Keurig Filter – A Quick Overview

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Keurig is the leading distributor of hot, cold beverages and accessories, which satisfy all of its consumers. We have been receiving a lot of questions related to Keurig Filters, like which Keurig water filter works with my brewer? How to Install Keurig Water Filter? When do we need to Replace it? How to Replace Keurig Water Filter?

These are some top questions that we got. In this article, we will give you a quick overview of the Keurig Filter. So, let’s get started.

Which Keurig Water Filter Works with My Brewer?

We know that it is very difficult to find a filter that is compatible with your brewer. So, we will show you the compatible Keurig water filter for your brewer.

K-Classic™ Brewer

If you are using K- Classic™, then you need to check the serial number of your brewer in order to purchase Keurig Filter.

K-Classic™ Water Filter Starter Kit is compatible with your brewer if its serial number starts with 44, 45, or 48. 

Tall Handle Water Filter Starter Kit is compatible with the brewer’s serial number starts with 55. 

How to Check the Serial Number of K-Classic™ Brewer?

On old brewers, you can find the serial number on the main body behind the Drip Tray. You need to remove the Drip Tray in order to see the serial number. If you can’t see the serial number behind the Drip Tray, then it is located behind the Cold Water Tank. In case you did not find the serial number, then visit Keurig Official Site for More Details Guide.

Keurig Brewers with a Side Water Reservoir

Keurig Brewers with a side water reservoir like the K-Supreme, K-Duo Plus, K-Supreme Plus, K-Cafe, K-Select, K-Elite, K-Slim, K425, and K525 are compatible with Tall Handle Water Filter Starter Kit.

Keurig Brewers with a Rear Water Reservoir

If you are using a Keurig Brewer, which has a rear water reservoir like the K-Compact, K-Duo and K-Duo Essentials, K-Latte, K250, then Short Handle Water Filter Starter Kit compatible with your Keurig Brewer.

Not Compatible Keurig Brewers

The K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, Rivo®, K15 system, and small office brewers are not compatible with any Keurig Water Filter.

How to Install Keurig Water Filter

Following are the simple steps to Install Keurig Water Filter on your brewer.

1. First, soak the charcoal water filter cartridge for five minutes in freshwater. Then, wash the Keurig water filter cartridge for 60 seconds.

2. On the bottom of the handle, press both sides at the same time and pull to separate. Now, reattach the bottom of the Keurig Filter.

3. First, you need to empty the water reservoir. Then, insert the handle into your removable Water Reservoir. Now push the handle down to make sure the water filter is installed correctly inside your Removable water reservoir.

When Do We Need to Replace a Keurig Charcoal Water Filter?

The Charcoal Water Filter in your brewer runs for a limited number of brew cycles, not any specific length of time. It depends upon you how often you are using it. If you do not use it regularly, then in no time you need to replace it and vice versa.

 Keurig says that you need to change the water filter after every two months. But if you do not use it every day, then you need to change the filter after every 60 tank refills.

Newer Keurig models allow you to set a reminder for replacing the filter. So, no need to guess when we need to change the filter.

Once the filter is spent, it stops filtering the water, but it does not affect the quality of coffee. If you feel that the filter is not working, then you can insert pre-filtered water into the brewer.

How to Replace the Keurig Water Filter

Once your previous water filter is fully used. Now, it is time to replace the Keurig Filter. It takes less than 10 minutes to replace the Keurig Filter. Following are the simple steps to replace the Filter

1. First, soak the charcoal water filter cartridge for five minutes in freshwater.

2. Now, remove the spent filter by pulling up the filter holder. Remove the clips that hold the filter by pressing on both sides.

3. Remove the Spend Filter.

4. Wash the charcoal water filter for 60 seconds after 5 minutes soaked.

5. Now, insert the new filter and reinstall the holder in the water reservoir.

All Done! Now you don’t need to worry about the filter for two months.

Frequently Asked Question about Keurig Filter

Is it necessary to use a Keurig Water Filter?

No, it is not necessary to use a Keurig filter. You can use pre-filtered water. But for better quality, you can use a water filter.

Can a Dirty Keurig Make You Sick?

Yes, most studies say that a dirty Keurig makes you sick. This study does not apply only to Keurig Brewer; it applies to all companies’ brewers. You need to regularly clean your brewer in order to prevent you. It is also necessary to clean your water reservoir also.

Do all Keurig Machines have a Water Filter?

Most coffee machines, including Keurig K200 and other all Keurig machines, have a Water Filter. It is recommended to use a Water Filter; it improves the taste of coffee.

Is there any Reminder for Filter Replacement in Keurig Machines?

In new Keurig machines, you can set a reminder of the replacement of the filter. So, you don’t need to guess when the filter needs to change.

Can you Clean a Keurig Water Filter?

No, you can clean your spent Keurig water filter. You need to replace the spent filter with the new one.


It always recommends using the Keurig water filter in your Keurig machines. It is also necessary to replace the filter after two months. Most studies say that a water filter improves the taste of the coffee. I hope our guide helped you and you got answers to your questions. 

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