All You Need To Know About Holiday Reinhorn – Bio, Education, Family, And Career

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One person, one name, and one mind but multiple talents – Holiday Reinhorn. A person who is valued for her acting skills, appreciated for brilliant screenwriting, and treasured for her production skills.

Holiday is a writer by profession and has gained recognition from her eye-popping fictional short stories. Whenever we talk about the literary world, the name Reinhorn cannot be missed. Apart from being a leading writer, she is known as a wife of a renowned actor, Rainn Wilson.

She has stolen the spotlight after published several American fictional stories. Usually, she is googled by “big cats Holiday Reinhorn,” and she deserves to be. After all, it is one of her masterpieces. After collecting all the overwhelming praise for her published works, she moved into Hollywood. Here she became a part of “The Office.”

Early Childhood And Family

Holiday Reinhorn was born on March 12, 1964. She was born and spent her childhood in Portland, Oregon, where she has happy brought up alongside Amy Reinhorn, her sister. Her father was a dentist, and her mother was a school teacher. Her father has also served the US Army at Kuma Station in Japan. Her mother, Mary Putka, is one celebrated personality. She has been a member of the city council of Kalama, Washington. It seems like a happy family with a respectable image.

With a Pisces zodiac sign, she has all the characteristics. All the good traits making her an amazing person. She has a golden heart and creative mind. Back in her childhood, she has traveled a lot, roaming all over Asia.

A Little About Her Education Background

She attended her high school in Portland. Before attending university, she attended college in Boulder, Colorado, for a year in 1983. Reinhorn is an American and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, in Theatre Arts with a minor in Women’s Studies. Sounds interesting!

With time, she developed an attraction towards writing, so she was admitted to the University of Iowa. She has completed a graduate-level creative writing program – Iowa Writers’ Workshop in 1995. That is not all! She has multiple degrees, and every single degree has contributed to her skills, polishing her personality. Holiday is graduated with an MFA from the University of Iowa in Fiction, too. A COMPLETE PACKAGE!

Holiday Reinhorn Net Worth 

Rainn Wilson Holiday Reinhorn, Powell’s Books’ bestseller, is estimated to have a net worth of approx. $300 thousand. WHEW! And, she has collected this heavy amount with her book sales or fictional stories published in literary magazines.

For those who might be interested, the net value of Rainn Wilson is approximately $14 million. Rich and healthy people!

A Sneak Peek To Holiday Reinhorn Professional Life

We all know how she first started with acting. But being a stage actress, Holiday realized she needed something else, something better. And she went for something extraordinary! Switching her career path to writing is definitely her best decision.

In her writing career, she published her first book with Free Press in 2005 named “BIG CATS”. Fortunate for her, the book worth $21.95 becomes a smashing hit at Powell’s Books. This marvelous book has received tons of positive reviews from multiple writers and critics. In no time, Holiday was the talk of the town. Her book got acknowledgments from Post Magazine, Seattle Times, Kirkus Reviews, and Publishers Weekly. You can find Holiday Reinhorn books that are worth reading published in Zoetrope: All-Story, Gulf Coast, and Ploughshares.

Hold up!

Apart from being a writer, she has flaunted her writing abilities in few movies. Now, she is one of the most cherished onscreen writers and producers. She has provided us with the screenplay for PUSH and Last Seen. Truly speaking, these movies knocked out the shows! She was also a co-producer of the Last Seen in 2002. We can say she has traveled a long way in her professional line. In a few documentaries, she worked as a narrator.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Is Holiday Reinhorn in The Office?” the answer is NO! But, her loving husband luckily landed a noteworthy role.

Always Taking Active Part In Charity Work

She is not only passionate but also considerate, having a kind heart that makes her a better person. Holiday has always wanted to serve her community, and she did. She has been noticed working with plenty of charitable organizations. You must have heard about LIDÈ Haiti Foundation. It supported 2010 Haiti earthquake survivors. It was established by the collaboration of Rainn Wilson and Dr. Kathryn Adams.

In her due course in Haiti, she also co-founded the Lide foundation. It has significantly supported the young, uneducated women who showed interest in writing and creative arts. She is definitely a selfless person who has brought the revolution in the literacy rate of Gonaives. Back in 2009, she joined hands with Sean Penn’s charity J/P Haitian Relief Organization. With her skills, Holiday organized various writing workshops for girls.

Holiday’s generosity is worth the praise. She has served beyond humanity. Reinhorn has been a part of animal rescuing organizations in Los Angeles.

Life Of Holiday Reinhorn And Rainn Wilson 

Holiday Reinhorn and Rainn Wilson met at the University of Washington and became sweethearts upon knowing each other and understanding how brilliantly they complement each other. They got married in a Baha’i ceremony in a dream place, “Kalama River,” in 1995. The perfect view of Mount St. Helens has just brought more beauty to their wedding. More than two decades have passed, and they are going strong. Their love doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon.

They were blessed with a baby boy in 2004, who they named Walter McKenzie Wilson. Although both are famous, they have successfully kept their son away from the public eye. Rainn Wilson and Holiday Reinhorn have a professionally collaborative relationship, too. Where Rainn works as her editor and Holiday supports him in his auditions.

The family owns 3 pit bulls named Oona, Pilot, and Diamond. They have 3 Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs named Snorty and Amy, and a zonkey (crossbreed of a donkey and a zebra) called Derek. Holiday Reinhorn son loves spending time with them.

Quick Facts!

  • In 1997, Holiday was praised with the Tobias Wolff Award respecting her wonderful work in Charlotte.
  • Holiday seems pretty active on her social media accounts
  • Although at the time of marriage, she didn’t convert. But when she saw her son praying, it moved her heart, and she became a member of the Bahai Faith.
  • Reinhorn’s love for animals has made her go vegan.

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