Mind-Bending Facts About Eleven from Stranger Things

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Stranger Things has been the talk of the town for quite a while now and it makes sense because everything, from the storyline to the characters, it’s all just perfect! While the entire cast of Stranger Things is amazing, it’s an undeniable fact that Eleven’s character stands out! A girl with a frightening past and frightening abilities, who wouldn’t love her? But the question here is that do we really know everything other than who plays eleven in stranger things? If not, here are some of the lesser-known facts about Eleven from Stranger Things; 

A Twisted Symmetry 

There’s a fan theory that believes that Eleven and Demogorgon are connected. It’s more like a split personality disorder. What backs up this theory is the fact that Demogorgon’s namesake is a monster with a split personality and then there’s this opening of the interdimensional portal by Eleven. Considering these two facts, there are high chances that this fan theory is true! 

Sheriff Hopper And Eleven 

By the second season of Stranger Things, we can easily see the strong bond being developed between Sheriff Hopper and Eleven. This father-daughter bond can be seen in the small details. Like, when Hopper’s daughter passed away, she was wearing this blue tie, later on, Hopper started wearing a bracelet made up of that tie. In the finale of season two, we can see Eleven wearing the same bracelet while attending the school dance. 

Fake Birth Certificate 

The Stranger Things Eleven has a different birth name “Jane Ives’ which was later changed to Jane Hopper after she got her fake birth certificate from Dr. Owens of the Hawkins Lab.

Eleven Was Stolen From Her Mother 

 Dr. Brenner of the Hawkins Lab stole Eleven from her mother shortly after she was born. Throughout the years, Banner acted like a father figure to Eleven but his cruelty and torture made things really hard for Eleven while she was young. The torture he attempted made him discover the real extent of her brilliant telekinetic powers. 

The Creepy Haircut 

Eleven from Stranger Things is known as the creepy girl with a creepy short haircut but that haircut wasn’t just to make her look terrifying. The short haircut basically helped the doctors of Hawkins Lab connect the scanners to her head easily and read what’s going on inside her brain. 

Kellogg Co. 

Eleven helped the brand Kellogg Co. with its sales. Kellogg Co. had been witnessing declining sales for four consecutive years but then they experienced a boost right after the release of Stranger Things. The sales increased because Eggo Waffles were shown as “Eleven’s favorite food” in the season. The waffles are owned by  Kellogg and this entire plan really did work wonders for the brand. 

The Sacrifice 

At the end of the first season, Eleven sacrificed herself to save her friends from Demogorgon. But in the second season, she again escaped the Upside Down. After the escape, she had to stay off the radar for at least a year which is why she ended up locked in Hopper’s shed. A girl with a tragic past and a tragic future! 

The Silent Type 

As Eleven was used as an experiment in Hawkin’s lab, she has a very limited vocabulary. As per calculations, in the first season, Eleven only spoke 246 words and 42 lines which makes only 3 minutes of screen time. But as they say, your actions speak louder than your words, the same happened with Eleven’s character in the first season. She made an extraordinary appearance! 

A Different Story Line 

In the first season, we can see Eleven’s powers revealing slowly but they gradually escalated as the story progressed. However, things were completely different in the original script. In that script, Eleven just had to blow a door off its hinges to show her powers in the first episode. The original script was bringing the entire season near to the R-rated territory especially because of all the violence in the Hawkins Lab that forced Eleven to commit suicide.

That wouldn’t have been a good view so people are now more than happy with what they are getting with Stranger Things’ new script. 

The Lonely Heart 

Between the first and the second season, Eleven and Will are separated for a total of 353 days. Some fans noticed; 3+5+3 = 11. That’s like Wooaah!!! 


A lot of people have noticed that Eleven’s actress Stranger Things (Millie Bobby Brown) resembles the young  Natalie Portman. If you notice it, you’ll definitely find an uncanny resemblance. Speaking of which, it wouldn’t be weird to have a series or a movie starring Millie Bobby Brown as a young Natalie Portman, right? That would be so cool! 


In the second season, Eleven’s hairstyle is basically Millie’s natural hair. Her hairstylist Sarah Hindsgaul wanted Eleven to have less styling so that she has nothing to worry about on the set. She stated, “I want her to be free. Her character has such an arc this season and so many emotional scenes, you don’t want anyone standing around fussing with you. I want to give her that peace.”

The Afterthought 

Originally,  co-creator Ross Duffer planned for the character to remain dead. The Duffer Brothers wanted to end the series after killing the character of Eleven, they wanted to keep the series short but then things changed when they saw how the audience reacted. The public wanted more out of the season and well, you’ve got to give the public what they want to both the Duffer brothers changed the story and brought Eleven back in action! 

These are some mind-mending facts that most of you don’t know about Eleven. Everything about her, from eleven stranger things to eleven stranger costumes and the entire storyline of the character, it’s all extraordinary and we can’t help but fall in love with her! 

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