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Rice Water for Hair – How to make it and how it works

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Are you a follower of Kim Kardashian? Even if you are not, half of the world is! If you have seen her recent interviews, you have seen how magnificent her hair looks, and do you know what she said about her secret to healthy hair? RICE WATER!

As she says, to have healthy, shiny, voluminous, long, and thick hair the easiest and guaranteed way is using rice water. It leaves radiant effects on your hair. We all know, the practice of rice water for hair is pretty old and traditional in Japan but now has gained momentum again. It not only strengthens but also beautifies the hair. It is known that even after a single wash, you will be able to notice the significant effects in comparison to other expensive DIY beauty products.

The Eastern countries have been using rice in multiple therapies due to its healing and nourishing traits and since the beauty benefits have been discovered, the use of rice has been amplified to new heights. If we talk about facial skin, it brings radiance, removes acne, soothes your irritated skin, and fades the aging spots.

Same advantages have been noticed in rice water for hair. If you are using rice water regularly, you will be able to feel the difference in a week. The hair will start growing and get healthy as it enriches hair

Time to kiss goodbye to the pricey products or treatments!

How to make rice water for hair

Before jumping to the recipe to make rice water for hair, you must know it is extremely easy and economical to make at home. All you need are two things and without putting on hard struggles, your rice water will be prepared!


  • 1 cup rice
  • 1 cup water


  1. Start with rinsing your rice to remove the dirt, dust, and mud
  2. Now, strain the rice to get rid of extra water
  3. Take a clean bowl and add the strained rice 
  4. Start mixing it with the water
  5. Keep on mixing gently until and unless the water gets cloudy
  6. Once you have reached the highest cloudiness, strain the mixture
  7. After removing the rice particles, reserve the water
  8. Transfer the rice water to a washed, cleaned, and unbreakable plastic container. Don’t forget to keep it covered!
  9. Leave the rice water at room temperature for 1 day (12-24 hrs.). It is the time the rice is required to ferment along with making the beneficial vitamins and minerals come out. 
  10. Once the day has passed, refrigerate your rice water 


  • It is advised to store the rice for later use. Oh, yes, you can cook it, as well
  • Never leave the rice water for more than 24 hours
  • Always keep your rice water in the fridge
  • Fermenting rice water for hair is your choice but it is recommended because it will deliver more nutritional benefits

How to use rice water for hair

For using rice water for hair, you don’t have to stress about washing hair as it will go along with the normal routine. You can use rice water whenever you have shampooed or conditioned your hair.

But there are some things that you must focus on when applying. For instance, apply the rice water to your scalp. The edges or tips of hair don’t need rice benefits. Always leave some time to let it set. Don’t rinse it immediately! Most importantly, do not worry if you are not getting thick hair in a week. The rice water effects are subjected to variation depending on the hair type.

Although, we did ask you to let it sit but once done, do not overdo it! Keeping it longer may dry your hair out. And, RINSE PROPERLY! Try using rice water only twice a week, if it helps, you can make it thrice and so on. Follow the guide to applying:

  1. Following the simple and daily routine, wash your hair with shampoo
  2. Rinse well to remove all the shampoo from the hair
  3. Pour some rice water in your palm or directly on the head and massage gently
  4. Let it get absorbed into your hair and scalp
  5. Leva it in your hair for a minimum of 20 minutes or you can go as long as 60 minutes
  6. Wash off!

Benefits of rice water for hair

  • Helps detangle your hair
  • The starch gives the hair a thickening effect
  • Makes the hair look and feel smoother
  • Brings gloss to the hair making it appear shinier
  • Slows down the greying
  • Gives de-frizzing effect
  • Supports the rapid hair growth
  • Reduces hair friction
  • Promotes elasticity

Why does rice water have such great beauty benefits? 

We all know rice grains come with a huge starch content, let’s say 70-80%. They seem to be packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and healthy antioxidants. When you massage the water and make it go inside the roots, these healthy ingredients get absorbed, too, leaving a punch of moisturizing properties. This rice water for hair growth seems pretty mesmerizing.

Possible Side effects of the rice water

  • Being highly rich in nutrients, it can get harmful particularly due to the excessive protein amount and leading to the dehydrated scalp.
  • Protein overload can cause your hair to look dry and feel brittle

Can I use rice water in my hair overnight?

On one hand, yes! You can leave the rice water in your hair by wearing an overnight hair mask.

On the other hand, we ask you to not leave it. Leaving it for so long, for instance, 10-12 hrs. or probably more, you might give chance to the bacterial growth causing scalp itching and flaking. The condition can get worse

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