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Coyuchi: Products & Reviews

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Do You Want To Know About Coyuchi?

Coyuchi is an American company offering lavish organic cotton bedcovers, towels, nightwear, and related stuff. Every Coyuchi organic bedding assortment is designed to tranquilize and rejuvenate your sleeping cycle. Its quality fabric and soft feel helps to build a carefully made state of mind for your dozing space.

Material Is Not Only Durable; Read More!

Coyuchi uses filaments that come from nature. They are amazing in the manner in which they are utilized for making relaxing bedding. That is the reason each Coyuchi piece is planned with care and thought. Now you know the secret behind their magnificent range is the utilization of 100% natural organic cotton. They never mix their strands with manufactured materials like polyester. They put everything on the line to keep their items clean and poison-free. BRILLIANT EFFORT!

Coyuchi is—and consistently has been—100% natural & organic cotton.

Do you know they implement only the Highest Standards of Quality?

Through planning, natural cultivating, and cognizant handling, Coyuchi materials are made to the best expectations of value. They work to make the products through the use of innovative technologies and techniques, so they go along with the exceptional way of your life. The product range has been designed to keep them going for the long term. Each Coyuchi item is arranged with a fastidious spotlight. The quality and common magnificence is what it brings.

Second Home Program

Coyuchi runs a program called “The Second Home” for humanitarian values. They make sure they do not disrupt the Earth’s natural habitat and conserve it the most. They use recycled products in this program. Furthermore, they have the heartiest desire to minimise industrial and cotton waste. Well, we can say “COYUCHI CARE’S CONTINUOUSLY”.

Their first-of-its-sort restoring and reusing program isn’t only basic for you, it’s simple on the Earth. They start with 100% natural filaments and a discernible inventory network. That is why a second Home for your utilized Coyuchi materials is reasonable and peaceful. Will you still not buy from them?

Coyuchi: Responsible Beyond the Thread!

They are proud to say that their brand not only cares about manufacturing and delivering the best products but also strives hard to preserve the environment and try not to harm the surrounding nature. They make sure Coyuchi’s products are sent as charity to make living better for our deserving community. Moreover, they also keep recycling their products to make their brand an eco-friendly one.

Get a little history

Coyuchi, since day one was quick to carry natural cotton materials to the market just around thirty years before. Coyuchi was brought into the world along the western coastline of Point Reyes, California. This vicinity to the water and its shores are the reasons and motivations behind their plans.

They started with natural cultivating. Coyuchi has pioneered the path for wonderful and manageable material creation. They have received high-level accreditations for ecological and social protection. Well, they have not stopped.  Now, they have their eyes set on regenerative agribusiness. And we believe they will launch it pretty soon. So, wait up!

It might shock you but it has been over 29 years that they have been stuck to the production and use of normal, natural, low effect materials because of their good impacts on the environment.

Product categories

Organic Sheets

Nothing interacts with your skin very like the sheets on your bed!

So, embrace the profound lay down with the gentlest bedsheets in natural cloth and 100% natural cotton. It is woven into the best wool, pullover, chambray, sateen, and percale wrap up. They offer an assortment of strings, surfaces, and prints to suit your interest.

Be confident to have a peaceful night’s rest! 

  • Organic Crinkled Percale™ Sheets – Best for relaxing in a comfy mood. These sheets are super lightweight, as light as a feather, and soft as silk. The softness and lightness of these sheets are accompanied by persistence.
  • 300 Thread Count Organic Percale Sheets – The key feature of these organic sheets is being crisp and cool. These features make these organic cotton sheets unique and stand out from the other sheets.
  • Organic Relaxed Linen Sheets – Highly breathable and temperature regulating sheets. They will make you feel cool even in hot summers. These sheets make sure your body temperature remains at a constant level.
  • 300 Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheets – Smooth, soft and matte appearance are the characteristics of these 300 thread count organic sateen sheets. For those who do not like the shiny sheets as their bed covers, these sheets are the perfect fit.
  • Organic Jersey Sheets – if you are looking for organic bed sheets that are soft and can make you feel relaxed then these sheets can be the perfect choice for you. Talking about how heavy they are, just like a medium-weight t-shirt. Get yourself these classy jersey sheets and revive your bed to life.
  • 500 Thread Count Organic Sateen Sheets – These sheets are hugely smooth, soft, and refined to give a luxurious look to your bedroom. No other type of sheet can be compared to these in its softness and smooth quality. The best refined organic sateen sheets can make you feel smooth as silk.
  • Cloud Brushed™ Organic Flannel Sheets – If you require flannel sheets, they have the best variety. Their organic flannel sheets are more than cozy. They keep you warm during the cold nights and chilly days and are weighty enough to put you asleep fast.

Duvet Covers

A tranquil night’s sleep is just a duvet away!

With all the natural sheet material you need to assemble your ideal rest that feels like sleeping in heaven. The greatest natural material organic duvet covers, sateen duvet covers, and natural cotton tricks make sleep time the best time.

Respite off to the place where there is a gesture in duvet cover plans drawn from quieting beachfront scenes made utilising unadulterated natural strands for your greatest night’s rest.

Blankets + Throws + quilts

What is the most flexible piece of sheet material accessible? Their comfortable cotton and waffle covers can be layered over your natural sheets. Either collapse it toward the end of the bed or toss over the arm of the love seat. Don’t you want to carry a piece of home alongside yourself any place you go?

  • Topanga Organic Matelassé Blanket
  • Cascade Organic Matelassé Blanket
  • Reyes Organic Waffle Blanket
  • Organic-Linen Blanket
  • Mariposa Super soft Organic Cotton Blanket
  • Full Circle Recycled Cotton Blanket
  • Arroyo Organic Ribbed Throw
  • Manzanita Organic Hand Stitched Quilt
  • Pebbled Hand Stitched Organic Quilt
  • Diamond-Stitched Organic Cotton Comforter
  • Pismo Organic Blanket
  • Honeycomb Organic Blanket
  • Tahoe Climate Beneficial Wool Blanket

Bath Essentials

Are you looking for a lavish choice of natural cotton shower and seashore towels? From the top of the line Air Weight, Cloud Loom, Mediterranean, or Catalina towel assortments to Zuma and Bolinas Seashore towels, they’ve nicely planned an assortment of holiday adventure shades. Clean for individuals and the planet.

What makes it special?

  1. Their cotton is guaranteed to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Their GOTS guaranteed cotton items cut harmful synthetic compounds out of the condition, guarding laborers and keeping them safe under all circumstances.
  2. Their latex is affirmed to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), which not just guarantees that 95% of materials are natural, yet that there is additionally a recognisable way of sound ecological and moral practices held from beginning to the ending steps.
  3. Every step of the inventory network is freely ensured, from planting through sewing, and right to your doorstep.
  4. 100% Organic and Natural Linen. What else do you need!?
  5. The MADE SAFE® seal affirms that their item is liberated from any poisons known or suspected to hurt human wellbeing, creatures, or any living thing present in our systems. HOW THOUGHTFUL!
  6. Much of their cotton is Fair Trade Certified™. But what it exactly means is that all of their accomplices give discernible and straightforward stock chains, and guarantee supportable occupations to individuals who make the products.


What does Coyuchi mean? Are you intrigued?

There are two terms that “Coyuchi” refers to. The first is the Oaxacan word for naturally colored brown cotton. Originally derived from the Aztec language, it refers to the color of coyote fur. The second is the Oaxacan word for white or brown cotton from Oaxaca, Mexico.

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