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A quick guide about Right Rice – Low carb option with plenty of healthy nutrients

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Need to eat rice because it is not only a staple but your favorite part of meals? Well, instead of having carb-loaded, not so nutritious and typical rice, you must opt for the RightRice made from the healthiest ingredients while offering plenty of yummy flavors.

But the question is are they really worth buying?

RightRice – A Quick Guide

What exactly is the factor that makes the RightRice a preferable and different option with an amazing taste? How is it made? What are the key ingredients?

Keep reading to get all the answers!

The very first thing you should know is that it is made with nutritious lentil flour, healthy chickpea flour, and beneficial pea fiber. Call it vegetable-based grain shaped in the rice form that feels just like traditional white or brown rice. It holds a quite strong, beany smell but when you eat it, you will be shocked as it tastes nothing like its smell. If we explain its taste in simple words, we can sum up these rice giving a very trifling rice-y flavor almost tasted like a dish cooked in light vegetable broth.

Coming to the texture, it feels soft and sticky when perfectly cooked. Due to the addition of rice flour, it brings the typical chewy rice texture that will satisfy your rice cravings. Being a versatile ingredient, you can use it for cooking a wide array of cuisines. Imagining what four simple ingredients can do is surprising and RightRice is proof. It is also considered a shelf-stable vegetable grain. Another benefit!

One of the key appeals for the RightRice is its superior nutritional profile. Apart from having a delicious taste, it is enriched with fiber, proteins, and fats that make your life healthy. Unarguably, it is not a carb-free product but has a remarkably decreased amount of carbs in comparison to typical rice grains. We can say it has 40% fewer net carbs if compared with plain white rice.

It is time to move to healthy eating that is guilt-free and tasteful!

You would find it slightly expensive but once tasted, you will feel that the price difference is worth it. It is suitable for people of all ages who want to make an easy dietary switch.

Keith Belling creation

The famous personality Keith Belling who is also has created this incredibly tasty and nutritious RightRice.

The reason behind making such efforts is his never-ending love for rice. Although he loved eating rice but was afraid of consuming empty calories and unhealthy carbs. That drove him to the idea of creating a bowl of more healthful and plant-based protein rice. But what he never thought was THIS DELICIOUSNESS!

RightRice Flavours

Firstly, introduced as the ORIGINAL flavor, it offers a great “base” option for creating scrumptious rice dishes. It fits well with all the cuisines or can easily be cooked in any other flavor such as Thai, Italian, fried, or desi. Thinking about adding a touch of your secret spices? You are welcomed to do so. In short, the ORIGINAL flavor can be flavored or can be served as a plain side dish.

Other flavors include:

  • Lemon Pepper
  • Garlic Herb
  • Spanish
  • Thai curry
  • Cilantro lime

All flavors have the same ingredients offering the same nutritional value. The only difference lies in their sodium content. In comparison to the original flavor having as minimum as 145mg, other flavored options have higher sodium composition estimated to be 390mg (16% of the recommended DV).

If you are looking for the flavor with the strongest feels, Garlic Herb is your answer. It has the most flavor to it and can be served with seasoned white beans, sautéed broccoli & kale, or a mushroom miso broth. For some, the overwhelming oregano touch can be really frustrating but that is what makes it special. You can try adding some cumin to counterbalance the flavor creating better seasoning.

How Does It Compare to Typical Rice Nutritionally?

Considering a one-third cup of dry RightRice in comparison to the same cup serving of uncooked long-grain brown rice, RightRice offers 180 calories whereas 224 calories are provided by the latter type. RightRice is sufficient to meet 15% of your daily iron requirement along with 12% of the daily potassium need. Here is the quick breakdown:

RightRice: 30 grams Carbohydrates, 5 grams fiber, 10 grams protein.

Typical brown rice: 46.5 grams Carbohydrates, 2.2 grams fiber, 4.6 grams protein.  

Other highlighted features that you must know before trying this vegetable-based rice are that it is made Gluten-Free and has no GMO. It is a suitable option for vegans. Its Low Sugar Content makes it a good food with a Low Glycemic Index. It has no allergens as all flavors are Soy, Egg, Peanut, and Tree Nut Free. WHAT A WONDERFUL CREATION!

How Long Does It Take to Cook?

RightRice doesn’t only come with the ease of nutrition but cooking, also. All it needs is 12 minutes to be cooked perfectly.

  • Start with adding the bag contents in a pan
  • Pour 1 1/3 cups of water
  • Boil the water and left it covered
  • Turn off the heat

VIOLA, RightRice is done! See, how quickly it can be made than regular rice.

The Best Rice Alternative for Keto Dieters

Are you on a keto diet or going to start?

You can eat this yummy treat without worrying about carbs. RightRice is an absolute and quick solution to the high carb rice. It is enriched with fiber and protein that balances your body needs. More than 90% is added by veggies and almost 40% is made up of lentils and chickpeas.

Ideal For diabetic patients

Due to significantly lower glycemic index, it has become the biggest preference for diabetic or pre-diabetic individuals. No matter if you have white or brown rice, they have a high and damaging level glycemic index. RightRice website claims to have the value of a low-glycemic index diet estimated to be a maximum of 55, whereas it is 72 for traditional white rice.

Cons of RightRice

  • They are relatively expensive (you can buy it for $26.99 from Amazon)
  • The option is not totally carb-free, although low in carbs
  • Slightly salty (all flavors)

New product

RightRice Medley Variety Pack

US$ 77.00

  • Variety Pack including: 2x Harvest Pilaf, 2x Fried Rice and 2x Cajun Spice
  • Makes a quick, deliciously nutritious side dishes
  • Ready in just 12 minutes

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