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Is Progeline A Real Miracle Or A Myth?

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Dear all glow getters! We know that it has always been a struggle to pay for expensive skincare. Especially, the product that is effective yet outrageous and has priced ingredients. In case you are looking for something that will help your wrinkles go away and skin magically transformed, then there is a product that seems too good to be true. It’s called “Progeline Cream.”

You must now wonder what is Progeline and how it works? Well, it is described as “an anti-aging cream. It supposedly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, or other signs of aging.” Progeline is a great thing to include in your daily skincare routine. And, you might get some marginal benefits as the company claims. But who knows!

What Is Progeline?

Progeline cream is a bio-engineered peptide. It combines glycerin, water, dextran, and trifluoroacetyl tripeptide into one mixture. Progeline is a special and equally unique ingredient familiarized by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. He defines it a biomimetic peptide derived from Elafin. Usually, the Progeline is used by the company named Skin Perfection. This institution formulates and creates all-natural skincare products made with dermatology-grade ingredients.

This Progeline Peptide is also known as firming serum. It is officially sourced from Canada. This biomimetic complex enhances our protein matrix. Progeline is similar to Botox. Why? Because, it also mimics the freezing of your facial muscles. And, yes, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, too. It’s temporary and not a permanent fix. But, it makes your skin really firm and wrinkles less visible. Progeline can add so much benefit to your own skincare routine no matter what your skin type, tone, or skin concern.

When used correctly, peptides can bring about hydration to the skin. It can help even out the skin’s tone and complexion. Moreover, they can help trigger collagen and elastin production. These can lead to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Is Progeline Cream a Costly Option?

The peptides don’t need to cost the earth. If you reach for super expensive Bougiee Cosmetics and luxury peptides, thinking they are the ones that can give you the most benefit, then this just isn’t the case. There are some really great affordable peptide options. For instance, The Ordinary, Niod and Hylamide. The bottle is small in size but since it’s used in other products. Thus, we can say the bottle generally lasts much longer.

How Should You Take Progeline?

Progeline is honestly one of those miracle ingredients. And, we will encourage every person to explore. They’re not the easiest thing to incorporate in your own skincare routine. Especially because there is a lot of wrong information present out there about what you can and cannot use peptides alongside.


Nowadays, you can absolutely use most over-the-counter retinol. You can use other things like Differin Adapalene and Tretinoin alongside peptides, too. The same goes for vitamin C. You just have to make sure that you are not using them directly next to each other, and it all comes down to pH. Peptides can be pH sensitive. Therefore, you need to ensure that you’re applying them onto the skin. Your skin’s natural pH is roughly 5 or 5.5. If you use exfoliating acids and vitamin C, which tend to have a lower pH first, then use a nice toner or a hydrating mist. it will just rebalance the skin and also bring a bit of freshness back.

You can add it to a hyaluronic acid-based face cream or serum. As far as the concentration is concerned, it is about 18 drops of Progeline for 1 ounce of the hyaluronic acid serum.

How does Progeline Works?

As our age increases, our collagen levels decrease. So including a peptide in any anti-aging routine is honestly a must, and ultimately you will see some fantastic benefits. When it is used in a variety of skincare products, it sends necessary signals to your body to reduce signs of aging. This comprises preventing saggy skin and diminishing wrinkles’ appearance. Moreover, it has a role in making skin more hydrated and firm. Peptides are one of the best ways of getting hydration back into the skin.

Using copper peptides specifically can really help dial up the collagen production rate in the skin. It gives skin what it needs to produce collagen and amps it up. It leads to the skin having more of its own collagen.

Significant Benefits of Progeline for Skin

One of the best and quickest benefits you will see of peptides is hydration. They fairly give so much nourishment to the skin. You’ll feel an instant lift, lots of the tight feeling in the skin, and miraculously it all happens within about 10 to 15 seconds of applying the product. Studies have shown that peptides can help press pigment formation. Further, they help eradicate some of the hyperpigmentation. Its continuous use will reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. It will make skin firmer and bring back the elasticity that it was starting to lose.

Are there any Drawbacks of Progeline?

Peptides are worth investing in for the long haul benefits. When you first apply the product, you will get more hydration to the skin. It will offset some dryness. So, you get a little bit of a quick win from introducing a peptide into your routine. Generally, it takes between four and five months for noticeable results.

No clinical trials are listed on the official website. Only very few online Progeline reviews serve as testimonials.

You cannot apply Progeline directly to the skin. You have to mix it with another skincare cream.

There is a possibility that you may develop a rash or burning sensation

Why Is Progeline Considered a Myth?

Now the question comes, “does Progeline really work?”

The skincare industry generally tricks the audience by first highlighting a skin problem and then claiming to treat it. Trade names also play a vital role in selling because they resemble the skin problem name you claim to cure. SAME TRICK IS USED FOR PROGELINE! So, why it has not been put into the limelight before? Well, people having a rare Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome only need to worry about the overwhelming effects of progerin. If you don’t have it and are not particularly too aged, then your cells shouldn’t react to progerin. Meaning thereby, Progeline would not be of any help to you.

Unfortunately, Progeline reviews are not readily available. The obtainable ones are, however, positive. Online recommendations concerning the product are difficult to find. Scientists disagree, too! They state that the research is based exclusively on lab reports. It means, there is no definite data supporting the product’s usage. Therefore, we are not confident about the efficacy of Progeline. Furthermore, since we’re not doctors, the material available in this article should be used for informational purposes only.

Another critical point to mention here is that fluoride is not present in our proteins. Our bodies are not accustomed to fluorinated peptides. It is difficult to comprehend how the peptides developers have concluded to prevent cell senescence. Examining synthetic peptides in the scientific literature produced no fruitful results either.

We are advising you to be cautious because there are risks associated with Progeline that you may not have thought about. It is used in minute concentrations along with other skincare products. Most of Progeline is water, glycerol, and dextran. If any kind of peptide is present there, it will be removed by your body somehow. In the end, you’ve lost money. Nonetheless, if you choose to accept whatsoever you read on the internet as accurate, then this is unquestionably your mistake!

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