All about Julia Carey – Bio, Family, Trivia

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Who is Julia Carney? Is she a real celebrity? Why is she famous and what exactly does she do? Too many questions but we are here to answer!

Julia Carey is none other than a renowned and well-celebrated actress who has been producing shows now. She has also made a few appearances in TV shows that have helped her gain fame. But, what else is she known for? Definitely for being the wife of James Corden. Being a former American actress, she gained popularity particularly in 2012 when she got married to a famous actor. 

Well, she is much more than a personality from the Hollywood industry. She is an activist and a kind-hearted charity worker. This 43-year-old lady is a perfect person loaded with smartness, intelligence, kindness, and beauty. She is known to be 5 feet 5 inches in height with a charismatic blue eye color that compliments her Blonde hair and makes her a perfection!

She got humbleness in her personality despite being famous and rich. She and James like to stay out of the media spotlight. Very little is known about their private lifestyle. If we talk about her relationship with Corden, you can say they share a strong bond that is beyond love. James thinks he owes his success to Carey.

Julia Carey Net worth 

Presently, the total net worth of Julia Carey is approximately 11 million US dollars. YES, she is worth this much. As per the sources, it has been calculated on the basis of her monthly salary and other side business earnings. If we talk about her husband James Corden’s worth. It will be a great comparison leaving a major gap. Depending only on their assets (homes), the estimated value is 25 million dollars. WHOA! 

Early life

Julia Carey was born and raised in LA, the United States of America. She celebrates her birthday on 25th May. Calculating back to 43 years, her birth year is 1976. Her personality reflects strong Gemini traits, but all the good ones. As she says, she belongs to White Caucasian ancestry. Having an American nationality, she is a true lover of the land and its people. A little is known about her father who is an owner of a small-scale business.

Educational background

  • Highest Educational Qualification is Master of Arts in Teaching
  • She has received the primary education from a Local High School
  • Julia Carey has been graduated from the College of New Jersey

Professional/career life

Julia Carey debuted in the acting Hollywood industry back in 1977. Undoubtedly, she has accomplished so much in her acting career that will make you acknowledge her. Apart from having a successful career in acting, she has shined as a charity worker and an amazing film producer. She is willing to give back to society through some charitable work. Truly speaking, moving behind the cameras was one of her brilliant decisions.

You would find her performance pretty exemplary in all shows but some of her famous works are:

  1. A Bunch of Fives (1977)
  2. Within These Walls (1978)
  3. Enemy at the Door (1978)
  4. Wings (1978)

Favorites, hobbies, and interests 

  • Favorite Actor (male) – Johnny Depp
  • Favorite Actor (female) – Emily Blunt
  • Favorite food – Mexican cuisine
  • Favorite Color – Blue and Pink
  • Dream destination – France 
  • Favorite movie/season – Into the woods

What as a person she likes or loves to do?

  1. Modelling
  2. Swimming
  3. Travelling
  4. Yoga
  5. Exercising

If we talk about her routine, Julia Carey likes binging on healthy and nutritious foods. Probably, that is the reason for her smartness and well-trimmed figure. Her personality likes to experience new adventures and that is why she dreams to travel the whole world!


They attended the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018.

Married life with James Corden

We all know how successful Julia Carey has gotten in her career, charity work, and production line. But how and what type of life she shares with her husband?

Her spouse is James Corden who is an English actor, comedian, and an incredible TV host. We can say, her achievements have always been overshadowed by her husband’s.

They first met in 2009 through a mutual friend who was used to being a former roommate of Corden. Dominic Cooper, the friend, brought luck to both of them. Once their news came on social media, everyone started to hope that they got married, and finally, they got married in 2012 on September 15. It appears like they were in love from the very start and didn’t think about wasting any more years waiting.

The wedding was organized at Babington House in Somerset. A pretty wedding! They spent around £250,000 on the ceremony. LAVISH! Now, they have completed seven years of lovely marriage. 

Julia Carey has always been a supporter of her husband’s work. She is definitely a devoted wife. But she is more than only his wife, she is also a kind-hearted and caring mother. They have three children:

  • Max Corden – 9 years old 
  • Carey Corden – 5 years old 
  • Charlotte Corden – 2 years old 

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