth as his wife shows a net worth of a whopping $10 million. And as we can see how speedily he is getting fame and success, we expect his worth to increase significantly!

Early years of life – Childhood and Education

Belonging to an Israeli family who practices Judaism, he was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Although he still holds a respectable Israeli nationality, he has a foreign brought up with his brother.

Coming to his education, he has completed his degrees from the renowned institutes:

  • International School of Amsterdam (matriculation)
  • New York Institute of Technology (in Old Westbury)

Yaron Versano’s zodiac sign

We don’t know why but most people seem to be obsessed with knowing the zodiac signs of the celebs. So, here we are discussing the Yaron Versano sign and stars!

As he was born on the 28th of June’1978, Yaron Versano is a Cancer. Perfectly explaining his personality of holding expertise in business support with stronger intuition, powerful observation skills, and revolutionary thought.

Professional life – Career and real estate company

As soon as he completed his education, he moved to Tel Aviv with his brother, where they made their real-estate company. And till now, their company has never faced any downfall. As he said once in an interview, has a passion to be successful and is built for success. I guess that is enough to respect this MAN for not only his talents but drive to get success!

Their company is not all he has. He is known to own several businesses, such as restaurants and hotels. Alongside personal investments offer him a profitable future.

BONUS: He likes to support Gadot and prefers visiting charitable events to provide marvelous efforts.

Versano’s Tel Aviv 

We all can remember how the biggest sale of Varsano Hotel in Tel Aviv made the news on social media. Back in 2015, he made a massive deal with Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich over his 1,500-square-meter Hotel which was also used to be his residence. The transaction was made of about the U.S. $26 million. Yes, you have heard it right!

Shining a light on his Hollywood industry career

Being a producer he helped filming:

  • Irena Sendler that will be released in 2023
  • Impact with the release date of 2021
  • Heart of Stone that has not revealed its releasing date

As far as his appearances are concerned, he made one and that is also by the side of his wife. He played the role of a Carousel Father in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, released last year (2020).

Gadot and Varsano – Married life

Gal Gadot and Varsano definitely have a massive love for YOGA and that is exactly where they have their first encounter. From meeting through a mutual friend while enjoying a yoga retreat to falling in love at first sight, they have gone through enough hurdles, but their love never gets dull!

The most shocking part is their age difference. Gal Gadot’s husband age is 45, and she is 10 years younger. Versano once said that he knew right away that he wants this girl in his life forever and that is the reason he proposed to her on the very second date.

And, yes, the proposal is a total mystery. No one knows where, when, how he did it! All we know is that they got married in 2008 where he gifted her a spectacular round-cut diamond ring. Sounds dreamy enough!

Currently, they have two daughters Alma (9) and Maya (3). Whereas third is on the way. The family appears to have now chosen a more secluded life, despite previously sharing pictures on their Instagram accounts.

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