Everything You Need To Know About Nell Hudson

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Without a doubt, Nell Hudson has been the talk of the town since her amazing acting skills in the famous drama Outlander. Looking at her, it’s really hard to believe that she has already entered her late 20’s. Maybe it’s because of her genes or the natural beauty that makes her look so young and fresh. 

For those who don’t know, Nell Hudson is a famous TV actress born in November 1990. She was born in a small village in West Midlands, England. She spent most of her childhood in the village until she became a teenager and decided to pursue acting as a career. 

How Old Is Nell Hudson? 

One of the best things about Nell Hudson is that she possesses this natural beauty that makes her look really young. But when it comes to Nell Hudson age, she’s 30 years old right now. Nell Hudson Outlander is the talk of the town right now because of her skills and her beautiful blue eyes.

She has a very slim and toned physique which most of you can see in Outlander as all the outfits look absolutely stunning on her. As far as her height is concerned, Hudson is 5 feet 5 inches tall with a bodyweight of 50 kgs. 

Nell Hudson-Early Life And Education

As said earlier, Nell Rose Hudson spent her childhood in a small village. She has a family of five including her parents and two other siblings, Hudson being the middle child. As far as the whereabouts of her parents and siblings are concerned, well there’s not much you can find on the internet because Hudson likes to keep her life a bit private. 

When it comes to Hudson’s education, she went to the Oxford School of Drama and got a degree which later helped her with her career. She has been interested in acting all her life which is why she was a part of some of the best plays as a teenager, including; Closer and The Crucible.

Her Personal Life 

A lot of Nell Hudon actress fans have this question about her personal life and whether or not she’s married. Well, the good news for the fans is that no she isn’t married but she isn’t single either. Yes, you read that right! Nell Rose Hudson is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Will Taylor. Will and Nell have been in a relationship for quite a few years now. They have been dating since 2011 which makes it 10 years now which is quite a long time. However, they are just living together right now and they haven’t tied a knot yet. All we can do is hope that she gets to live the best life and that she soon gets married to whoever she’s in love with! 

What’s Her Net-Worth? 

There’s no doubt in the fact that Nell Hudson has quite an impressive career especially since her performance in Outlander. As far as her net worth is concerned, it’s quite a handful but there’s no one figure that she has disclosed yet. 

When it comes to her social media presence, Nell Hudon is present on Twitter and on Instagram. On Instagram, she has 64k followers and on Twitter she has around 25.5k followers. The number of fans and followers is increasing with each passing day because people absolutely admire the way she looks on the screen and in real life too. 

Hudon’s Career 

Hudson’s acting career started in the year 2012 when she made a huge guest appearance in Holby City. Not many know about her appearance but it sure did help her improve her acting skills and it served as a base on which she built her own strong acting career. 

After the play, she also appeared in Casts-Offs that helped her further with her skills. Later her exceptional performance in Outlander helped her gain all the popularity she has today. Some of her other performances include; Crossing Line, Midwife, Informer, and most importantly the Pride and Prejudice play. 

Interesting Facts About Nell Hudson 

What most people don’t know about Nell Hudson is that not only is she a great actress but a great singer too. Yes, you read that right! Nell Hudson has worked as a professional singer and songwriter at the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London. As far as her other skills are concerned, she’s really good at playing Ukulele and piano. 

Moreover, she’s a great writer too which is why her very first novel “Just For Today” is all set to come out in the year 2022. In a nutshell, she’s a full package that comes with multiple talents. This isn’t the kind of thing you see in every celebrity nowadays. People are usually good with acting and they earn fame through it but when we talk about Nell Hudson, she sure has some great talents that make her popular. 


This is everything you need to know about Nell Rose Hudson for now. She’s one great actress with some exceptional skills. She’s good at singing and writing too. If you’ve been a fan, you probably already know about her hidden talents and just like us you’ll be waiting and expecting some more performances from her. For now, we can just enjoy her role in Outlander and how beautifully she plays her character. 

Also, let’s wait for the year 2022 when her book is out. We can’t wait to read “Just For Today” and see the kind of writer she is. For now, we just wish Nell Hudson a great life and a prosperous career that will bring her more fame and popularity! 

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