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Best Blackout/Black Curtains to buy – Short Curtains Shopping Guide

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Are you exhausted from sleepless nights? Is your insomnia worse than before? Worry not, the life-changing blackout curtains will definitely improve your sleep cycle.

Light has an intense effect on sleep. Exposure to light during sleeping hours can disrupt the human mind and worsen the effects of insomnia. Darkness signals the mind that it is time to rest and light exposure at the wrong times may change the body’s internal “sleep clock”, blackout curtains are the best way to block any unwanted light that may muddle with your sleep.

Get a restful sleep with the use of top-quality, durable, functional, and stylish short blackout curtains. Besides, if you are rich enough to buy expensive things without having a second thought, you might like to look into thermal curtains. They are absolutely worth consideration because of their ability to offer warmth while saving electricity.

What are short curtains called? 

Short curtains are actually called “valance”. They are available in all kinds of shapes and colors. Professional interior designers still use them in renovating old houses. Their vintage look makes them mesmerizing and different from regular curtains. 

Do blackout curtains really work? 

Well, it is one of the most frequently asked questions and the answer is, yes! 

They do wonder by reducing the level of heat by 24 percent, keeping the space cooler than compared to regular curtains. The insulation allows you to save energy and use the heating and cooling system more efficiently and effectively. What a useful item to buy! 

The Best short blackout curtains

People often take the term ‘blackout’ literally. They assume that the curtains will be black, contrary to their belief they don’t need to be black. they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. 

The effect of a regular curtain on your sleep and quality of life is much more than you would possibly imagine. A blackout curtain allows you to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep and enables you to wake up energized, ready to conquer.

These are the best short blackout curtains:

Silk blackout curtains 

Time to add some luxury to your usual home décor!

Crate and barrel Silvana

$129.95 – $149.95

Yes, ladies, you heard that right blackout curtains are also available in silk fabric. These are the most beautiful curtains with so many color options to select from. The fabric is made out of natural fibers; a perfect blend of silk and linen. They weigh much lighter than the other blackout curtains. But the only downside of this brand is that they block the least light. They not only look better to the eyes but also feel lighter.

Thermal insulated blackout curtain 

Blocks out 90% of light keeping your home cool



Perfect for all seasons as its thermal insulation keeps the room warm in the winter and cool in summer. Another advantage of its insulation is that it reduces noise. In comparison, it is pretty affordable. You can buy it in various sizes and colors. Its light-blocking ability is the key appeal as it keeps you safe from UV rays, too. It offers easy and quick clean-up. The company has designed it to be machine washable and energy smart.

Blackout curtains 

Thermal insulated curtains – stop not only heat but noise and light

Best home fashion 


Perfect for compact windows, it is a reliable blackout curtain even if you have sliding doors inside your bedroom. Let it be the issue of noise, light, or insulation. These curtains cover it all! These short curtains have a very high rating on the web. They are available in a variety of colors and also available in longer lengths. The key feature is the advanced triple weave fabric. It is also Machine washable. Their excellent rod stability makes them convenient to use.

Short curtain 

Restful night’s sleep without breaking the bank

Hughapy star’s


If you live with an infant then you know that blackout curtains are super important for baby nurseries. They block all the light so that the baby can soundly nap during the daytime. The unique star design in this curtain is loved by all babies, allowing them to sleep comfortably. 

Blackout thermal grommet panels

Liven up any room and block out light

Rosdorf park


This blackout curtain has a sheer overlay attached to it with a grommet header. It is made from the purest polyester. This charming brand combines floral patterns, runway style silhouettes, and a little sheen to add a stylish touch to your space. Rosdorf Park is the perfect choice for any devoted follower of fashion.

Insulated total blackout short curtains

Curtains will give off a chic, airy look while still keeping light out.



These short curtains belong to the category of the few curtains that blocked daylight completely. These are best for people with migraines and light sensitivity issues. If you are a night shift worker, a total blackout curtain might be the best investment for your room. They are not the prettiest look-wise, but they are the best at their job.

How to hang short curtains

Poorly hung curtains deteriorate the beauty of a well-decorated room. In order to enhance the grandeur of the space, one shall learn the art of hanging short curtains. Which is not strenuous by any means? 

  1. Firstly, you will need some basic tools like a drill, hammer, curtain rod with brackets, measuring tape, screws, and a level. 
  2. Once you have gathered all the right tools to hang your short curtains. You will then select the right rod for your curtains which is wider than the width of the window, this allows you to drape the panels in a way that covers the whole window properly. 
  3. To install the curtain rod, measure and mark the location where you will drill for your brackets. This is where you will need someone’s help to check the level of the rod and bracket placement. If it’s perfectly straight then you are ready to hang your curtains.
  4. Now drill some holes in the wall, install the anchors and place your brackets. Then you may drive in the screws.
  5.  If your rod is wider than 4 feet then you will need to add another bracket in the center to provide additional support to your curtain rod. Otherwise, there is no need for that.
  6. Lastly, slide your short curtain into the rod. Tighten the screws and finish off by installing finials according to your choice.
  7. These new short curtains will definitely help transform your home decor. They will confidently enhance the beauty of the room without overwhelming the space with long dangling drapes.

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