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Purple Eyes Or Alexandria Genesis – A Myth Or A Truth Living For 150 Years

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Do you know what people tend to observe first while talking? The eyes! And, honestly speaking, we believe that eyes are the gateway showing your inside emotions and sentiments. It might show what you are thinking. If you have noticed, too, there are many people with black and uniquely colored eyes such as blue, brown, or hazel eyes.

Hold up!

Have you ever met a person with purple eyes? Have you seen a baby with violet eyes? Does it really exist?

Well, it would not be wrong to say that violet is a paradox to some extent. Of all the human eye colors, purple eyes seem rare equally to NONE! You can find many believers of Alexandria genesis, and at the same time, you can find many people who consider it a scam, a myth, a fable that has been circulating for centuries. The people who have faith in the fact that people are either born with purple eyes or their eyes turned into purple also tend to believe that they also are blessed with some heightened genetic capabilities making them capable of literally SUPERNATURAL abilities.

Let’s check out all the possibilities…

Alexandria’s Genesis 

As science says: A person can never be born with natural purple eyes, clearing the fact that Alexandria’s genesis is all myth and there is no reality to it. But, certain diseases can change the color of eyes, making them purple, light violet, or giving a combination of colors to look purple under certain light conditions. So, now, we tend to agree that Alexandria’s Genesis is absolutely an internet myth, and there are no perfect human beings with purple eyes.

But how can you defend yourself in front of the people who claim Alexandria’s Genesis is a genetic disorder making people have real purple eyes, pale skin, no body hair, and any other bizarre features. Being perfect human beings, this genetic mutation is rare and has become the center of attraction back in 2005. People also say that the purple color saturates during puberty, giving a darker, deeper look.

Well, if we look closely, you will find women with purple eyes extremely beautiful. 

Coming to another fundamental concept that inclines us to believe that people DO have purple eyes is albinism. In a true albino, you would see gorgeous purplish-blue eyes due to the lack of pigment. When it is merged with an ideal light, it reflects off the red blood vessels giving a violet hue.

Origins of the disorder

Are purple eyes real? Currently, you can find two explanations in support of purple eyes:

Alexandria Genesis

The first one with major supporters is the genetic mutation causing a disease called “Alexandria Genesis”. The story is explained by the legend who states that people’s peaceful night was interrupted by the lighting one night back in ancient Egypt. When they went to see the source of light, they saw people emitting bright light having pale or white bodies and purple eyes. The residents start calling them “spirit people”. Apparently, they were blessed with precisely amazing facial and unbelievable bodily features. Unfortunately, people got scared, and they rejected them. Spirit people moved out and disappeared into the wild.

But that is not where the story ends. In 1329 a baby was born named Alexandria, who had purple eyes. People took her as a sign of the reappearance of spirit people. As the record says, she was born naturally with purple eyes, and that is why the disease is named ALEXANDRIA. She lived a happy life and gave birth to 2 children. But then she, with her family, disappeared again. Never found again!


The other theory that has been proven somewhat true is albinism. As the albinism disease decreases the amount of melanin, it leaves a very small or no pigment melanin in the iris, turning it in a purple shade. It demands a very peculiar type of iris’s structure for scattering the light mixed with the melanin pigment.

Unique facts about Purple-colored eyes people

  • They live for 100 years or sometimes more than 100 up to 150 years. UNBELIEVABLE!
  • They are born with the ability to stop aging as soon as they reach 50 years of age. No matter if they are 100 years or more, they will look younger and fresh.
  • Their strong immunity lets them fight every disease, illness, and sickness, whether physical, mental, or emotional.
  • They are even immune to weight gain. It means they never get fat even if they eat tons of food. And one of the most bizarre traits is that they don’t produce much waste, regardless of how much they eat.
  • Their skin appears surprisingly white and pale
  • People with purple eyes have perfectly proportioned bodies making them literally a masterpiece
  • Purple Eyes afflicted women are fully fertile but without menstruating
  • Their eyesight appears to be normal and not affected by age or color change
  • Their skin stays pale and white throughout their life as they can never get tanned. Besides, they are also immune to burning, just like tanning.
  • They tend to have a high metabolism
  • They are born with no body hair and will never grow hair on any part of the body except the head, brows, nostrils, eyelashes

Alexandria’s Genesis Side Effects

We all know that Alexandria’s Genesis is kind of a myth that is supported by scientific evidence. Although being a largely fictitious concept, some scientists look into the possible side effects people with purple eyes might have. There is only ONE side effect, and that is: they are found to be highly sensitive to sunlight. Besides, there has never been a single case showing side effects of the purple eyes. Read more for glassy eyes.

Can people have purple eyes?

Is it possible to have purple eyes? Depending on the facts, not a single scientific evidence or report has been observed supporting the claim of Alexandria’s Genesis. The symptoms, causes, and other arguments are not backed up with a solid medical report. Then, if it’s not a medical condition, how can someone have purple eyes? For the cultural and traditional people, it seems impossible to make them believe that it is all a hoax. So, no one exactly knows if it is genuine or not.

The record says that the oldest person ever seen with purple eyes is 122 years old. WHOA! That is why people talking about the purple eyes living up to 150 years old seem nearly untrue.

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