Christina Chang Biography – All You Need To Know

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You must have heard the name “Christina Chang” but probably, you are not aware of her life, family, net worth, or an impressively long list of marvelous performances. Being a Taiwanese, she struggled hard but with her skill, she became a famous actress in America.

She is a talented woman with strong willpower, aim, obsession, passion, and desire to become successful. Her acting career has been flourishing fast, and we can all see that she deserved it and still deserved more appreciation for being a versatile actor. Famous for 24, CSI: Miami, and Nashville, she has been in the Hollywood industry since 1998. Currently, she has been cast in The Good Doctor.

Apart from being an actor, she is much more!

Christina Chang is a good and loving mother. She is fluent in speaking Mandarin Chinese. Most importantly, she has a kind heart that is always making her love, support, and care for others. She has been seen as active in social work. She is one of the pretty actors with brown eyes and black hair. She is of good height and is physically fit. 

Interested in getting the whole life story right under your palm, keep reading the article!

Background – Family, Childhood, and education

Christina Chang was born on 29 June 1971. Her birthplace is Taipei, Taiwan, and was born there with her loving parents and siblings. Her father is a Taiwanese Filipino whereas her mother is White American. It means, she has come from a diverse cultural background and understands all ethnicities. Well, neither of her parents are famous. She practices Christianity and holds two nationalities: American and Taiwanese.

Being a Cancer (zodiac sign), she has all the good heart and captivating personality features. From her father’s side, she is Chinese and a Filipino. But, from the mother’s side, she is Caucasian American. What a multicultural aspect!

Fast forwarding to her education, she is schooled from Taipei American School. When she turned 17, Christina Chang moved to the USA. In the USA she studied what she liked and wanted to become. She got her degree in theatre and film from the University of Kansas. Finally, she graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Washington located in Seattle, Washington. Considering her education, we are pretty sure that she had a brilliant and bright academic background.

Christina Chang Net Worth

Well, buckle up because it might shock you but it is true!

She has been listed as one of the richest actresses in Hollywood. As far as the net worth is concerned, it is said approximately to be $1.5 Million. Huge amount Christina Chang is getting for acting, indeed.

Acting career

She debuted in the Film Industry with a role in Brother Tied, released in 1998. But, talking about the small screen, Christina Chang made a debut with Ghost Stories a year early in 1997.

She was lucky from the start. As soon as she graduated, she was provided with a marvelous offer which she accepted. Lucky for her! Her first acting role right after graduation is in Naomi’s Road. She performed at the Children’s Theatre in Seattle. It must be a memorable time and also the luckiest as she caught the eye of many famous Celebs of Hollywood. Christina Chang continued performing and made an appearance in the off-Broadway play.

As we said earlier, she moved to NYC, that is where she has appeared as a guest star in a variety of television programs. The most popular ones that you should know include Cosby and As the World Turns. These short roles let her enjoy bigger roles in 28 Days and Random Hearts. She used to be one of the lead casts for Dragnet (2003–2004) with a regular role. Later, she played the recurring role of Dr. Sunny Macer in 24. Another successful acing project is CSI: Miami where Christina Chang worked as a Rebecca Nevins (State Attorney).

In 2010, she got another project “No Ordinary Family”. Other appearances are seen in:

  • Once and Again
  • Boston Legal
  • Close to Home
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Private Practice
  • Suits
  • The Mentalist (s2, eps5)
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Nashville (2013)
  • Sea Of Fire (2014)
  • Rizzoli & Isles (Season 6 & 7)
  • The Good Doctor (since 2017)


There is no doubt she is smart and talented, but it is a big plus that she has been winning famous and popular awards. She has been nominated and appreciated for her work. Till now, Christina Chang has gathered 8 awards for “best actress”. The awards include:

Global Film Festival

Independent Shorts

IndieFEST Film

International Independent Film

Lost Angeles Independent Film Festival

The Monkey Bread Tree Film

Hobbies and preferences

One of the least known facts about her is that she is a non-vegetarian. Apart from acting, whenever she gets free time, she likes to read. She loves to travel and has a wish to see the whole world. Christina Chang has impressive photography skills and likes to take photographs.

Married life

Christina Chang is married to Soam Lall and has a daughter Samara who was born on October 5, 2012. Very little is known about her married life as she is actually an extremely private person. She prefers keeping her personal life away from the spotlight. She is never seen discussing her married life with the media.

As per the rumors, it is said that they have been dating since 2010. We can say, the couple has never come into the spotlight. They are happily keeping their lives private. And that is why no one knew when they met, where they met, how they met, and all other romantic stuff. Fortunately, Christina is found pretty active on her social media accounts. You can see how happy she looks with her family.

Spending a happy life with such a lovely daughter and caring husband seems dreamy. Christina Chang is habitually seen flaunting her unforgettable family moments on her social accounts.

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