Biography on Thelma Riley – Who Is She In Real Life?

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Going by the name of Thelma Mayfair now, Thelma Riley used to be famous as the ex-wife of the vocalist of “Black Sabbath”, Ozzy Osbourne. Currently, she is reported to be working as a teacher in Leicestershire, England. Thelma has avoided speaking on her former marriage and has so far not spoken to any tabloids, choosing a life without drama. She has successfully managed to stay out of the spotlight since her divorce and that’s what she was probably aiming for.

The lifestyle of the present and the past 

Thelma Riley, now in her 60s, has a net worth of $600,000 and her main source of income is her professional career as a teacher, meanwhile, her former spouse Ozzy Osbourne has a massive fortune of $220 million, as stated in the Celebrity Net Worth. Riley’s life revolves around her kids, students, family, and friends.

She travels to different cities in the United Kingdom and often goes on trips as an educator with her students. She likes to spend most on her favorite foods and expensive clothes. Yes. She is a pure woman who loves to buy Jewelry. Thelma was born in Birmingham, England in a Christian household.

The exact date of her birth is not known. Similarly, not much is known about her past or her family. Her educational background remains unknown. However, since she pursues a career as a teacher, it is obvious that she has a decent educational background.

Due to no known social media outlets and her decision to stay out of the spotlight, not a lot of information can be conjured on her past or current lifestyle.

A glimpse into her married life 

Thelma Riley was the first wife of musician, songwriter, and famous vocalist, Ozzy Osbourne. They are the parents of two lovely children, Jessica and Louis. Jessica Starshine Osbourne, their daughter was born in Grimsby on January 20, 1972. Their son, Louis Osbourne was born in 1975 in Birmingham.

It might shock you but Ozzy Osbourne decided to adopt a boy who was her eldest son named Elliot. He is a child from Thelma’s earlier relationship which she had before meeting Ozzy Osbourne. Elliot Kingsley is considered the eldest as he was born in 1966.

Thelma and Osbourne used to meet at a nightclub sometimes. We are talking about 1971 where she was reported to have been working in Birmingham. They started dating and got married shortly after. Who would have thought that their love life was going to ruin all because of the nasty drug addiction of Ozzy!

Over the years, their relationship started getting weaker instead of strong. They had an extremely turbulent bond. Infidelity and being unable to be present for his children topped with Osbourne’s substance abuse played a key role in the downfall of their marriage. Apart from severe drug abuse, he was known to have cheated on Thelma with numerous women, including several groupies and Sharon. Sharon (his current wife) had been serving as his manager at that time. WE can’t help to say that…when you are in love no one gets your eye and when you are no more in love, you get the eye for every other girl.

In 2009 when he shared his autobiography called “I Am Ozzy”, he referred to his marriage as “a terrible mistake” to Thelma. Adding to your surprise, he also stated that he “put her through hell”. Yes, he admitted! He said that his drug and alcohol abuse took his family life away from him. Do you know, what is the saddest part? When he said, “And if I loved Thelma, I certainly didn’t treat her like I did. If I’ve got any regrets about my life, that’s one of them.”

When talking to the children, they confessed their love for Thelma and explained how she took care of them and still does. Whereas their father used to enjoy and spend, earn, and party and never cared about them. After years of suffering, Thelma Riley got back on his feet, took a stand, and gathered the courage to get a divorce. Their marriage was eventually dissolved in 1982. Thelma has been in the shadows since separation. Away from the spotlight, she is probably living a private, happy, busy life. We hope!

Thelma today… 

Given the absence of Ozzy from the life of his children, Thelma Riley raised her children singlehandedly and she continued to do so after the divorce. We can assume how strong she is for a woman who can help mature her children in such a stressful situation. Jessica has become a famous performer in the Hollywood film industry. You can see her work in Romeo & Juliet vs. the Living Dead, Yellowville, Sin Temer la Noche 2011, and the list continues!

But life comes with all the good and bad parts! Now, she is a grandmother to five grandchildren. Two children of Louis named Elijah and Maia. Three children (a son and two daughters) from Jessica named Harry, Isabelle, and Kitty. Sounds like a happy family! As per the resources say, Thelma now likes to spend most of her time with friends and family. She prefers staying home with her kids. She lives in her lavish Birmingham house.

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