Everything You Need To Know About Mysterious Chimera Cats

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The internet is always overflowing with cat pictures and videos. This is why every social media user has seen these “two-faced cats” or “split-faced cats.” They are nature’s wonderful miracle among nature’s cutest fluffy friends.  Chimera cats are very rare, leading them to be a great joy to look at. Using their rarity, some chimera cats have also become influencers like Venus, Quimera, and Narnia.

What Is A Chimera Cat?

A chimera cat is quite noticeable due to its striking contrast in colors. It has two different color schemes on the halves of its face. At times, the barrier between those colors is uncannily straight, resulting in an astonishing sight. You can see the color barrier running straight down the middle of their face. Along with the contrasting fur colors, they usually have contrasting eye colors.

What Is Chimerism?

A chimera is a fire-breathing mythical creature that has the body of a goat, the head of a lion, and the tail of a serpent. The reason behind the chimera cat’s nomenclature is due to the cat being considered a hybrid of 2 differently colored cats, with the chimera being a hybrid of 3 animals.

Chimerism is a phenomenon where two embryos (containing two different DNAs) are fused together, so the chimera is, in a way, its own identical twin.  

How Is It Brought About In Nature?

Early in the mother’s womb, two embryos join together in the gestation phase and form a single organism. Like two non-identical twins merged into one. But these embryos could also be similar, resulting in imperceptible differences in color. Due to this, a lot of normal-looking cats could be chimera cats. Chimera animals come from the same source but are just genetically diverged, while people often believe that they belong to two different creatures.

 Chimera Cats

Are Chimera Cats Rare?

Chimerism is a phenomenon that is very rare due to the event that causes it. It is impossible to predict if a cat will have a chimera kitten, as the chance of 2 embryos merging together is incredibly small. With that said, chimerism in cats is still less uncommon than it is in other animals.  

Can You Breed One?

Chimera cats are not a breed; they are a genetic miracle by nature. They could happen in any breed and in any cat. And it is impossible to control the conditions required to make a chimera cat in its mother’s womb. Hence, there is no way to make sure a chimera cat is born.

Although, there’s a higher chance of a cat chimera passing on the defect to its offspring as the mother will have two sets of DNAs, and it could provide the kitten with both of its DNAs. But that still doesn’t guarantee that a chimera cat will give birth to another one.

Are Tortoiseshell And Calico Cats A Kind Chimera Cats?

Tortoiseshell cats and calico cats just have coats of more than one color. This does not necessarily make them chimera cats, but chimerism can often be found in both these breeds. Chimera tortoiseshell cats are often female, with the male being sterile in many cases.

This happens due to the tortoiseshell and calico coat gene being present in only the X gene of a cat. Since females have two X genes, the multicolor coat gene will be the dominant one, whereas, in a male cat, there is only a 25-50% of chance of the cat having the tortoiseshell or calico gene. Rarely, an embryo can fuse, and if the embryos are male and female, the resulting embryo is most likely to be male. Along with that, the male is also possibly a chimera cat.

Character Of A Chimera Cat

They are confident and independent cats with a calm and sweet nature. But they can also get unfriendly at times, their aggression expressed by loud hissing. They have a ferocious nature and have strong communication skills. They are also very playful, in accordance with their appearance.

 Chimera Cats

How To Take Care Of One

The chimera cat does need special care apart from the generic grooming and caring that is done for its breed. Chimerism does not affect the health of a cat, but chimera cats are generally known to be healthier than other cats. But you will still need to protect the cat from being stolen and protect it from general diseases which are common in cats.

Can You Check If Your Cat Is A Chimera

Not all two-colored cats are chimeras. Similarly, chimera cats can also be single-colored. This makes it impossible for someone to tell if a cat is a chimera cat without a DNA test.

Final Verdict

Chimera cats are an incredible phenomenon in nature that results in these beautiful miracles. These cats are often called “two-faced cats” due to the symmetric bicolor nature in a lot of chimera cats. They come to be as a result of chimerism, a phenomenon that leads to two cat DNAs existing in one cat. Though many normal-looking cats have also been found to be chimera cats due to there being two similar DNAs, and this phenomenon is not uncommon.

There are also some cats that people believe to be cat chimera as they look like chimera cats but aren’t in reality, such as tortoiseshell and calico cats, or we can say calico chimera cats. These cats are usually their owner’s pride due to their uniqueness.

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