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Stylish/ Top Nail Trends To Try in 2021

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Apart from jewelry and a nice perfume, what can be the best thing about adding a little something extra to your glamorous attire? The answer is a fresh manicure!

Having tip top nails can bring shine to your makeover and most importantly, it feels fresh and clean, sharp and elegant at the same time. From delicate to chic detailing, simple to bold designs, you can always find something for yourself in every season.

Get funky with your nails, do you know why? Because life is too short to have boring nails.

Here we are highlighting a few stylish nail trends that are worth the try.

Let’s start!

Nude and White Minimal Detail

One of the leading trends is to have a nude color combined with super subtle white color detailing. You would love this simple yet charismatic top nails style. For a keen look, all you need is to give a final brushstroke of clear polish over the designed nails. It depends on you whether you want to add a splish-splash of white to one or two nails. No matter what, it is definitely a tasteful manicure that can work perfectly for the office.

Nude and Neon

Want something simple but must have a pop of something eye-striking? How about matching a classic nude manicure with a startling tint of a neon color? Absolutely a stylish look that makes your nails look more refined. Well, the contrasting trend never goes out of fashion!

Pastel Nails

Pastel nails have always been the first top nail choice as they can be carried brilliantly while keeping the sophistication. The pastel nail trend is all about mixing fashion with simplicity. The most popular pastel colors are lavender, mint, yellow, and pink. You can choose others for a chic look.

Apart from choosing a single pastel color, you can try wearing them all making a beautiful Pastel rainbow. It gives you the freedom to get as quirky or as subtle as you desire! You have the option to choose different shades of a single color or all different colors.

Graphic Detail

A playful trend, all celebrities are loving this season! Starting from the simple shapes, you can opt for extensive patterns even at home.

If you want something like bold top nails, you can go graphic. To make it more appealing, you must go for the opposing colors. Like we said earlier, contrasting never goes out of style especially when it comes to the manicure. You have the option to go for similar shades if you are interested in having a hushed look. 

Pearl Detail or Jewel Nails

Not a fan of graphic details? You can go more and more elegant with the pearl nail trend. What is its best thing? This top nails trend can get extremely versatile.

For a luxe look, use physical pearls. You can have a variety of sizes, either dull or extra flashy. You can keep a simple touch by sticking one pearl on each nail, either at the cuticle or the end. And, yes, you can go all the way to cover your nails completely.

No pearls sticking but want that shimmer? The best alternative is the shimmering pearl nail polish.

Animal Print

Another trend that is not going anywhere soon is Animal prints. How someone can simply resist getting a classic leopard or cheetah print! Besides, these can be considered as a safe bet.

But, wait! Now the hottest new top nails print is the cow print! Don’t believe us? Check for the Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner pictures to get some inspo!

Tie-Dye Nails

Tie-dye is Not just for sweatpants, anymore!

This is the style that has never faded and we here cannot get enough of this sassy style! With the dabs of acrylic powder, you can make the swirly wonders that will make the heads turn.

Geometric Art

Similar to the graphically detailed nails, you can go as simple as possible with the striking yet subtle, clean, and sharp geometric nail arts, definitely making a statement. With sharp lines and bold shapes, your nail art can be revolutionized.

Never be afraid of your creativity and opt for different patterns on each nail!

CD Nails

The 90s style holographic CD-inspired top nails are something to die for. This attention-grabbing look is effortlessly achieved by using a distinct blend made of tiny reflective particles. You can choose any color for the base. Then you need to apply a layer of the blend/pigment and give a final finesse with a clear sealing gel!

Metallic Nails

In 2021, the trend that has gotten back is Metallic nails. These are literally the funky craze that you can see all around you, particularly in Hollywood. You can look for Kylie Jenner who has been rocking this style of top nails.

The best approach for the metallic trend is to try them on longer coffin-shaped nails.

Marble Nails

It might sound strange, but having a manicure resembling your kitchen marble countertop is actually perfect for all-day meetings and all-night parties. To get real inspiration, you can watch one of the many DIY videos available online. This top nails trend is one of the most sophisticated trends that is surprisingly easy to recreate.

Galaxy Nails

We have noticed one of the most unique but absolutely ravishing nail styles and that is a galaxy nail trend. All hues of blue, silver, and golden mixed up giving a space-inspired design. You can watch YouTube tutorials as they are surprisingly easy to create at home. Why? Because they are made abstract, so you simply can’t mess it up!

Gingham Nails

With no signs of slowing down, this top nails trend is all the way up. Mimicking a popular checkered fabric on your nails can make you stand out from the crowd. The color options are versatile and can be chosen on any preference. But, the mainstream options are nude with white, black and white, etc.

Fruity Tips

Painting itty bitty kiwis, strawberries, and cucumbers on the cuticles is a work of a talented nail artist. The best way to subtly unleash creativity is to make some cute fruity tips. For this minimalist trend, you can paint all nails in a single shade with a fruity tip on one or two.

Mismatched Hearts 

Negative-space hearts are the classic option that goes well with the metallic or glittery nail. In short, the possibilities are endless with these tip top nails! They can be made even calmer or funky depending on the color you choose. For a perfect shape, you can place a heart-shaped sticker over your nail and peel it off after the color dries. 


Imagine having a manicure with the nail edges covered with a thin, sleek, and sharp golden pop. It works well with the random swoops, streaks, and dabs. It doesn’t only look appealing but also purposeful. Truly speaking, all you need is a thin ribbon of gold sparkle for your beach vacay.

Abstract Flower

This is a fun, free-form top nails design to try the press-on gel nails trend. For this amazingly sketchy botanical design, you need to gather up some best warm tonal colors, for instance, pinks and reds. Blue can also look nice, but don’t go for nudes. It is recommended to keep the base subtle. Do not forget to allow every shade to dry before applying another. 

Speckled Nails

Having matte or shiny, pearly or graphic-designed nails is pretty ordinary but you know what is the best new trending nail style? Getting the earthy, moody two-toned speckled nails. It will get you in your feelings, for sure. The stony and rough appearance looks sassy and can be fun to feel, up to some extent.

3D Nail Art

Prefer wearing simple attires? Looks cool but what if you can get a classic hot and unique nail art to exemplify your outfit? It is possible with innovative top 3D nails that look like a complete fantasy. You need to visit a salon for an elevated 3D masterpiece. It goes beyond studs and rhinestones.

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