All You Need To Know About Mr.Salty Cracker

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Youtube is currently one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s justified because it’s quite engaging. From informational videos to entertainment videos, you can find all sorts of content here. Earlier, a few years back this platform was used for the sole purpose of entertaining the audience with interesting information and lesser-known facts or for movies and songs.

However now things have changed a bit and we can now see multiple Youtube channels where people run live podcasts, enjoying some freedom of speed and putting up opinions about different aspects. 

Who Is Salty Cracker? 

Speaking of freedom of speech on Youtube, today we are going to talk a bit about Mr.Salty Cracker who runs a Youtube channel that goes by the name “Salty Cracker”. Most of you probably don’t know him because there isn’t much information available about him. In fact, no one even knows the name of the salty cracker. 

But if you have a look at his Youtube channel and if you listen to his podcasts, you’ll see that he has become quite a celebrity who is known for making political news videos that are predominantly right-wing. He has another channel that goes by the name “Mrs Salty Cracker” and he started that channel in 2019 whereas his original first channel “Mr Salty Cracker” started in 2015. His oldest known video is “SJW politics in our public school system” and it was uploaded on the 2nd of June in 2018. 

As far as the subscribers on his channel are concerned, well, he has passed a huge figure of 641,000 and it’s growing with each passing day. 

Salty Cracker Net Worth 

If you are familiar with Salty Cracker and if you’ve been following him, you’d probably be curious about his net worth. Well, for those of you who don’t know, Salty Cracker has a net worth of $200,000. And when it comes to his Youtube ad revenue, it goes something like this; 

4.87 million views per month 

Daily views = 160,000 views

1000 views = $4

Daily Income =160,000 x 4 = $650 dollars 

Monthly Income = $650 x 12 = $19500

If this isn’t shocking enough, you should know about his yearly revenue and you’ll be more amazed at how the salty cracker earns so much. Here’s something you’d be interested in when it comes to salty cracker’s yearly revenue;

$19500 x 12 = $234000

Now as per Youtube’s policy, Youtube gets 45% of what the content creator makes and the content creator gets 55%. So if we apply this formula to what the Salty Cracker earns then here’s what we end up with;

After Youtube cut = $234000 x 0.55 = $128,700

Now as per news, his channel has been demonetized and as of now he’s not making any money but people have different views on it and no one has a clear answer to what he earns every month. 

Some More Details About Salty Cracker 

As per details, Salty used to be a special teacher for almost a decade which means that he was an Obama supporter and a liberal. He constantly got redpilled by the education system which made him quit his job and get into something new and interesting. His first attempt was with a Youtube channel for kids but then there came a time when he got tired of making videos on video games, ranting and raving for nothing.

This is when he decided to make another Youtube channel “Mr Salty Cracker” in 2015 and as of now, his videos are the talk of the town especially among those who listen to salty cracker live stream and salty cracker podcast. 

A lot of you might be curious about what Mr Salty does in his free time when he’s not making any Youtube content. Well, he mentioned in one of his interviews that in his free time he likes to play guitar, bake desserts, and pizza specifically and he likes video gaming on his PS4. 

He currently makes videos on politics and the entertainment industry. You can visit his official channel here, https://www.youtube.com/c/SaltyCracker/playlists 

He also has a website of his own https://saltmustflow.com/. His channel disclaimer goes something like this; “These are the opinions and ramblings of a lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.”. 

In a nutshell, all his videos show his anger towards the politics of the country and towards other aspects that need to be highlighted in society. In fact, in a video interview, he called himself this “angry white guy” who wasn’t even ready to stay quiet on whatever was happening around the world, especially in his country. 

If you take a look at his playlist, you’ll see that some of his videos do make a point and he’s actually like cracking the cracker with his opinions. The opinions that he’s angry about and well, guess what? There’s a large number of people who actually do listen to the salty cracker and they engage under his posts too. 

In another interview, he said that making videos on everything wrong that’s happening around him makes him release his tension and stress especially about the issues that he can’t do anything about. He likes to vent on Youtube and show the world what they need to pay attention to. He is becoming a one popular Youtube celebrity right now and the number of people supporting his rant sessions are increasing with each passing day. 

This means that something about him, his thoughts and his opinions is right and there are things in politics and even in the entertainment industry that are totally wrong but no one’s speaking up about them. 

All of this and the fact that Mr Salty Cracker is increasing in popularity with each passing day tells that there’s something right about the guy and that people need to pay more attention to what his opinions on different topics are. 

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