Pauletta Washington Net Worth And Short Biography

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We have very few examples of the Hollywood power couples and one of them is Pauletta Washington and her husband Denzel Washington . Their marriage is the talk of the town because they’ve managed to stay by each other’s side through thick and thin all these years. Without a doubt, their marriage is a sterling example of success and love. 

Pauletta Washington also known as née Pearson was born in the year 1950 on 28th September. There’s not much information about her early life but when it comes to her career, there’s a lot to tell. In the year 1970, Pauletta Pearson was the first black participant in the Miss North contest. She earned the position as the first runner up in that contest and since then, she’s been achieving milestones like no other person. 

Early Work Career 

In 1977, Paula worked in Wilma and then in 1981 she appeared in Telefilm Purlie. However, she’s more popular for her other performances that included;  Beloved (1998), 90 Days (2016), Antwone Fisher (2002) and  Steps (2017). She has worked hard on both the small screen and the big screen and her efforts are appreciated all around the globe. 

From the year 2002 to 2004, Paula played the character of Terri Angelou in The Parkers sitcom. Later in 2017, she also played the character of Miss Ella Chisholm in the Netflix’s comedy series She’s Gotta Have It. Both her work and her charming smile make Pauletta famous the way she is today. 

Pauletta Washington Marriage 

Pauletta is married to the famous Hollywood actor Denzel Washington and their marriage is the perfect example people need to know that love and happiness can never fade away if two people try together. The duo met back in the year 1977 at a movie set. There’s no information about how long their courtship lasted but what people know is that Denzel asked Pauletta three times to marry him. 

After persisting for a long time, Pauletta then agreed to marry Denzel and since 1983, they both have been sharing this beautiful bond. The couple decided to renew their vows in 1995 officiated by South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

There were some divorve rumours in 2003 about when a picture of Denzel kissing an unknown lady surfaced around the internet. Pauletta decided to move out of the house and took a break to think if she should stick with her marriage or not

Luckily, after a year or so, she moved back in with Denzel and forgave him for what he did. Since then there have been no more rumours about Denzel cheating on his wife. 

Pauletta Washington Children

Pauletta and Denzel welcomed their first child in the year 1984 on the 28th of July. Right now, their son, John David Washington is a famous actor and a producer following the steps of his parents. His first acting debut was in Denzel’s 1992 film Malcolm X. He played as his 9 years old child and did a phenomenal job. In 2015, John played the character of Ricky Jerret in the HBO’s comedy series Ballers. Moreover, he co-produced his father’s thriller movie “The Book of Eli (2010)”. 

The Washington’s welcomed their second child in 1987. They named their daughter Katia and in 2010 she graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Currently, she’s a famous Hollywood producer who worked on some renowned projects like The Birth of a Nation (2016),  Django Unchained (2012) and Fences (2016). 

In 1991, Pauletta again welcomed a set of twins, a daughter (Olivia Rashelle) and a son (Malcolm). Both the twins graduated in film studies from University of Pennsylvania. 

Pauletta Washington Networth 

Pauletta has been very successful when it comes to her acting career. She’s made a huge name in the Hollywood industry and has several exceptional performances on both, the small screen and the big screen. Her current net worth is $1 million but there are different reports regarding her financial standing right now. On the other hand, Denzel Washington has a networth of $290 million net worth which explains why he’s known as the highest paid actors in Hollywood. 

It’s a win win for both Pauletta and Denzel because Pauletta has a huge stake in her husband’s wealth. 

How Old Is Pauletta Washington? 

Pauletta Washington is 70 years old as of 2021. As far as her height is concerned, she stands  6 feet 7/8 inches. She has a beautiful and well maintained physique and her weight is 57 kgs.

Pauletta Washington Social Media 

Pauletta, unlike other celebrities, isn’t active on any social media platform whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. She’s not an internet person and likes to showcase herself through her work and skills. 

Rumours And Controversies 

Pauletta has always kept herself away from any scandals or rumours. The only time she was in the headlines other than her acting was when people saw smoke coming out of her house in LA. Rumours were that her house was on fire but upon investigation they found out that it was just some smoke created by the furnace.

A True Inspiration! 

For starters, it’s not just Pauletta’s exceptional acting skills and career that make her an inspiration for people. In fact, both Denzel and Pauletta Washington together inspire today’s generation on how to keep a happy marriage and how to stick with one another when things go South. 

Pauletta Washington biography is full of success stories about her life, her marriage and her career. And she sets an example for all the other celebrities that when you are determined to make the best out of your life, you always end up succeeding. It’s just that one must never give up on his dreams and efforts to make life full of joy and happiness! 

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