Everything You Should Know About Jill Tavelman And Her Life

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Jill Tavelman is a renowned actress, a television celebrity, an architect and a famous businessperson. Despite being a part of so many professions, Travelman’s major reason behind her popularity is the fact that she once married the famous English singer “Phil Collins”. 

Not only this but she was also the president of the Beverly Hills Women’s Club. However, as of now, according to her social media bio, she’s running an antique shop in California since 2019. Born on 9th April 1956, Jill Travelman is 65 years old as of now in 2021. She was born in the US in Los Angeles. Her father owned a men’s clothing store back then when Jill was a child and her mother was a theatre actress and an artist by profession. 

Jill Travelman And Phil Collins 

After dating for four years, Phil Collins Jill Travelman tied the knot in 1984 but after a few years in 1996, they both got divorced. In an interview, Phil stated that he no longer had any feelings for Jill which was the main reason they both parted ways. 

Jill Travelman Phil Collins gave birth to a beautiful daughter after five years of their marriage and called her “Lily Collins”. Right now Lily is also a very famous British actress best known for her role in “Emily In Paris” that just got out a few years back on Netflix. Emily’s acting skills are outstanding especially the way she plays her role as “Emily Cooper” in the Netflix original. Other than this, Lily has been quite popular for her movies like “Love Rosie” and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. 

Jill Travelman’s Net Worth 

Jill Travelman’s net worth as of 2021 is $25 million. Most of the money she made is through her profession as an architect and she’s quite popular for her extraordinary architectural skills. 

How Did Jill Travelman And Phil Collins End Their Married Life? 

Their divorce was one of the worst ones in history. Phil was the one who ended their relationship in a very cruel way over a FAX machine. Lily on the other hand was just five years old at that time. Phil used a FAX machine to explain to Jill what he thought about their relationship and the fact that he didn’t think there was a future for them together. 

While signing the divorce, Jill got a whopping amount of $17 million as a divorce settlement. 

Jill Tavelman’s daughter Lily Collins isn’t just an extraordinary actress, in fact, she wrote a book too ‘Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me’. In the book Lily clearly stated how angry and mad she was on her father. She referred to him as “Not dead yet” in her book and also mentioned how he cheated on her mother. 

As per the book, when Lily’s father Phil sent the FAX to her mother, he was having an affair with another woman at that time and that was the second time he cheated on her mother. His first affair started in 1992. He met his childhood sweetheart while he was performing in LA and that’s when he cheated on Jill Travelman. 

However, things didn’t work out well during his first affair but then he met another woman  Orianne in the year 1999. He married  Orianne right after he broke up with Jill Travelman over a FAX. Unfortunately, his marriage with Orianne was quite short-lived and they decided to part ways in 2008. 

In a nutshell, Phil Collins got married three times and each marriage ended in divorce. Once he was asked if he’ll be marrying someone again but he said that he won’t marry again for the fourth time because if that ended up in divorce then he’ll lose a huge part of his fortune. 

Jill And Her Luxurious Life 

As of now, Jill is living in a huge house that’s worth around  $12.4 million. She paid such a huge amount for the house to prevent it from being torn down to turn it into a mega mansion. Jill has always lived a very luxurious life and the same is the case with her daughter Lily Collins. 

Lily Collins herself has a networth of $25 million right now and she’s enjoying a great life. Yes, she does have some regrets regarding how her father ended things with Jill Travelman. But if you have a look at her career right now, you’ll see how she’s made a big actress out of herself. She’s currently in the limelight after her exceptional performance in “Emily In Paris” and we are waiting for some more hit performances from her.


Some Interesting Facts About Jill Travelman 

  • Jill Travelman worked very rarely in the entertainment industry 
  • Her debut movie was “Buster” released in the year 1998
  • Her main focus is on her professional architect career 
  • Jill loves collecting antique items which is why right now she owns a proper store in California

If you search for “Jill Travelman young”, you’ll see how stunning she was. Guess Lily got her beautiful looks from her mother? Both the mother and the daughter share a very strong bond. However, Lily’s father Phil Collins has affected her and to some extent ruined her childhood after divorcing Jill in the worst possible way. For now, we all can just hope the very best for the entire family and hope that they turn out to be the best versions of themselves. 

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