Drew Grant biography: What is Ari Melber’s ex-wife known for

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Genuinely speaking, Drew Grant needs no formal introduction due to her long list of impressive works. She is now 48 years old but not a bit of his respect has decreased. She is adorned just like early days. Well, for those who are familiar with the face but don’t know much, she is one of the most successful journalists. She has a captivating working history in print and online publications. Some of the most famous names are The New York Post, The New York Times, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan.

Well, you can also recall her being a popular ex-wife of Ari Melber. Well, we all know about the popular Melber, the famous MSNBC host. 

Apart from being a journalist, he has all the interest in journalism and media fields. Drew Grant used to be an admired freelance writer, editor, and critic. Once you have read her critics about fashion and entertainment, you would love how she writes the truth and explains the problems. She also has a history of being a professional host of multiple pop culture podcasts. And, how can we forget one of the brilliant talents, fiction writing?

A quick introduction – Childhood, Education, Family

Her real name has always been Drew Grant. She was born on May 25, 1972, in New York City. If we go into details, her birthplace is Park Slope, Maryland. She was born to Steven Grant (father) and Lynn Grant (mother). She is not the only child but yes, she has no brothers, only a sister, named Hannah Grace who lives in New York. She has a beautiful brought up in Delaware

Depending on her zodiac sign, she is a Gemini and possesses all the impressive traits. She holds American nationality.

Coming to her education, she has strong academics. She has received a degree from Oberlin College and finally graduated in 2006. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, keeping English Language and Literature as a major. Although she has never studied journalism, she found her interest in journalism and made a final decision to pursue the field where she can solidify her writing skills.

Net worth 

Now, the question is: How rich is Drew Grant in real life?

Depending on the 2018 reports, the approximate net worth was thought to be $500,000. So, now we can assume, it has been increased multiple folds as she has become more successful in the previous years. She has earned her fortune with her successful shows, performances, podcasts hosting, and publications in the field of journalism.

Considering her rapidly increasing fame and working projects, we can expect her wealth to get higher.

Career overview

  1. Her first project was in 236.com where Drew Grant was hired as a pop culture editorial assistant. She worked for one year and then she switched.
  2. Her next stop was Jossip Initiatives where she worked from August 2008 to May 2009 as an editor. She really worked hard and as she has explained in an interview, she had a great learning time there.
  3. In April 200, she moved to Nerve. Still, if you ask about her in the frim, all you will hear will be appreciative comments and good feedback regarding her performance.
  4. Then, Drew Grant joined Crushable.com (an online news outlet) later known as Alloy (an online magazine for women). But this time she was not only doing the job but also started blogging for Nerve as a freelancer.
  5. In February 2011, she thought of experimenting a bit so she joined Salon Media Group as a pop culture writer. A complete change but she nailed her job and stayed for 7 months.
  6. By September of the same year, she started showing her talents as a staff writer in another big brand “The New York Observer”. There is no doubt in how she got the fame as she is smart, creative, and imaginative enough to bring whole new ideas and brilliant critics to the table. Ever heard about the famous blog named “tvDownload”? Because she is the one who started it and kept it alive till 2015 with her amazing reviews on several television shows and series. Well, multitalented plus hardworking is what Drew Grant can be best explained as.
  7. Leaving the publication sector, she moved to LA becoming the Managing Editor for RealClear Media Group. She worked here for less than a year.
  8. Now back to multitasking, she put up with two jobs in 2018 effortlessly. One at Ranker and the other at Forbes.

She made an official entry into the media industry in 2007. She also has one acting credit as she played a role in an episode of Law and Order. Some of the other famous names where Drew Grant worked are:

  • Collider 
  • Cosmopolitan
  • AV Club
  • Maxim
  • The Toast
  • Jezebel
  • Bunny Ears. 
  • PodDamnAmerica
  • Movie Trivia Schmoedown
  • Hypecast

A Dazzling fiction writer

While being employed at Salon.com, she began fiction writing. You can judge her talents and smartness by reading some of her most popular pieces such as James Franco and Bret Easton. 

Relationship status

Currently, Drew Grant is found to be in a romantic relationship with Richard Alexander. he is a photographer. As per the resources, they began dating in 2017. There is no news whether they are getting married any time soon or not.

Coming to her marriage, she is the ex-wife of Ari Melber who is Emmy’s award-winning journalist. They divorced after three years. They had a cute meetup at one of the social events that happened in 2010. After 4 years of dating, they finally decided to marry in 2014. They are known to have their share of problems in their love life, just like everyone else. No one is familiar with the main reason behind getting divorced.

Drew Grant in Social Media

We can say, her profession demands her to be socially active. So, you can see Drew Grant pretty alive on all her social media accounts, particularly Twitter and Facebook, with a huge number of followers. From online platforms, she usually gets her freelance projects. Being in the entertainment industry, she stays in the spotlight although she doesn’t like to.

You can follow her accounts if you want to get an idea about her opinions and ideas as she uses these platforms for sharing personal aspects with the audience. But you can’t find her on Instagram. Drew Grant is not found active there.

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