All You Need To Know About CBD – A Shopping Guide

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In past times, very little was known about CBD, and now, we can see CBD being used in multiple products and for several purposes. It means CBD has so much to offer than we know!

Well, for most people, CBD is nothing less than an adventure. Where CBD is trending, numerous international medical and scientific industries have been conducting extensive research. 

Available in an extensive range, you can choose what suits you and benefits you from any of the CBD varieties.

A quick introduction to Cannabidiol (CBD)

The very first thing every consumer must know is that “every CBD is not made the same”. Depending on their composition:

  1. Full-Spectrum – Made with a perfectly balanced blend of various cannabis plant extracts with a minute amount (up to 0.3%) of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)
  2. Broad-Spectrum – With 0% or a negligible trace of THC, it is all pure CBD based/cannabis plant composed product comprising all-natural compounds
  3. Isolate – A range of products formulated with CBD that does not have any traces of THC. It is an ideal pick for those who don’t want to get high due to THC consumption.

And the second most important thing to remember is CBD IS NOTHING ALIKE THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Where THC is psychoactive, CBD only provides relaxation, comfort, and relief rather than reducing your thinking capabilities. People usually relate dizzy feelings with CBD; although CBD does not make you “high, ” THC gives you a high feel.

The primary reason behind CBD higher consumption is that it is legal to buy in most parts of the world. It is generally considered safe to consume because CBD is not designed to leave any physiological or psychological impacts affecting your normal body functions or mental state.

CBD has become a part of our life pretty quickly. Don’t believe us? Well, you can see yourself! 

From cafes selling CBD enhanced drinks to skin specialists promoting hemp CBD products, you can spot this fantastic substance in most of the items.

How often should I take CBD?

The amount and frequency of consuming CBD are totally dependent on the person’s health, needs, and several significant factors. There is no doubt that the body reacts differently. For some, consuming minute amounts of CBD once a day seems like more than enough to impart the relaxation feels, but some tend to take more CBD dosage multiple times to maintain its efficiency. And, yes, depending on the purpose, CBD is also consumed by people with a gap of days.

To date, no ideal time or amount to take CBD has been announced.

What is the best time of the day to take CBD?

Another most frequently asked question!

As we said earlier, there is no perfect part of the day to take CBD, and the time can vary from person to person.

It is up to you whether you like to start your day with CBD to keep your energy level high throughout the day along with keeping yourself relaxed, OR you would like to enjoy CBD enriched gummies, oils, tinctures, or other snacks on your bed at night. Quality CBD products go well with breakfasts as well as at bedtime. It means feel free to take CBD in any part of the day to enjoy the tremendous benefits.

Do you have insomnia? Take CBD at night! And if you have days with no energy to complete the task and lacking focus, take a morning dose.

Is it okay to take CBD with Food?

One word is YES! 

The explanation is here…

CBD being a fat-soluble molecule, tends to bind with lipids and natural fats available in the food we eat daily. Binding enhances the bioavailability, and the higher the bioavailability, the greater will be the CBD effects.

In short, consuming CBD products, particularly capsules or oils, with food is absolutely a good idea.

DOPE – A Place Where You Can Find All Top-Quality CBD Products

There are tons of companies delivering CBD but finding a place where the quality is guaranteed, price is reasonable, and extensive product range seems pretty challenging. But, not anymore!

DOPE is at your service with a wide range of CBD products made in the USA by using premium quality oils and extracts. With the selection of the finest hemp and application of the pioneering extraction systems, DOPE has scaled up the level of CBD products. Bringing innovation to the CBD formulated edibles, DOPE is giving revolutionary products worth a try as they are the delicious way to relish first-class CBD.

It has a vast CBD collection. Some of the most notable edibles are:

Gummies – Made in enjoyable yet striking citrus flavors that are discreet enough to be taken along. These are specially made NON-GMO and Gluten-Free so everyone can take the benefit of CBD.

Capsules – Easy to take with improved bioavailability, DOPE offers 25mg Full-Spectrum CBD per Capsule, taking you on a relaxing journey of pleasant thoughts.

Broad-spectrum CBD Body Butter – If you are not a fan of edible CBD, here is a successful alternative for practical and leisurely use. It gets absorbed quickly, leaving a calming feeling and lets you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Lip balms – One of the most groundbreaking products of CBD that is ingeniously formulated with our top-quality, organically grown CBD hemp oil. DOPE has them in a compact and discreet design.

Still questioning, “Why should you buy from DOPE?”

  1. Their all ingredients are natural and ethically sourced
  2. They use sustainable hemp and botanicals
  3. Every product has been tested multiple times
  4. ISO certified products ensuring unparalleled quality
  5. Premier Delivery/Free shipping

Benefits of using CBD 

  • Helps manage anxiety by changing the responsive technique to serotonin of the brain’s receptors
  • CBD reduces pain and is used in pain management therapies for various diseases, even cancer. The best option after chemotherapy treatments is CBD hemp oil.
  • If you are a smoker, CBD can help you quit smoking. It noticeably suppresses nicotine cravings. Not only this, but consuming CBD can support you throughout the withdrawal period. It is all because of its ability to impart soothing and anti-depressant effects.
  • When it comes to stress management, it is an ideal choice to get an overall relief
  • Apart from giving relief after cancer therapies, CBD can be used for cancer prevention. It suppresses and prevents the development of carcinogenic cells. And, yes, it is known even to destroy cancer cells.
  • It is vital in acne treatment because CBD stops skin inflammation. Applying CBD topically can help reduce inflammation caused by psoriasis. That’s why beauticians recommend its use. You can clearly see the higher amount of CBD in a sheer number of skin ointments and facial creams.
  • It has been found helpful in reducing nausea, especially caused due to motion sickness

Does CBD have any side effects?

As the research says, CBD is definitely a safe bet. Yes, the individual can experience specific reactions because every person has a different body mechanism. Another reason for having few unwanted effects is unnecessarily high consumption. The common side effects are faintness, shakiness, mild nausea, dry mouth, and extreme fatigue.

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