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Best Styles to flaunt burgundy hair

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Do you always have a thing for Burgundy? Be it wine or Clothes or anything in between. Are you always drawn towards this mysterious yet classy hue of red? And are you wondering if Burgundy would actually be right for you? I’d say go for it. Because Why not? And to ease you into finding an answer for yourself, this article will help you choose the right shade of burgundy for you.

Burgundy is a reddish-brown shade that has a purplish undertone. The name’s origin lies in France’s Burgundy region which happens to be quite famous because of its Burgundy Wine. (Definitely a great place to plan a vacation too!)

Since we all know that men and women view a color spectrum differently, with women being more cautious about changes in hues, Thus when it comes to dyeing your “Oh so precious” hair, one has to select the perfect shade in burgundy to match themselves. The color shades for hair that burgundy possesses include Cabernet, Merlot, Cranberry, Cordovan, Maroon, and Claret.

These colors range from being a deep red Burgundy shade like Cabernet or a slightly lighter but redder shade termed Merlot. Also includes a pinkish burgundy just like cranberry or a slightly browner shade like that of pure leather (Cordovan). The red chestnut-y Marron and reddish with a tinge of brown Claret are also included in the batch.

Just the Right shade for Your Skin

Burgundy is vivid in its expression. Due to its classy and edgy shades, it is easy to find the one that suits you perfectly. When considering the undertones and the skin tone, the comparatively cooler shades of burgundy hair happen to compliment the individuals with warmer undertones and olive or ebony skin tone. However, those with cooler undertones and peachy skin tone look radiant in the warmer burgundy hues.

Best Burgundy hair Shades to Choose

Changing one’s hair color is always intimidating and unnerving, but with Burgundy being your choice, it gets easier as it suits everyone and is easier to adapt. Whether the hair is short, or long or a shoulder length or the hair texture is wavy, curly, or dead straight, Burgundy hair color fits itself and makes its place easily. Just to add to your confidence, a lot of celebrities out there, for instance, Rihanna, Julianne Moore, Ayesha Curry, etc. Has experimented with this beautiful hue and has been lovin it ever since.

Dark Red Velvet

Do you crave red velvet cupcakes often? What if you can make your hair resemble it? Sounds like a good idea huh? Choose the richest burgundy hair color for your hair and make the heads turn your way. This is your ultimate burgundy red hair pick!

Deep and Dark Red Hair with a Purplish Tinge

Purple always adds to royalty. Choose a dark and deep red color with a purplish tinge. Do not fear, as it would not be noticeable until you stand in the sun and look like a goddess. 

Let the people be awestruck with your color-changing hair.

Stunning Dark Burgundy Hair

Are you a brunette? If yes, then this color is truly tailored for you. One can never go wrong with a burgundy. Solid hair colors are always in style. Although you may add lowlights to make it look more ravishing.

Chocolate Hair with Burgundy Balayage

The rich burgundy color with brownish undertones always flatters every skin tone. The directly hand-painted color onto your hair creates a more natural, blended, sun-kissed color that makes it look more exquisite. You may also add layers to it to enhance the hair highlights.

Enchanting Black Raspberry Hair

Have you never dyed your hair before? Do you have dark black virgin hair? Then add a bright burgundy red to them. This will make your hair catch the reddish tinge without actually bleaching it. This will protect your hair as well as give you that classiness that you desire. The updos will make the transition between colors more attractive. 

Moreover, it allows you to change your hair color without actually changing it. A win-win situation indeed!

Majestic Maroon

The majestically beautiful maroon color suits everyone irrespective of their skin undertones or their skin tone. “Maroon doesn’t suit me”, said no one ever. Give yourself a glow-up by trying this magical color.

Espresso Hair with Red Wine Highlights

Do you already have dark espresso-colored hair? And you want it to give a red tinge? Worry not, as adding Red wine highlights will give you the desired product in no time. The red tinge will unmask itself whenever you step into the sun. This burgundy hair with highlights is to die for!

Cordovan Mane

Are you an earthy person? And you want your hair to bounce with a more brownish reddish tone? Choose the Cordovan hue from the Burgundy shade list. This will give you a more professional look with a classy undertone.

Magnificent Merlot 

Do you have Blue eyes and you want your hair color to complement them without being too obvious? Go for the magnificent merlot shade in the Burgundy hair list. The name slightly gives away its color due to it being an eponym for the beautiful blue grapes. Merlot will give you that dark black bird color along with a blue tinge.

Charismatic Claret

Increase your charisma by dyeing your hair using the celestial claret shade of Burgundy. It will make you look just perfect without adding a lot to your hair. The charisma will shoot up to a hundred.  

Ombre with a Burgundy Touch

Do you want to add Burgundy to your hair but not too much? Opt for the Ombre effect with burgundy. 

The graduated burgundy will add the perfect amount of classiness to your personality. The fade will look stunning. It is definitely the best burgundy hair dye.

Shading Scarlet with Burgundy

Are you gifted with naturally pretty scarlet hair? And you want to add a little of something to make it stand out even more? Burgundy hair is surely the best color to add depth to your hair. You may choose Burgundy hair with either a brownish undertone or a darker reddish undertone. Either way, you will look gorgeous.

The deadly Magenta and Burgundy Combo

Are you done with your magenta hair? You do not have to change them entirely to get a brilliant glow up. All you need is a pack of burgundy hair color and you are good to go. The burgundy tinge adds depth to the light magenta color which increases it in intensity and charm.

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