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Brassy Hair: What Causes it, How to Prevent It

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It would not be wrong to say that every one of us has experienced a dramatic, drastic, and dreading hairstyle or hair color, at least for once in our lives. But if we compare, on the top of the list will always be brassiness. Having brassy hair, caused due to an excess of warm hair pigments, can tear your pretty face and make you look ugly head, no matter what hairstyle you do.

So listen, all the blondes and brunettes with the problems of brassy hair, are you ready to fight the battle against brassiness? How to get rid of brassy hair?

Well, continue reading, and we will answer the queries to wash away your worries!

What causes brass hair or yellow tones?

What is brassy hair? For the beginners who don’t know what brassy hair is and how you can get the brassiness, brassy tones are typically referred to as the unsolicited warm tones that keep on revealing themselves once you have lightened your hair.

We all know, natural hair color is determined by the pigments that your hair releases. Technically, if you try lightening the hair color chemically or have been exposed to excessively dry and harsh sunlight, the pigments will get more visible. Upon lifting or bleaching the process, the natural colour pigments will fade away giving you a new colour.

Appearing either yellow or orange hair, brassy hair typically starts showing when the natural or dyed color starts to fade over time. The most usual reasons for hair brassiness are the bleaching or lifting process during hair dyeing that exposes your natural underlying hair pigments.

Are you a blondie? If yes then your hair will show yellow pigments. In the case of having natural dark brown hair, the brassy hair will show underlying red pigments, and on having medium brown hair as the original shade you will get the orange pigments exposed. But the question is WHY brassy hair is not acceptable? Because, these pigments, whether orange or red, are not the desired color.

How can you Prevent or Fix Brassy Hair?

Get yourself a toner or gloss from your stylist

The quickest way to get rid of your brassy hair is to go straight to your hairdresser and ask to apply a suitable and hair-compatible gloss or toner. Hair toners are the most frequently used item for neutralizing unwanted brassy or warm tones. You can opt for the toner that comes with a demi-permanent color or glosses.

Use a blue or purple formula shampoos

Cannot afford to go to the salon? Not a problem!

The home remedy is to use either a blue or purple shampoo to cut down the brassiness. It works by balancing your orange or yellow tones with a light deposit of a pure violet tint as they are opposite shades and can neutralize each other’s effects.

Directions: Swap your regular shampoo for blue/purple shampoo every couple of weeks. During application, let the shampoo rest in your hair for a maximum of 5 minutes and rinse it away.

Use cold water

It might surprise you but the water temperature is also an essential factor. It can make a considerable difference. As the science and beauty specialist says “washing hair with hot water can make your hair fade faster resulting in brassy hair”. So, the solution to avoid or prevent the brassy tones after hair dying is to take shower or always wash your hair with cold water. Or it can be lukewarm.

No chlorine exposure

Direct exposure to chlorinated water can make your hair dye fade quicker. That means always look out for the swimming pools. Besides, it is not always the pool water that is chlorinated but also the shower water, too. It is time to invest money in a premium shower filter. Damaging minerals ultimately make your hair more susceptible to brassiness.

Protection from the sunlight

UV rays can also lead to brassy hair that will look bizarre. In direct sunlight, the hair can get lightened. For easy protection, it is advised to use and always keep a protective hair spray with yourself. It will block UV rays decreasing the chances of untimely color fading. This is the answer to the “how to tone brassy brown hair at home”.

Use of vinegar

One of the top hair-care tips for moving the brassiness is by using vinegar. First, shampoo your hair, and apply the compatible conditioner just like you usually do. Now, come to the vinegar part! Mix the vinegar in water, apply it to your hair, and massage thoroughly. After 5-6 minutes, rinse your hair with normal water.

Top recommended Purple Shampoos to Cut Down the hair Brassiness

Color Balance Purple Shampoo



  • Has tone-correcting pigments
  • Best neutralize yellow tones
  • Comes with a multi-spectrum defense complex
  • Offers color protection against fading
  • Bio-advanced peptide complex helps repair strands
  • Adds shine to your hair

Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo


US $15.90

  • The prettiest purple pigment
  • Have salicylic acid
  • Makes your scalp squeaky clean
  • Moisturizing vegetable proteins stop overly drying the scalp
  • Cheap price

Bust Your Brass Blonde Purple Shampoo



  • Sulfate-free purple shampoo
  • Guarantees lively, cool-toned outcome
  • Protein-rich formula
  • Lots of minerals, and vitamin A, D, E, and B
  • Makes hair texture smooth and soft
  • Best for hair health

The Perfect Blonde Shampoo



  • Made for natural and highlighted blonde or silver hair
  • Neutralizes brass and copper
  • Keratin rich formula
  • Packed with wheat and proteins
  • Cleanse and purify
  • Strengthen your hair
  • Add sheen to your hair color

The Best toners for brassy hair

Using toner for the brassiness is one of the most useful ways out. It can be done at home, and you can get a variety of products to choose from that never dry out your hair or damages the scahome, and Here are the top picks:

Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Drops



  • Toner for Blonde Hair (from bleached to dark or even silver hair)
  • Super-versatile purple formula
  • Brighten and banish brassiness
  • Directions: Add 3-8 drops of toner into any of your hair care or hair styling products, blend well, and start applying.

Balance Blue Conditioner



  • Toner for Orangey Blonde Hair
  • Conditioner’s tone-correcting blue pigments
  • Best neutralize rusty tones
  • Powerful peptide complex for hair damage repair
  • Controls frizz
  • Gives hair color a gloss

Icelandic Blonde Deep Conditioner

Philip B.


  • Toner for Brassy Blonde Hair
  • Natural plum extracts
  • Influential botanicals
  • Hydrates hair
  • Adds sheen

Best blue Shampoos to Cut Down On Brassiness

Chamomile & Argan Oil Blonde Care Shampoo



  • Keep dyed hair super-shiny
  • Budget-friendly
  • Deep blue-violet formula
  • Blue chamomile for Lightening brassy hair
  • Argan oil for Nourishing
  • No sulfates or alcohol

Blue Malva Color Shampoo



  • Best Splurge
  • Works for blonde and brunette
  • Brighten gray hair with silvery tones
  • Neutralize brassy hair tones in all colors

Professionnel Blacklight Blue Shampoo



  • Best Sulfate-Free
  • No dryness issues
  • Ideal for medium blonde to light brown hair
  • Gentle formula
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • No parabens
  • Repairs hair breakage

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