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Is Potato A Vegetable? – All You Need To Know

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During cooler climates, potatoes are grown around the globe. They grow in the ground. That’s why they are often thought of as roots. They are starchy in nature, developed from large modified stems known as tubers. The tubers are grown from the deeper parts of potato plants on little branches known as stolons. Every part of the plant, including flowers and berries, is poisonous. They are harmful if eaten by any living organisms. But the tubers are the only part that is healthy and edible.

This question comes across in both discussions related to gardening and nutrition: IS potato a vegetable, fruit, or anything new? A lot of people feel chaotic about categorizing potatoes. And to all the intents and purposes how they came to be considered as vegetables. If we speak botanically, we can categorize the potato on the basis of growth and from which part of a plant they are developed.

Many people do not know whether potatoes are considered vegetables or fruits. Well, in both long and short ways, the answer is the same: it is a vegetable. Potatoes are grown from a yearly edible root. We can cook potatoes in many ways, and they are enriched with a yummy taste.

Vegetables are divided into 5 subgroups on the basis of nutritional content: dark-green vegetables, beans and peas, starchy vegetables, red and orange vegetables, and other vegetables. So, where do potatoes fit into all this? In starch.

From Other Vegetables, How Are Potatoes Different?

Potatoes are vegetables belonging to the nightshade family. This family is distinguished by vines, epiphytes, herbs, trees, and more. Some of the Solanaceae members are necessary for human agriculture, including potatoes and tomatoes. We know how poisonous the leaves are, but still, Solanaceae plants are quite valuable.

Why Is Potato Not Considered A Fruit? 

Potatoes are not considered fruits as they are categorized to a family known for comprising the collection of vegetables. Potatoes are one of the best and most common examples of high starchy tubers, or we can say root vegetables/root crops. The basic difference is their seed production. Fruits bear seeds, but vegetables don’t. Apparently, potatoes also don’t bear seeds produced from ovaries. It guarantees that potatoes cannot be classified as fruits. 

Is Sweet Potato A Vegetable?

Potatoes are vegetables now, we all know, but if we talk about sweet potatoes, it is a bit perplexing. A part of the morning glory family botanically, Sweet potatoes are a root crop and starchy vegetable, and their taste is sweet. Still confusing!

Well, sweet potatoes, due to their sweet flavor, are mistakenly considered a fruit. But, as they belong to the morning glory family that has only vegetables, SWEET POTATO IS SURELY A VEGETABLE.

Nutrition Present In Potato

This may come as shocking news to many people, but actually, potatoes are good for health. These are all myths that potatoes cause bad health. If you want to understand the role they play in good health, then you must separate them from greasy French fries and calorific mashed potatoes.

 Potatoes are the starchy vegetable that is packed with huge quantities of fiber, beneficial carbohydrates, and healthy proteins. This heavy nutritional punch cannot be denied. Many other nutrients are also found in potatoes, such as potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and carbohydrates. 

Interestingly, all potatoes are cholesterol-free and do not contain any sodium. One hundred different varieties of potatoes are tested by researchers. They found potatoes consist of more than 60 different vitamins and healthy phytochemicals and flavonoids, which are responsible for improving heart health. 

In terms of its vitamin and mineral content, each type is a bit different. But these differences seem to be quite small. If you want to get the full nutrition, try not to peel your potatoes. The skin tends to have almost half of the potato’s fiber and many other nutrients,” says Dunn.

To keep your heart good, potatoes provide some amazing nutrients;

  • 19% potassium (Daily intake – Per day serving) 
  • 8% Iron (Daily intake – Per day serving) 
  • 12% fiber (Daily intake – Per day serving)  


Potato -A Diet Villain 

Over history, the potato has experienced its up and downs. A scoundrel in one era to hero another. From nutritional research findings recently, it became visible that potatoes provide important nutrition, which is good for our daily body function. Potatoes have good effects on health. They don’t need to hide in a shadow from now onwards.

Potatoes – you are nobody’s fool!

Potatoes are actually not a diet villain as they are made by people. Remove the fries from your meal and enjoy your potatoes made by using healthy cooking methods. 

Fun Facts about Potatoes

  • Just have a look at some of the amazing facts related to potatoes:
  • Potato is a very important non-cereal crop in the world
  • Interestingly, potatoes were taken at space and grown there in 1995
  • The world’s largest potato weighing 18 pounds and 4 oz. has been even marked in the Guinness Book of World Records
  • On August 19th and October 27th, National Potato Day is celebrated
  • At a presidential dinner, the first French Fries were cooked & served by Thomas Jefferson in the US
  • In southern Peru, almost between 3000 BC and 2000 BC, the first potato was originated
  • In China, potatoes are produced in the largest amount
  • Germans consume almost 200 pounds yearly and are fond of potatoes
  • Potatoes are the fourth most essential crop in the world after corn, wheat, and rice
  • Potato contains 80% water
  • Potatoes have a unique property to flourish in any climatic condition
  • They can be grown in different climatic conditions
  • There are almost 1000 varieties of potatoes

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