All You Need To Know About Hannah Simone – New Girl “Cece”

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Hannah Simone is one of the most talented persons ever happened to Hollywood. She was born on 3 August 1980, and that was when the world was blessed with the future successful British-Canadian actress. Well, she is not only an actress but a skilled television host and former VJ. Oh yes, she is a fashion model, too, with timeless beauty.

If you don’t know her by the original name, you must recognize her by the play name “Cece”. There is no doubt; she best portrayed her role in New Girl. Since she started working, she has always been a good performer. Hannah Simone is appreciated for her fantastic work in multiple projects. You can remember her from the special guest appearance on “The Late Show” with Craig Ferguson back in 2005.

Hannah Simone’simone height is 5 ft 6 in, and she is a glamorous girl with beautiful features. With dark brown hair and eyes, she will mesmerize you with her beauty. As she says and we quote, her beauty and fitness secret is her active lifestyle and workout routine. She practices Pilates and loves to perform Bar Method and spin workouts. Pretty unique preferences, we must say. Apart from her captivating glamour, she will also amaze you with her brilliant acting.

Hannah Simone Net worth

We all are familiar with Hannah Simone’s outstanding acting skills. But don’t forget she used to be a model, VJ, and host. As per the reports, she is worth around USD 3 Million, which she has gained from acting and modeling. Despite her impressive performance, she didn’t get a chance to be starred in any massive project. Still, she is worth millions, and estimating her future career growth; we can assume these millions to increase.

A sneak peek at her professional life

Hannah Simone is working since 2005, and her talent has only expanded. Back in 2005, when she graduated from Ryerson University, she gets a well-paying job as a host at HGTV Canada’s television show for the first season. Her first employment being a part of “Space for Living,” turned out a good opportunity for her. She promised herself to prove her worth to the world, and she did. Her next stop was MuchMusic, where she worked as a VJ. At the same time, she was offered the position of news presenter for “Much News Weekly,” and she not only availed but aced it!

For almost two years (2006 to 2008), she continued working with Much Music. Now, she got new plans and moved to Los Angeles, California, leaving the job. Considering her talent, she got a chance at hosting the WCG Ultimate Gamer with Joel Gourdin. From 2009 to 2010. She worked at Syfy. Till then, she has proved her skills and name in the industry.

She has the experience of working with the American band ‘Train’ when she became a part of their 2014 music video named ‘Angel in Blue Jeans’ song. She also appeared in another music video named ‘Same Air’ for ‘The Rocket Summer.’ She has been part of Kicking & Screaming as a respected host. As per the latest role, she got the leading role in The Greatest American Hero in 2018. Unlucky for her, ABC declined to pick up the series.

She was seen on every news channel in 2013 and 2014 for her participation in campaigns. In 2014 when she made a tour to India to support the international organization ‘Free The Children,’ she got applause. She is known to take an active part in the social media campaign named ‘We Are Silent.’ It was carried out in association with ‘The Malala Fund’. Back in 2013, she was highlighted in Gillette’s “What Women Want” campaign.

But, the golden time of her life was when she was cast as CECE. From 2011 to 2018, she played the role of Cece on Fox’s comedy New Girl. New Girl will always be her identity. It has 7 incredibly amazing seasons. Surprisingly, New Girl was nominated in multiple award shows. Hannah Simone was awarded “the Teen Choice Award” in 2012 for a female TV Breakout star. Hannah Simone movies and TV shows are always valued and got higher ratings.

What about her personal life?

She was born in London, and as she said, she has a happy childhood, full of memories that she relishes. She belongs to a diverse cultural and ethnic background. Her father is from India, and her mother is English with German, Greek, and Italian descent. What a family! It made her more exciting personality and brought up more interesting. That is all we know about Hannah Simone’s parents.

She has a brother Zack, and she is close to her. In Calgary, she has spent her childhood. It sounds incredible to say that she had already traveled three continents from age 7 to 10. Due to traveling, she needed to change schools. When Hannah Simone turned 13, she started living in Cyprus being a fashion icon/model. Considering her father’s Indian background, she had lived in India, too, when she was 17. She lived in New Delhi and attended the American Embassy School. Finally, a year later, she returned to Canada and settled in Vancouver – a nice place.

As far as her education is concerned, she was enrolled in the University of British Columbia. Once she completed her first degree, she visited back Hounslow, United Kingdom. But she didn’t leave her life motives behind. Hannah Simone started working as a human rights and refugees officer. She has a BA degree in International Relations and Political Science from the University of British Columbia.

Married life

Hannah Simone is married to a successful and talented musician Jesse Giddings. They got married in 2016 in an intimate secret wedding ceremony after completing 4 years of dating. A year later, in 2017, she gave birth to a son. They have kept their lives pretty safe from the eye of the camera. They are not so active on social media. But, you can see Hannah Simone’s husband posting beautiful and appreciative posts on social media accounts with her wife.

Quick facts

Hannah Simone Jesse Giddings is a fan of make-up and even loves doing her eye make-up.

She tends to be friendly, which is why she has many friends in the Hollywood industry.

As she was a bright student, she worked as a researcher for a book by Lloyd Axworthy for two years.

She has been a part of multiple local theater groups in India, Greece, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

Hannah Simone loves cooking and hopes to publish her cookbook one day

She has an obsession with karaoke but never sings

Her real-life pregnancy experience has been portrayed in her character Cece.

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