Call the Midwife Season 9 Review & Rating

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If you have never heard about one of the most popular and highly-rated series called “Call the Midwife, then we can say, you have been missing a lot of entertaining and dramatic stuff that could probably touch your heart and make you sentimental enough. Apart from the drama, you will find love, loss, and doubt in the Call the Midwife season 9 making it absolutely amazing.

For the new watchers, it is an engaging story of the medics and midwives of Nonnatus House. The story revolves around the house where the midwives have been encountering several new challenges with the advancing time. The reason for such hurdles is either the population shifts or all-time changing rules. But, now, in Call the Midwife season 9, they are in grave trouble as old diseases have started returning.

Well, coming to the binge-watchers of this show, we will be reviewing the very last, 9th season of the series. If you want NO spoilers, CLOSE IT RIGHT AWAY! And if you have been confused or want to get a quick overview of Call the Midwife season 9, you are welcomed to read our review!

Season casting

  • Miriam Margolyes – Mother Mildred
  • Jenny Agutter – Sister Julienne
  • Linda Bassett – Nurse Crane
  • Judy Parfitt – Sister Monica Joan
  • Fenella Woolgar – Sister Hilda
  • Ella Bruccoleri – Sister Frances
  • Helen George – Trixie
  • Laura Main – Shelagh Turner
  • Jennifer Kirby – Valerie
  • Leonie Elliott – Lucille
  • Stephen McGann – Dr.Turner
  • Cliff Parisi – Fred
  • Annabelle Apsion – Violet
  • Georgie Glen – Miss Higgins
  • Max Macmillan – Timothy
  • Trevor Cooper- Sgt Woolf
  • Daniel Laurie – Reggie

What is happening in the Call the Midwife season 9?

First, we would like to answer the most frequently asked question: When the show was aired? And the answer is Sunday 5 January at 8 pm of 2019. It was aired on BBC One.

Now, what is Call the Midwife season 9 all about? What questions have been raised after watching it?

The last episode ends where the Nonnatus House has been provided with a time of 1 year to get the pardon from a rent hike. Luckily its funding has been successfully restored. But, unfortunately even after clearing the rent issues, it is still held in reserve for demolition being a major part of slum clearing efforts. Well, here is our very first mystery, “would Nonnatus House be shut down?”

On the happy side, the season finale ended showing all the midwives enjoying their evening with a wonderful Bonfire party in Poplar. And finally, the declaration of love between Cyril and Nurse Anderson has been announced. We bet, every true fan will be glad or overwhelmed with this beautiful scene!

If we come to the emotional part, what else can beat the sentiments attached to Ann Mitchell’s character Elsie Dyer who is in the hard battle of esophageal cancer. She is struggling for life, leaving the fans heartbroken.

Will Nonnatus House doors be closed?

As we can see in the Call the Midwife season 9, how hard it was getting for Sister Julienne to handle all the threats given regarding the closing orders of Nonnatus House, there seems a possibility of the House getting closed. SORRY TO BREAK IT TO YOU!

The season finale clearly showed that their overall budget has been spent because of the rent that was set to sky-rocket. Lucky for them, their problem was solved as the full budget gets restored just after Nurse Trixie delivers an emotional speech. However, they were informed about the time of this amnesty act limited to a year. Does it really mean that in the next series we will be watching the ending of the order?

Will Dr.Kevin McNulty get back to work in compliance with Dr.Turner? 

Throughout Call the Midwife season 9, the most emotional feelings were definitely attached with Dr.Kevin McNulty who overdosed to get rid of his deeply troubled life. Once Dr.Turner realized the seriousness of Dr.McNulty issues, he immediately offered his help, care, and support to bring him back to a happy life. Shelagh also agreed on helping. They helped Kevin understand that he needs therapy, and he should be going to a clinic for quick support and recovery, so he can join work as soon as possible.

BUT, is he really returning to Poplar for serving the community alongside the Nonnatus House?

Will Valerie be staying in the Poplar?

Hearing the news of her imprisoned grandmother has left Valerie confused. To confront the grief and combat the sorrows, she will be seemingly needing some time. As she was deeply in love and treasured her relationship with her grandma. Why? Because she was raised by her staying in Poplar.

After her death, the sweet memories have turned bitter. So, can we assume that she will be moving out of Poplar? Will she return to complete her duty of helping the families?

Will Lucille and Cyril finally be together?

Work and romance can get along but ONLY if you are lucky and know how to handle all the life issues sensibly. Or, yes, have an understanding partner.

In the case of sweet Cyril and Lucille, despite their special connection, their busy work schedules have been messing with their romantic life. On feeling the mutual connection, they reawakened their prospering affiliation in the middle of the Call the Midwife season 9 and Cyril confessed his love for Lucille in the last episode.

But the question here is when we see them in the next season, will they be together or willing to make sacrifices for work and love both? Should we be prepared for their dreamy wedding? Let’s hope, YES!

Will the Turners get to keep Mae? 

Another family from Call the Midwife season 9 that has absolutely developed an emotional attachment with the viewers is the story of Shelagh and Dr. Turner who were at a very close risk of losing the guardianship of Mae, their foster daughter. It all happens when her real mother appears. No doubt, they have taken good care of her but being called out by a real mother has thrown their care, support, and love all away. Being refused to get parental rights, we might see Mae returning to her real mother.

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