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Jennifer Love Hewitt is the name that everyone is aware of. Being one of the most glamourous celebs, she is married to a fine-looking guy, Brian Hallisay. They have managed to keep themselves out of the media spotlight but have been seen commenting about their happy married life now and then. Whether you are a fan of her work or appreciate Brian’s performance, either way, this blog is precisely for you!

Brian Hallisay, a decent-looking American actor, has just debuted in the Hollywood film industry. Since his early works on a small screen, he has been going strong while spicing up her entertaining personality. The reason for his fame is not only brilliant acting but also the good looks he has to make the heads turn.

Most notably praised for his roles in Privileged, The Client List, and Revenge, he has enough credits on IMDB and has been found successful. He worked consistently from 2005-2019 and made a fortune from his acting career. But, do you know, what was his THE BEST PLAY that took him to sky-high success? Being a boyfriend of Paris Hilton in the film Bottoms Up, released in 2006.

Before delving into the details, you must know: apart from the personal and professional life, there is so much more to this man!

A quick introduction

Born on October 31, 1978, in Washington, D.C, Brian Hallisay is now a 43 years old man that is still dashing, handsome, and talented enough to leave the audience in his awe. Being an October-born, his zodiac sign is Scorpio, clearing the fact for his ambitious and calm nature. Brought up from white ethnicity, he has American nationality. Not much is known about his parents and siblings, but one thing we can all agree on is that they are not any famous entertainers or celebs.

Physically, he is a handsome hunk! Tall with 6’2 height. Attractive face with a pleasant smile. Muscular body with an excellent physique. Shiny green eyes guided by mesmerizing dark brown hair. WHAT A CHARMING PERSON!

Do you know he used to play basketball and was really into sporting in his school days?! Well, he is a graduate of 1996 from the Gonzaga College High School of 1996. Along with studies, Brian Hallisay used to love playing basketball. Soon after high school graduation, he felt the burning passion of acting inside. In 2000, he completed his degree from Cornell University, one of the Ivy League Colleges. He has a graduation in history and economics. Pretty tough subjects!

Net worth

Brian Hallisay is estimated to have a net worth of approx. $3-4 million dollars. SOUNDS MORE THAN ENOUGH, INDEED!

Truly speaking, one can assume him to be this rich due to his successful deliveries in the film industry from the past two decades. If we see from another aspect, we can say he has not been able to get the fame and fortune he deserved based on his skills because they have been failing to get more prominent and leading roles he desired or should have gotten.

Although, Brian Hallisay has always made sure to choose commendable work. The net worth is all evaluated from his acting profession either in series or movies.

Wall Street life

One of the most shocking facts about Brian Hallisay is his life at the Wallstreet where he worked as an investment banker. He provided his services for 5 years and those were the years before he launched himself in the film industry. Being a multi-talented human, he managed to deliver the best performance but then why did he leave the banking field and opt for Hollywood although it was also a money-spinning profession?

Well, the answer is his statement he gave in his interview once:

“I was slaving away at that and I had a really good time with it, but it got to the point where I said, ‘You know, I had always dreamed about seeing what acting was all about and television.’ So, I moved out to LA six years ago and gave it a shot.”

A glimpse of his Hollywood career

It would be so wrong if we miss any of his brilliant works because Brian Hallisay deserves all the appreciation, love, and applause for portraying every role with passion. Brian has always done justice to the role bringing the fictional character to life. Do not trust us? See for yourself and let us know whether he has impressed you with his looks and abilities or not!

  • He debuted as Jake Carrington in an episode of a famous show business called “The Inside”, released in 2005
  • In the same year (2005), he got his very next role of Dr. George Harmon in Strong Medicine.
  • A year later in 2006, he made an appearance in a crime drama movie, A.K.A. which he definitely aced.
  • Another opportunity hit him in 2006 and he didn’t resist catching. He portrayed “Hayden Field” in a comedy feature film called Bottoms Up and made his debut on a big screen where he played the role of Paris Hilton’s boyfriend.
  • On the top of the list, his role of Dr. Mark Stevens in the Bionic Woman for the 2007 episode resides
  • Moving to the 2008 year, he has successfully played the role of “Ryan Haas” in NBC drama series called Medium
  • In 2012, he made appearances in only two episodes of Ringer which gave him a chance to get the amazing deal of getting starred in the drama series The Client List

After getting all the heat of the media for his acting, he started making television appearances. Here are the details:

  • As Alex Stark in “Without a Trace”
  • Cold Case
  • CSI: NY
  • Bones (guest spot)

CW’s Privileged 

It can be counted as a role that made his way up to the fame of Hollywood celebs. Brian Hallisay played the role of “Will Davis”, a rich and handsome bachelor. It was his first lead character role and you would simply not resist appreciating him.  

The Client List

Once after the news of the cancellation of “Privileged” started circulating, he was cast in another series right away. In The Client List, he was the ex-husband of his real-life wife Jennifer Love Hewitt. It was released in 2011.


His latest role is as Doug Kendall alias Jason Bailey in the 9-1-1 series, starting from late 2018 to early 2019. In this show, he starred opposite his wife, Jennifer, again!

Brian Loves Basketball

Well well well…

Brian Hallisay is really a smart guy as he loves LeBron James and always makes time to get all the updates about the game. Once in an interview, he explained his love for basketball by saying that he would love to if he could switch the life role with LeBron. He added: “It would be fascinating to have that much talent for one day”.

He used to play basketball in his high school days, but he never thought of choosing it as his career.

Married life

First met in 2011 on the shooting set of NBC’s pilot Love Bites, Hewitt and Brian Hallisay felt a strong connection. Well, we know, you have never heard of this series as it was never aired!

Hold up! They didn’t start dating right away as they were not sure of their feelings but when they got reconnected on the set of The Client List, they felt the burning fire of love inside themselves and again and decided to give it a chance. They dated for almost more than a year, and then one day their fans felt the overwhelming joy of their engagement. In 2013 they got married, the same year they were engaged. They kept their wedding small, simple, and low-key yet elegant and admirable.  

Their love story is a complete fantasy! We simply cannot imagine how much in love they are but to understand a bit of their love life, you can read Hewitt’s Instagram post: “The best thing I have ever done will always be marrying him, having our kids and watching them change and grow every day.” 

Guess what, in 2013 they also announced that they are expecting their first child. A pretty lucky year for both! They named their daughter “Autumn James Hallisay”, born on November 26, 2013. They were married only five days before they welcomed their first child. We can say, becoming a father at 35 years of age was something more spiritual and inexplicable for him. They also have a son named Atticus James Hallisay. He was born on June 24, 2015, in LA, California.

They bought a home worth $3.25 million together in LA’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood. Sounds lush and seems unbelievably lavish!

Any rumors?

Yes, but only one!

Brian Hallisay was severely accused of getting in an acceptable and unjust physical interaction with a cameraman. He faced the charges filed by a photographer. No other controversies or rumors have ever hit him in his career.

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