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Pfaltzgraff – Products & Reviews

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If you are into buying all the new, prettiest, and the highest quality ceramic products, you must go straight to Pfaltzgraff, which has been known for making the top standard products in impressive and unique designs for over 200 years.

Starting from the low-scale pottery shop located in Pennsylvania, it has now become one of the most recalled, famous, industrial scale contemporary manufacturers that are producing a wide range of items including dinnerware, drinkware, ceramic accessories, giftware, and many other products.

What makes Pfaltzgraff dishes so special?

Their unique patterns bring all the aspects of traditional, state-of-the-art, entertaining and seasonal designs into one! Yes, they offer the best blend of styles to make your home glow better. You would find certain patterns are limited to a particular season but their habit of shocking you with the quality, making, and eye-catching designs remain constant

Let’s start with history

Do you know where the name “Pfaltzgraff” came from? Well, it is the surname of an immigrant family living in the USA.

Back in the 1800s, they decided to set a potter’s wheel and kiln in NY, Pennsylvania. Since that day, they kept on evolving. As their popularity spread across the states, all Pfaltzgraff brothers came to help expand the business. And who could have imagined that they would go beyond the imaginable horizons of success?

Product range

  1. Dinnerware
  • Sets
  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Coffee Mugs and Tea Cups
  1. Serveware
  • Serving Bowls
  • Serving Platters and Trays
  • Accessories
  • Beverage
  1. Drinkware
  • Glassware
  • Mugs and Cups
  • Barware
  • Drinkware Storage
  1. Flatware
  • Flatware Sets
  • Serving Utensils
  • Open Stock Flatware
  • Flatware Storage
  1. Kitchenware
  • Bakeware
  • Countertop
  • Stoneware Cleaner
  1. Home Accents
  • Decorative Accessories

Home Accessories

Reasons to shop from Pfaltzgraff

  • The stoneware manufactured at Pfaltzgraff as well as china dishes are epic collectibles
  • All products are crafted carefully to make them as much beautiful as possible
  • They come in interesting and amusing design collections. In short, Pfaltzgraff’s patterns are highly charming.
  • As they are made of high-quality materials, all items are useful
  • They are less expensive in comparison to many other famous brands
  • The best place to buy the dinnerware is Pfaltzgraff as they are offered in innovative styles
  • A wide range of kitchenware is available. We can say, Pfaltzgraff dinnerware has something for everyone!

Trending products you should buy

Mango Wood Charcuterie Serve Tray 

This item serves several purposes. Made of sturdy and beautiful mango wood, it has distinctive robustness that makes it ideal for hard use and still offering long years of use. This Gourmet Basics Mango Wood Serve Tray is not made only for serving but also for keeping items to bring cleanliness and order to the table. The wood is complemented with durable iron-carrying handles. It is satisfactorily large and in round shape. It comes in a high wall and with easily removable dividers. 

Want to keep the serving separate? Put the dividers. Truly speaking, it will look more organized with dividers. This 20-inch tray can be wiped clean without making the extra effort.

Anna 18 Piece Dinnerware Set

If you want to add another vibrant set of Pfaltzgraff dinnerware to your forever classic collection, it must be on your bucket list!

Direct from the Studio Nova Brand, this coupe-shaped set is crafted in a pretty attractive and beautiful design. Bringing the summer garden vibes, it is available in a purely clean white porcelain base that is brought to life with the addition of a colorful spurt of flowers that look intriguing. And, yes, they have the fluttering butterfly accented overall!

Available in an 18-piece set, it can be put in the microwave as well as in the dishwasher for a quick clean up.

Chit-Chat K-Cup Storage Basket

This fun Pfaltzgraff Chit-Chat K-Cup Storage Basket is a good purchase to make. Where it seems like a perfect accessory for keeping k-cups and espresso pods safe from damage, you are most welcomed to use it as a decoration piece. It is a charming and chic holder that comes with an antique and tempting black finesse. Well, the real appeal lies in its open wire detailing. Perfect for creating a rustic look! Place it over countertops or tables and enjoy the compliments!

With the use of high-grade, carbon-structural steel, it offers a long-lasting impression and hard-wearing use.

Gourmet Basics by Mikasa Vella 2 Tier Mango Wood Tray

This Vella tray is also made of Mango wood that is not unique but also tough. It has two tiers and the upper and lower platforms are both magnificently finessed. Having two tiers also magnifies the space. With high walls, it looks more stylish while also enhancing practicality. It has a reliable aluminum post that is outdone with a robust carrying handle of the ring shape.

But what can be its specific feature that will make you buy this tray? Its surface has a lively medallion tile design that is captivating.

Sapphire Bay 42 Piece Flatware Set

Undoubtedly, it will attract you with its gorgeous design that will strike you in the first glimpse. But many other reasons will urge you to shop it such as its superior quality 18/0 stainless steel, alluring mirror finish, and contemporary stylish cuts. For easy cleaning, it is made dishwasher safe.

Joanne 16 Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4

The key feature is its subtle yet amusing embossed pattern. It seems to perfectly complement the serene blue coloring. This soothing blue hue mated with high-quality metallic-like detailing covering the corners looks modern. To add more beauty, the reactive glaze is done brilliantly. Remember, it is hand-crafted so do not expect any two pieces to look alike.

Every piece of this Pfaltzgraff dinnerware carries its distinctive variations that look unique and totally suit the color and pattern combination. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Set of 2 Brass No Touch Door and Keypad Opener

Apart from kitchenware, here is another unique item that you might feel like buying from Pfaltzgraff. It is a Towle Set that is one of the most stylish accessories you can get. It is surprisingly a zero-touch hands-free item. Made to keep you safe by stopping the germs from spreading through contact. Use its tip as a button pusher whereas its hook for opening a door or in simple words a handle opener.

Being versatile, it is a multipurpose tool with the highest practicality. Made with 100% solid brass, it offers unique antimicrobial properties. You can expect a high degree of efficiency.

Famous Collections that you must look into

  1. Annabelle – Beauty of spectacular white porcelain boosted with an amiable garden design featuring flowers and captivating pattern of
  2. Antigua Blue – The idea was taken from the Caribbean island. Get ready to experience some refreshing beachy vibes right at your dining table. Items featuring seashell and starfish seem amusing.
  3. Anastasia Blue – Top-quality stoneware made to bring a new level of tranquility with its stunning blue body accented with an incredible metallic rim.
  4. Filigree – Made of delicate ornamental work complemented with subtle embossed arches is what you will get in this marvelous collection. The best classic white collection to opt for.
  5. Winterberry – Plates and bowls giving bright holly berries are the looks you will love to have on your table for winters, especially on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Pfaltzgraff winterberry is a sophisticatedly crafted holiday classic!
  6. Grapevine – This collection carries a distinctive old-world charm but is more refined with embossed details. You would love how beautifully the clusters of amethyst grapes have been infused in the design with the Roseberry flowers.
  7. Midnight Sun – This collection will get you matte black glazed items with impressive geometric designs highlighted in glossy black. Having a dinnerware set at the table dipped in black matte finesse is exactly the item that can add real beauty to your feast.
  8. Cambria – Set that can bring nature-inspired beauty with the contemporary design having embossed beading. The highlighting done in earthy browns and reds looks sophisticated. The classic glaze finesse is a cherry on the top.

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