Christopher Cody Age, Net Worth, Height, Parents – A Short Biography

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Christopher Cody, a boy born with a generous heart, kind soul, and vibrant charisma who has always tried to stay as humble as possible, is the stepbrother of the world-renowned singer and actress Miley Cyrus. He used to do country singing, but it didn’t go well. In recent years, he has always liked to spend time in the shadows, away from the light of the media. He belongs to a rich celebrity ancestry. But, he never enjoyed the perks of fame, attention, and elite life! Sounds sad BUT taking his considerate attitude, he never disrespected his family.

Being different from his celebrity CYRUS family, he has no living in music or glamour industries. We can say, Christopher’s life is way too ordinary for a boy who has all the siblings and father in the Hollywood industry. Adding to your shock, he’s currently earning his living by working in an electronics store. Pretty strange reality to accept!

A quick introduction

Christopher Cody was born on 8 April 1992 in South Philadelphia, the USA to Kristin Lucky and Billy Ray Cyrus. As per her birthday, he is Aries and has that passion, curious and strong soul to face the hurdles. He is an American. From looking at his photos, you can agree that he has a muscular and physically fit physique with an attractive face. His blonde hair complements his brown sparkly eyes.

As a person, as we said earlier, he is an introvert, doesn’t like to meet new people and socialize limitedly. He only socializes within his specific friend circle. You would never see him saying that ‘I am from the Cyrus family’. He has been seen to visit his other half-siblings very seldom. Christopher earns his living from an Electronic store, without getting engaged in the matters of his half-siblings.

Coming to his education, he had his early years education from Myrtle Beach where he attended Forest Brook Middle High School. Then he switched the field and holds a law degree from the University of Texas. It means he is smart and intelligent, too. Unfortunately, he never tried to pursue law as his career. The reason is unknown.

All about Family

His mother is Kristin Luckey who used to be the waitress in an eatery located in South Carolina and his father is the famous Billy Ray Cyrus who himself is a multi-millionaire personality of the USA. His father earns his fortune from songwriting, acting, and singing. You can check his music albums and songs.

Sorry to say, but Christopher Cody is an uncelebrated child, the very first biological child of Billy. But why uncelebrated? Because Billy never married his mother as he was born right after Billy had a short-lived relationship with Kristin. When Cody was born, he was already having an affair with his future wife named Tish. From Trish, Billy has Miley Cyrus, a first daughter. Cody and Miley were born the same year. Lucky for Miley who got all Billy’s attention but unlucky for Cody who got deprived of his father’s love.

Apart from Miley Cyrus, his other half-siblings are also related to the showbiz and entertainment industry. Brandi and Noah are famous performers. Braison does modelling whereas Trace is a recognised musician. Well, Miley needs no introduction. He has never entered the showbiz probably he never wanted to because of his shyness and solicited behaviour. Christopher Cody seems to have not a very healthy association or affection with his siblings either or father.

Relationship with his father

If we say, Cody seems to have some kind of stress and tension in his relationship with his father, it would not be wrong! They are not very close and we totally understand why. He always tries to stay at the back, roaming in the background of the famous Cyrus family whenever attends a family or commercial event. Well, he is not invited to commercial and professional events in real life. Probably, because he is never seen with the Cyrus family on the same page.

If you are still questioning his decision of being distant, you must know that it is no lie that Christopher Cody has received reasonable and all-time financial support from Billy, but what he used to crave was LOVE, CARE, ATTENTION, AFFECTION, AND SUPPORT! And, highlighting Billy’s behavior with Cody needs neither clarification nor discussion. We all know how he used to treat Cody. Billy’s attraction and love for Miley are noticeable. He is a fan of his celebrity daughter, and there is nothing wrong with it BUT he must have given the necessary care to other siblings, too.

His extreme inattention has made Cody stay away from the CYRUS family. You would have never heard of him getting an expensive or big gift from Billy. You would have never seen him in happy family pictures or any special celebratory events. Christopher Cody can get the idea of how much he feels by his statement:

“I am on good terms, but don’t really have a relationship with them.”

How much is Christopher Cody’s Net Worth?

Discussing his net worth will not shock you if you have understood his lifestyle. BUT, if you are still imagining him to be holding MILLIONS, you are wrong! Christopher is not a celebrity although he belongs to one family. He never got the chance to pile up money like his other family members.

Working in an Electronic store will not give you whooping money. You cannot make a big fortune. Being paid $7.5 per hour, he earns no more than $52k per year.

Personal Life

Interested in knowing about his personal love life? You will get disappointed. Despite his good looks and pretty face, his introverted nature has never let Christopher Cody get involved with any girl. He doesn’t seem to have any love affair. It goes without saying but, Chris Cody doesn’t like Social Media and has not a single official account.

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