All You Need To Know About Bruno Tonioli – A Biography

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Bruno Tonioli is a name that everyone is familiar with. Being an Italian, he has made his name in the Hollywood dancing industry. He is a talented choreographer, professional ballroom dancer, and a top Latin dancer with unparalleled abilities. He is an expert in dancing that is reflected in all of his music videos, commercials, concerts, and television series. He became a famous TV personality in 1980 and is seen working till now!

You must have known him from a “Strictly Come Dancing” show, where she used to be one of the judges. He has shown his brilliance in numerous big-screen projects. In current times, you can see his skills by yourself on BBC Two’s documentary West Side Stories – The Making of a Classic. 

For Bruno Tonioli dancing legendary skills, he has worked with a few biggest names in the dancing and music industry. But you will never see him being proud, rude, or in a harsh attitude. He is humble and a peaceful guy solely focused on spreading positivity.

A quick overview of his life story

Born on 25 November 1955, he is 65 years now and still looks young, giving all the energetic and pleasing vibes. Having a fun personality is its most considerable charm. He is a conservative Catholic. Moving to the question “where is Bruno Tonioli from?”, he belongs to a small town in Italy called Ferrara. He has been living in London since 1975. 

A few years back, he came out gay. As far as his childhood is concerned, he has explained his struggles against severe bullying during his early childhood and adulthood days. The homophobic bullying he suffered in his youth made him low in self-esteem, but being a hard-working and passionate human, he successfully made his mark! 

His father used to be a bus driver as well as a mechanic at an automobile garage. Similarly, his Mum has taken the job of upholstery into cars, and in the evening, she used to complete her tasks being a seamstress.

Do you know what forced him to make a big initial move in the music and dancing industry? After seeing the 1972 musical Cabaret, he felt the need to try his luck in dancing. Watching it eight times in a row boomed a new passion inside him. Belonging from a small and not-so-rich family background, his parents asked and forced him to take a job in a bank, but that was not what he wanted. Without having a second thought, he traveled to Rome, where he took ballet lessons.

In the BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, he said: “As a kid I used to paint, I used to do collage, sculpture and design clothes. I used to sing and did singing competitions and plays… I mean, anything but being an accountant, which is what my parents wanted me to be. And I really had a lot of angst and conflict because of that. I didn’t see any escape… I always felt I was from another planet, totally disconnected at times.”

Bruno Tonioli Net worth 

The estimated total net worth of Bruno Tonioli is somewhere near $11-16 Million. Yes, pretty much awesome!

Going into details, he usually makes between £200,000 to £249,000 being a BBC contributor. It is definitely a brilliant pay bracket. As per the resources, he is earning $30,000 per episode for the reality dancing show. Apart from dancing shows, he has gathered his wealth from appearances in movies and television shows. Now you know how busy life is.

Is he married? 

Despite being a famous personality, who has always been proactive and stayed in the limelight, he managed to keep his private life hidden from the eye of the camera. He has always preferred not to be seen in public with his partner. In short, most of his romantic relationships are a mystery.

Well, the answer to his marriage is NO! 

He is undoubtedly in a long-term love relationship with Jason Schanne but is not married. It is estimated that Bruno Tonioli and Jason Schanne have been dating since 2010. Pretty long time! Finally, in 2012, they confirmed the rumors and publicized their love for each other in a committed ceremony.

Bruno on Strictly

This show has been broadcasted since 2014, and they have taken Bruno on a judging panel. If you have not seen him judging the talents, you must because you would love his humorous and entertaining nature making hilarious rants. We can say it is the show that took him to new heights of success.

Bruno’s dance, choreography, and ballet career

He is one of the passionate and hard-working dancers with all the skills and knowledge one can expect in a successful choreographer. He made his first appearance in 1983 in an Elton John music video called “I’m Still Standing”. Back in 1980, he delivered a fantastic performance with the group “Duke and the Aces” for the Eurovision Song Contest. But, unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance!

What is more? His name is affiliated with the Hollywood royalties such as Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Freddie Mercury, and Paul McCartney. Other famous works are Dead or Alive, Sting, Sinitta, Bananarama, and Boy George. He presented the “Bruno Tonioli at the Opera” in November 2018 at BBC Radio 2 series. He also co-created and appeared on the DanceX, a BBC talent show.

Some of his most appreciated choreographed projects are:

  • Minnie Driver of Ella Enchanted
  • The Gathering Storm
  • Little Voice
  • What a Girl Wants 
  • The Parole Officer
  •  Election Day (song) by Arcadia

Like other celebrities, he has faced several controversies and one of the minor ones he experienced due to Tonioli’s remarks on U.S. Dancing With the Stars to Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower.

Quick, interesting facts

One of his many talents is his ability to speak five languages fluently. The languages are Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

He has written his autobiography called “My Story”

He has been marketing his wide and impressive range of Italian inspired cookware on QVC

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