Best Fall Nails trends To Follow This Year – A Fashion Guide

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Who said Fall is all about decorating homes for Halloween and drinking hot chocolates?! Fall is also a season that gives you the chance to style chic, wear fashion, and carry glamour.

Apart from organizing your wardrobe, refreshing your accessories, and getting an all-new collection of boots, it would help if you focused on having a striking, classic, and eye-catching manicure. We all know how a decent mani can enhance your overall fashion look. Typically, the colors associated with Fall are berry, green, orange, rustic, burgundy, red, and brown. But you can go all unique and bold or subtle and low-profile.

Having nails covered in warm hues never goes out of style. The options are endless when it comes to fall nail ideas that would complement your season-perfect attires. Are you ready to give yourself a makeover with autumn-inspired nails? It is about time!

Indulge yourself in sparkly or falling leaves, abstract or geometric fall patterns, unique or straightforward matte bases, and the list continues. Let’s see some trends and the best Fall color nails that have gone viral this year.

Trending colors for the Fall nails and mani ideas


Who says green nail color is not a good trend? It is the opposite because green nails, being one of the trendiest fall colors, are incredibly versatile and look fascinating. No matter the shade, either dark or warm, light or neon, it will add a whole new dimension.

Where dark shades bring warmth, lighter shades give cool vibes. The best options to pick from the green hues are forest green, avocado, and olive green. It is a shade that goes well with all attires and skin tones.


Fall and orange? Oh, yes! The perfect combination for aesthetically pleasing Fall nails!

Although it is a typical fall color, you can get creative with your nail ideas by using various orange hues. It will make you stand out and look stunning and bold. Orange is the color that reflects the true spirit and nature of the fall season as you can see everything orang-ish from pumpkin to gourds, Halloween décor to falling leaves, from bonfires to attire, ORANGE, AND ORANGE! So why not orange manicure?

The recommended shades are cinnamon spice, dark or burnt orange.

Blue Fall Nails

Yes, blue is typically associated with winters and chilly nights or weddings, but this year, it is one of the hottest trends for Fall nails. Why? First, it is a somewhat cold season. Second, it gives you a subtle look with calming vibes to get Fall ready. Third, it is definitely a color that can complement your every Fall outfit. It is a cool-toned color, which is easy to carry as well.

The best picks will be icy blue, navy blue, light blue, or midnight blue.


Somewhere between green and blue, teal it is! Another brilliant choice to go with this Fall. Nothing can beat the elegance, boldness, and fascination of solid teal. Unlike any other neutral base color, this delivers sharp divergence. Truly speaking, it gives a natural feel to all the women who like to maintain an eye-catching look.

We advise you to opt for a rich and darker jewel tone for this year’s Fall nails. The other option is brighter turquoise. Both tones will match any skin complexion.


Everyone loves black but sometimes doesn’t like to go for the bold black nails. Then you have the best option to go charcoal. A subtler variation!

This dark grey hue will look remarkable on any skin tone, giving a new dimension to your style. It is a smooth yet hot nail color that tends to fit your fall style. The unique trend that has been seen in the past years is smoky charcoal with lavender undertones. What a complex and spectacular combination! And, yes, it sounds weird to imagine but looks classic.

The other best combination is silver. Depending on your style, you can go all metallic or with volcanic ash.

Red Fall Nails

Red is bold! Red is fierce! Red is stunning! Red is versatile! Red is so much to love about!

Visually intriguing and attractive, red fall nail ideas will be the best to wear this season. No matter if you have chosen to go glossy or matte, it seems to best pair with attires of a similar or contrasting color. Having a red French mani will also give you a satisfying chic and refined look.

Best shades? Go Burgundy, cranberry, or dark!


Nude does not look only subtle but also refined, especially when paired with any other neon shade. This Fall color nail boosts your casual look in the simplest way possible!

Consider it a neutral fall color that can also be carried throughout the year. You would love its subtle sophistication, adding up to the crispness of falling leaves. Chic beige nails with a matching oversized sweater sound like a brilliant pick!


Whites can never go wrong, especially in Fall. The kind of shade that looks mature but stays understated. A color that suits brilliantly with every fall clothing. White is what defines you no matter the occasion. So why not have a white manicure this fall season?

From French tips to classic polish, it is white!

Complementing every tone and nail shape, these cute Fall nails take your glam to another level. Don’t want to go all white? Keep it in the base and create artistic designs on the top. Choose what suits you or you prefer, whether off-whites and matted versions.


Fall leaves? Brown! Sweater and coats? Brown. Boots? Brown. It is time to get brown with the nails, NOW!

One of the best neutral colors for fall nails gives a flattering, versatile, aesthetic, and subtle look. Nearly every hue (sand, beige, or tan) looks attractive. It brings an earthy quality that suits the tone of the season.

Trending designs of nail art ideas for the Fall nails

Autumn Florals – No doubt flowers are for the spring, but now it is for Fall, too. Don’t go red or ink on florals. Instead, make your designs in burnt orange, dark brown, and dusty golds. Try keeping the base white, cream, ivory, or nude.

Melting Fall – Give your nails the look they deserve with this melting art. Make it autumn-friendly by using warm yet cozy, blunt yet subtle black, white, red, orange, and green hues. Add some chunky shimmery accent for redefining the overall look!

Plum Leaf Fall Nails – To go as low-key as possible, try out these cute Fall nails where you have only your nail tip showing a complex and intriguing design. The deep plum shade nails look like a brilliant way to rejoice the entire autumn season. This leaf design is just so festive-worthy!

Pearly Points – Take any solid nail color and add pearls to it. VIOLA! Elaborative nail art to celebrate this Fall. It is an ideal choice for a celebrity-inspired luxe look.

Fall Nail Design with Pastel and Glitters – Pastel gives warmth, and glitter makes your style eye-catching enough to get everyone’s attention. The best options are pastel peach and chocolate brown. If you don’t like shiny things, try coating your tinies with glitter only.

Ombre fall nails – Ombre fade-out technique is not an easy task, but you would love how it looks once done. The gradient reflecting the darkness of autumn with dark shades goes a long way with lighter tips or nail base. Feel free to apply some gloss or golden shimmer.

Orange and White – Designing the abstract pattern is perhaps a year-round classic, especially when combined with orange and white. They blend perfectly either you choose to go for the minimalist manicure or bold abstract, geometric patterns.

Negative-Space Crescent – This manicure is so intriguing to look at. It will become your favorite go-to instantly. Keeping the center clean and free while having rich-toned colors, either single or more, around the tip or corners…amazing!

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