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Best Blue hair trends to follow this year

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It goes without saying but have you noticed tons of people having all the blue hair nowadays? Apart from locals, you can see a long list of well-known performers, singers, and influencers that are seen experimenting with their hairstyle by dying hair in several shades of blue and getting a unique cut. Truly speaking, it looks as amazing as it is sounding!

Well, if you are planning to try this all-time favorite hair trend, you better buckle up because, with so many choices, the selection can be tricky and confusing. You need to make a sensible pick whether you want light pastel blues or electric and bright turquoise. And, yes you can go for full dark midnight tones.

Mixing dark blue hair tones can also be your jam. Or wait, you can mix blue with green or purple, violet or indigo shades, too. It will totally rock your look. Having deep blue hues compliments all skin complexions, if you are getting conscious about this.

Ready to create a bold fashion statement? Keep reading the article and get a hold of all the trendy blue hair color ideas.

Allover Ash Blue 

Time to steal the spotlight with your soothing yet chick ash blue dye!

Most people consider Hilary Duff their icon. So, how about copying her this famous blue hair trend that has definitely signified the overall look. having gray-blue locks will vamp up your look.

Blue and Blonde Hair 

Mixing and matching blue with either natural or dyed blondes is definitely one of the top picks. If you want to make the head turn, get this hair color right away! It is up to you to choose the shade of blue. Blonde compliments both, darker and lighter hues.

Teal Ombre for Short Hair 

Get ready for the compliments!

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest trends set by Kylie Jenner can make anyone envious of her stunning color. It goes well with casual and party clothing, adding a super edgy yet versatile look. It looks lovely on all skin tones. The smooth flow of darker to lighter hues is absolutely graceful. How the color fades gives you a subtle look. We can say, it is a quite popular trend.

Blue Hair Color for Short Hair 

The blue color is not only for long lengths! If you need some inspo, you can see Katy Perry who proved the way to be a queen of blue vibrant hairstyles. Dying your asymmetrical bob cut blue totally looks gorgeous. It will flatter your skin tone and outfits.

Midnight Blue Hair Color for Dark Hair 

Are you into darker hair? Midnight blue is your color to go for. It will let you make your fashion statement with dramatic blue hair dye. Well, it will suit any hairstyle, length, and cut. and, we simply cannot resist admiring how pretty these curls are looking.

Sleek Ocean Blue 

If you want to go subtle, nimble, and as low as possible, ocean blue is your perfect fit. It will give you the desired blue color without making you look so edgy or chic. A delicate option to choose for all casual or formal events. 

Make some waves in other lives with your oceanic blues!

Aqua and Cobalt Braids 

Cobalt is one of the most understated colors for hair but trust us, it brings the glamour out of you. And when combined with blue, either darker or lighter hues, it looks dazzling enough to catch everyone’s eye. For your inspo, you can look for Amandla Stenberg’s classy box braids. A perfect hair mix to try this year

Blue on Black Hair 

Blue and black can go sharp as well as soft, depending on the shade you choose. Even if you want to hear from a fashion expert, you will hear the same response. This means it is a promising and quite flawless style to carry. 

Truly speaking, it will surprise you with its striking glow. Having dark blue highlights give hair a new dimension complementing your complexion

Icy Blue Updo 

Fan of frozen? How about getting a pretty icy shade? 

Hold up! We are not only asking you to dye your hair all icy we are also offering you the best image to get a quick motivation. See this updo that makes the best out of icy blue shade. It is a trend that radiates a new kind of solace and wintry vibes.

Sapphire Blue Bangs 

Sapphire is not only for gems, anymore!

It is time to bring the royalty of sapphire to your hair now. Perfectly compatible with bangs, it is a subtle and elegant dark blue hair color idea. Well, if you have long hair, it will suit you, no doubt.

Light Blue Highlights 

If you are not interested in keeping a low profile but do want to try something exciting, this is your solution. Keep your natural color and get highlights in light or icy blue. It is better to choose the shade based on your natural hair color, whether it is brown or blonde.

Blue-Green Buzz Cut 

A color combination to brighten up your look! But getting it in a short buzz cut is something extra that will make you love yourself. And here meets the trendsetter of this fashionable trend rapper Sharaya J. Simply explained as GRACEFULLY BOLD.

Royal Blue Ombré 

Go for a stunning tricolor ombre hairstyle, like model Blac Chyna. Her hair begins with silver on top and gradually shifts from royal blue to black at the ends.

Mint Blue Finger Waves

It is never getting better to have fun with these distinctive blue waves in a perky haircut. Having sleek hair with a pop of mint blue on top sounds amazingly comforting. It not only looks radiant but also unique bringing the ’90s style but with a twist of modernity.

Turquoise Finger Waves 

Liked the idea of the wave but not a fan of mint blue, not a problem, here is a variation. More like another incredible style to try this season. Well, no matter if it is winter or summer, all you need is motivation to bring the spin of blue finger waves. For an ideal dramatic look, pick the right turquoise shade and it will liven up your look.

Light Sea Blue Balayage 

Balayage is no more for nude or goldens, it is for darker shades, too. Blue balayage might sound weird but it is worth the risk. To keep the spark under control, the best option is to try a sea blue balayage. Effortlessly flattering for everyone.

Light Denim Blue 

If you have a cooler skin tone, you must get this attractive shade of light blue giving all the cute and pleasant vibes. To bring the new dimension, keep the mix and match of highlights and lowlights. The subtler way to get a blue hairdo is almost like denim.

Electric Blue 

The most incredible thing about choosing a blue hair dye is the availability of different shades. But, no color can match the exceptionality of electric blue. So bold and fierce that it comes perfect for DJ nights, music festivals.

Be ready to flaunt the head of stunning electric blue hair!

Multicolored Magic

Ever thought about pairing your blue hair color with a variety of shades? Well, you better!

Purple, indigo, burgundy, red, light orange, peach, and all other colors are made to complement every shade of blue. A blend of colors brings edgy finesse to any haircut.

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