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All You Need To Know About Tomato Cages

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This might be your first time hearing the word “tomato  cages” especially if you are planning to grow your own vegetables in the backyard. Tomato cages are some garden tools that are used to help tomatoes grow upwards. This helps them stay off the ground and it also prevents premature spoiling. In a nutshell, if you want to grow healthy, strong, fresh and high quality tomatoes, a tomato cage is all you need! 

The best thing about tomato cages is that you can easily buy them both in stores and online and you can even make them yourself at your home. There are several online tutorials on how to make tomato cages and if followed word by word, you’ll have your very own tomato cage in no time! 

How To Properly Use Tomato Cages? 

It is of utmost importance to use your tomato cages properly especially if you want to extend your harvest of tomatoes. Here are some important things you must know to make the best out of your tomato cages

Always Start With A Young Tomato Plant 

Setting the cage early is important so that the roots can grow without any interruptions. Also, placing the cage in the soil especially when the plant has matured will just kill the roots and your tomatoes will eventually die. So the best timing to use a cage is right when you plant your tomato plants. 

Spacing Out Your Tomato Cages Evenly 

When planting tomato plants, make sure to keep each one of them at a distance of 2ft apart in the ground. For determinate varieties, it’s recommended to keep a distance of at least 3 to 4 feet and for indeterminate varieties it should be around 5 to 6 feet. You must be very careful when putting down the wire of the stakes in the soil and make sure that it’s all moist first. Moreover, you have to centre the plant in the cage so that your tomatoes grow properly. 

Securing The Cage 

You need a bit of pressure to properly anchor your cage into the soil. When it comes to cone shaped tomato cages, there’s always a narrow end at the bottom. To ensure that your cage is secure, its legs should be at least 6 inches in the soil. To press down the cage into the soil, you can use both your  hands to apply pressure or simply use a rubber hammer to bring it down.

The cage has to hold the weight of the plant so when you insert it in the soil, make sure that it doesn’t tip over easily. 

Supporting The Tomato Plant 

When the cage is securely placed around the young tomato plant, the next step is to guide the vines as they grow around. You have to look after your tomato plant and secure its vines and the foliage through the bars of the cage. Just be careful here and don’t end up removing any blooms or small tomatoes. To tie down the heavy branches to the cage, it’s recommended to use a soft yarn or a string. 

These tips are for both, homemade tomato cages or the ones that you buy from the store. Speaking of buying tomato cages, we are now going to jot down three of the best ones that are really worth your money! 

Top 3 Tomato Cages To Buy In 2021 

GROWNEER Tomato Garden Cages

This three pack from Growneer is the best pick that we have for you. These cages are made of plastic with steel coating around. Whether you want to set up tomato cages around young plants or put them around the matured ones, this pack by  Growneer can come in handy for you. The green color of these cages will help you add a simplified aesthetic to your garden. 

MTB Supply Folding Tomato Cage Plant Support Tower

Looking for high quality square tomato cages? Try buying the MTB supply folding cage! It’s the best for several reasons and one of them is the fact that this cage is made up of galvanized steel which prevents any type of corrosion or rust. The square shape of the MTB cages will help you grow a one sturdy tomato plant but what’s best is that it has this flat design that helps you easily store the cage at the end of the growing season. 

LEOBRO 4 Pack Plant Support Stake

For those looking for smaller cages for small tomato plants, the LEOBRO 4 pack plant is worth a look. They are 9.4 inches wide and 5.6 inches high and they offer plenty of support no matter how big the branches of your plan turn out to be. As far as their material is concerned, it’s high quality metal with a coating of green colored plastic so that they can easily blend in your garden without making it look weird.

The best thing about these cages is that they require no assembling. All you have to do is to place them wherever you feel the need to. 

Final Word

It doesn’t matter if you go for wooden tomato cages or PVC tomato cages or any other material. What matters is how you take care of your tomato plant while it grows and how you plant the cages carefully in the first place. Tomato cages are growing in popularity all around the globe because they really do bring some real-time results and you end up getting these beautifully grown tomatoes.

So without giving it a second thought, just start making a tomato cage yourself or invest some money and buy any one of the above mentioned ones. We assure you that this investment will give you your desired results! 

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