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Easy and Trendy Ideas For The Unique Wedding Nails

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Is your wedding this year? Well, be ready to get all the spotlight; after all, you are a bride!

It is nothing surprising to expect to look gorgeous more than usual on your wedding day because people will be staring at you every minute, so obviously, you will desire to look flawlessly dressed and all dolled up down to the very last detail.

Dress, skin, and hair are all done! But what about wedding nails? Do you have any wedding day manicure ideas on your mind? It would be best to stress a bit of your nails as you will be having hundreds of close-up shots of your hands.

From finalizing your nail color to choosing a design, selecting the type of mani to pick your nail shape, it is so much to do. But, don’t worry, we are here to help you out with all the ongoing trends you must try for your wedding and look stunning.

Let’s start with some easy tips about wedding nails preparation and care

Nail Care Tips

  • If you want your nails to grow stronger and faster, don’t forget to trim your nails often
  • Choose one direction and file the nails in that direction, always
  • Make your habit of buffing the nails regularly, but in case of having weaker or thinner nails, buff only once a fortnight
  • Never apply new nail color on the previous one, or else there will be nasty grime stuck to your nails
  • Take a time out for massaging your cuticles with moisturizing cuticle oil for strong nail growth. Sweet Almond Oil is also an excellent alternative to commercial oils.
  • Never bite or pick at your nails
  • Drink milk to meet your daily calcium intake as it will help you maintain stronger nails

Best Nail Trends To Try For Your Wedding This Year

Need an Instagram-worthy manicure? Look for the below-mentioned nail designs. No matter if you are planning to rock your simple or single-toned nails, acrylic nails, gel or dip powder, patterned or French manicure wedding nails, here are the best classic bridal nail art ideas.

A Metallic Mani 

It is one of the latest nail trends that has taken over the internet! You can see girls flashing their manicures with a metallic tip everywhere.

All dolled up on your wedding, and finally giving the last touch with metallic manicure sounds pretty impressive. It is your year to glam up with a gorgeous gold manicure. If you have something golden in your wedding dress, it will be awesome. And, if you are all white, replace gold metallic with a silver metallic tip. It looks equally elegant!

Autumnal Orange 

Want to carry a single color to your wedding? No better option than going orange. Well, it is your choice whether you wish to go shiny orange, matte orange, simple or patterned orange with a mix of delicate nude shades. It will suit you perfectly if you are having a fall wedding. It can bring an eccentric touch to your overall look. Wedding nails with glitter have become popular, and matching it up with orange will look astounding.

Soft Dove Gray 

Gray and white? Always best to pair up!

Gray keeps you as subtle as possible and adds a pop of color to make you rock the white wedding dress. You can even complement your gray nails with matching flowers or a groom’s suit. This simple wedding nail definitely feels wholly modern yet gentle at the same time. The best pick if you want to keep the vibes minimalistic.

Romantic and Creamy White 

Want to bring the essence of femininity in a scrumptious version? This is it!

Most brides look forward to all WHITE glam, and this trend is for them especially. It will not let you overcomplicate things by giving a sweet vibe with a slightly edgier feel. It is up to your preference whether you want to go with PURE WHITE BLISS made to bring soft looks. Or desire to get a silky CREAMY touch that appears strong in its opaqueness.

French Wedding Nails

French manicure is something that never goes out of fashion. These wedding nails come in a brilliant aesthetic and appealing texture as a blend of modernity and softness. The characteristic French tips will revamp your standard style.

You can even deviate from white to have a pink or any other nude shade undercoat but keep the silvery shiny tip that will match your white gold ring. French tip wedding nails are always Picture perfect!

Bold Black 

Not in a mood to stick with a simple, traditional classic white or nude nail design? Go all black! It will add some sharpness to your big-day look. No matter if you choose to go shiny black or matte dip powder black, your hands will look marvelous. Black wedding nails go well with all nail shapes, square, round, or pointed.

All-black manicures are a trend to die for and will always be an excellent pick for stylish brides!

Ivory Wedding Nails

As subtle as white, as bold as white, as unique as white, as classic as white! Ivory is a shade for your day!

More fashionable than a neutral or French mani, this nail shade will never go wrong. And, if you want more sophistication, try adding a splash of glitters. You can even go for delicate embellishments with sparkles or gems. These simple bridal nails are the all-time go-to option.

Red Wedding Nails

If you are a fashion-forward bride, this one’s for you!

Painting your nails in a glitzy or a matte red has been an impressive wedding nail art. It accents your white gown in all the incredible ways by giving not so sharp but a graceful touch. These saturated red shades can show your personality a different glow as you can go for any hue, from a fiery scarlet to deep burgundy. Bring all the romantic feelings with red!

3D Wedding Nails

Want your hand to be full of unique details?

Ask for a 3D nail art that will complement your ring and bedazzle your overall appearance. It is your special day so get something special. 3D nail arts will never cease to amaze with their attractiveness and exclusivity. For all the brides who want their nails to be outstanding. Besides, you can personalize this nail art, too.

Ombre Wedding Nails

Ombre nails are highly recommended for wedding nails as the shading and gradient of hues carry their glamour. One of the most sophisticated styles that look divine, it is trending high. For a wow factor, it is advised to add some sparkles.

Well, there are no restrictions on colors. Go all bold or Go all subtle! Go all delicate or go all drastic! There are endless color and design possibilities with the ombre nail technique.

Stunning Silver 

Marriage in summer? Silver will look great.

Wedding in winter? It will look snowy!

That is why silver should always be on your list for a striking and seasonally appropriate style. This low-key manicure is just like a sweet surprise. Pretty minimal but enough to bring the style out. Wait till your nails hit the sunlight.

Blue nails art

Thinking of using blue as a shade for a wedding sounds odd but looks lovely. This tint has a perfect blend of gentleness and smoothness. Having an all-blue wedding nail has become a sign of uniqueness this year.

Are you the glittery glam type of bride? Add some gems or make beautiful sparkly nail art.

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