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Things Only Hairy Girls Understand

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Growing up with a hair, not a bit but A LOT, is frustrating, exhausting, sad and a big problem to deal with! Well, we do agree that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and bodies but we cannot deny the fact that excessive hair growth makes life slightly tougher!

Hairy girls having hair on arms, armpits, chins, legs, head, and everywhere else must have dealt with a little or massive childhood bullying, self-consciousness, and a whole lot of reckoning how to deal with this life issue. It would not be wrong to say that you are always searching for the solution in your free time, going through encyclopedias, reading every hair removal products reviews and advanced techniques there are.

Being a hairy girl has its aggravations, but remember, you are not alone! There are lots of us!

One of the most irritating things you can experience is hearing unwelcoming comments on your hairy skin and standoffish opinions about how you can get rid of your hairy arms, legs, and so on. People giving bits of advice to make your body more attractive by removing hair can be really exhausting and discouraging sometimes for all the hairy girls.

Annoying Things Only Hairy Girls Will Understand

If you are a girl with a lot of hair, you can relate to all the following bizarre and maddening things. read the article and see how many of the facts resemble your daily life routine.

Let’s start!

No matter if you are meeting your friends, colleague, or relatives, they will always be pointing out your hairy skin, reminding you again and again about how hairy you are. WELL, WAIT UP GUYS! ALL HAIRY GIRLS ALREADY KNOW HOW MUCH HAIR THEY HAVE!

Keeping 1 hr. for shaving and plucking doesn’t work for you. You will be needing a whole day to get yourself ready! And what will happen at the end? You realize that you have missed a teeny-tiny spot.

Planning to wear a sleeveless shirt, shorts, or skirt right at the moment? Not going to happen because you have not shaved and you are embarrassed by your legs, arms, and armpits hair! No spontaneous dressing plans for hairy arm girls!

Being hairy can make hairy teen girls shave their legs at a buzzing early age, somewhat like 12. Pretty odd to hear and imagine, too.

No option to wear skirts or shorts even on the summer days for the hairy girls because you don’t want to or have not shaved your legs. The only sensible option will be JEANS. Right on it!

Do you know, what is the worst combination? Sensitive skin with a lot of hair! Trying new hacks can end really bad particularly in unpleasant razor burns and nasty redness.

Apart from unsolicited compliments, people might want to pet your legs or arms. GUYS, you need to understand that it is not your property to play with.

Hairy girls fear going swimming even on the hotter days, because before you need a lot of preparation in terms of plucking and shaving every part. No pool parties, sadly.

Even if you have shaved your arms or legs weeks after your friends, your hair will grow back faster and will be hairy again!

Getting rid of hair demands extra money! You will see yourself spending most of your money on buying new hair removal products, creams, and razors.

Being hairy means facing criticism or teasing because of your eyebrows.

Can toes be hairy? Ask the hairy girls who have to listen to people making the same hobbit joke again and again.

Getting out of the shower with a clogged drain is nothing new!

Always finding new makeup hacks for making your facial fuzz a little less prominent.

Never ever thought of showing the hairline. We understand but for those who don’t get it. Because of the superfluous hair growth.

Bleaching your face is even an option for hairy girls? Apparently yes because it clears up your skin but technically no because bleaching your facial skin/hair makes your golden sideburns sheen so bright that they make non-bleached ones more attention-grabbing and prominent.

One typical dialogue, a comment from your hairdresser you always have to hear is “God you have loads of hair”. That is something I already know, though.

Your hair overpowers every other hair removal product although you have spent a lot of dollars on buying Waxing, Veet, laser, and epilators. A petty escape.

Not monthly but weekly appointments in salons for waxing your armpits and plucking to keep the mustaches down along with one wicked hair on your chinny-chin-chin.

Have strong eyebrows of an independent woman that needs eyebrow filling or gel.

The embarrassment of having a permanent evening or five o’clock shadow on armpits, legs, and arms.

All hairy girls are tempted to wear opaque leggings just to keep themselves safe from shaving hurdles and blood battle.

You get upper lip growth approximately a week after plucking or leg hair an hour after waxing or shaving. EVEN if you have done 45 minutes stroking your legs.

Why have you spent so much time shaving in the shower? Because the razor has to be rinsed literally after every stroke imagining a pause after every 5-10 seconds

Avoid going to parlors for a pedicure, so you don’t feel judged by others for your hirsute toes.

Done waxing or plucking your mustache? You must avoid going outside a minimum of a couple of hours to keep yourself from the embarrassment of showing a red upper lip.

Monthly appointments to salons to get a new haircut or else you will find styling your hair pretty tough.

Another most frequently given advice to hairy girls is “shaving is what’s making you hairy”. Uumm, NO! You don’t realize that no matter what is done to the body hair, it will grow back thicker.

Not a single day can be spent without shaving or else it will be itchy itchy and itchy for the girls with hairy arms.

Winters is the favorite time of the year as your leg hair can rest in peace.

No hair tie is strong enough to hold your hair in line.

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