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Space Buns – The trending Hairstyle

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Space buns? Nostalgic hairstyles are trending again!!

These buns were very popular back in the ’90s, and have recently come back into trend. Naturally, they become popular in 2020 and the trend is only growing in time, making it one of the top trending hairstyles of 2021. These buns give you the 90’s vibe with festival fun and cute-yet-edgy hairstyle which is perfect for any music festival or movie night with friends.

I’m going to share some words on these buns which are my favorite GO­-TO hairstyle. Space bun hair is the quick and easy hairdo that gives you a perfect and playful look in very little time as compared to straightening or curling your hair. If you’re looking for something more casual than a ponytail or top knot, then you may want to go through this article.

 Worried about how to make them??  You don’t have to worry at all, we got you covered.

Here, we are going to tell you step by step about making space buns and different hairstyles with these buns like half-up and braided space buns, so you have a few different styles to choose from. There are many different ways to style these buns – whether your hair is long, short, thick curly, or fine straight. Keep reading! you will discover everything about this year’s trending style of space buns.

How to do Space Buns

  • Part your hair halfway
  • Spray your hair fly-a-ways to make them stick to their place
  • Gather a segment of hair to make a knot
  • For knot, place two fingers in front in the spot where you want to make the bun
  • Wrap the hair forward and around your index and middle fingers
  • Make A twist (360 degrees) with your wrist
  • With your middle and index finger, pull the hair almost all the way through
  • Take 2 bobby pins and secure the bun in a way that bobby pins make a criss cross
  • Repeat all the above steps on the other side of your hair for the complete trendy look

Best looks with messy buns to carry this year

Messy Space Buns with Tendrils

Try space buns with tendrils for the perfect yet trendy style. The loose-messy front pieces will give your face a more beautiful and delicate look – helping to make the style more enhancing for round and square face shapes. At the same time, the tendrils will make the entire look softer and more natural. An ideal feminine touch to your personality. For a perfect messier style, make sure your space buns aren’t too tight or neatly clean – keep it messier, make it look better.

Space Buns with Natural hair

Natural hair space buns are also known as puffballs or pompoms. What a funny yet cute name!

The style is super cute and suitable for medium-length natural curly hair. The plus point is, it’s one the quickest yet cute natural hairstyles to do. Simply take the half and half-section and secure your curls into two buns with hair ties or bobby pins. Remember, it’s important to not leave your puffballs up for longer durations because, like most of the hairstyling options, it’s unhealthy for your hair.

Space Buns with Glitter

For a casual meetup or festival, make these space buns with some pop of glitter

It gives you a shimmery look and makes your style more colorful and unique. This looks great with all hair colors. For a fun touch, you could make the buns all glittery or you can add glitter in the center parting.

Space Buns with Braids

One of the clean neat ways to carry space buns is by adding braids to this style. The braids do not only look creative but also give a gorgeous woven effect. From behind, it looks absolutely whimsical! And the best part is…it comes with no flyaway hair problem.

This style is perfect for family gatherings or attending a wedding. Braids go well for luxurious and casual attires. These braided space buns give a classy perfect hairstyle look. These buns aren’t too difficult if you know how to braid your hair upside down using different techniques like French or Dutch.

Space Buns with Box Braids

The box braided space buns hairdo gives you a cool-punk vibe that is perfect for the one who loves to be unique or different from the crowd. You can have a fun look by giving the best of both styles, you’ll showing off your long and beautiful box braids while shaking it up with dramatic space buns. A remarkable look, a bold 90’s vibe paring it with throwback accessories like tinted shades and a pop-top.

Space Buns with Scrunchies

Get the casual 90’s early 2000’s feel by styling space buns with scrunchies. These stunning hair accessories right away bring a touch of personality to your hairstyle and make it look neater and more unique. You can customize your look by adding different patterns and colors of scrunchies according to your outfit.

Bow Shape Space Buns with Braids

The cutest of all space buns styles is bow shaped buns with braids. Like many other braided hairdos, it is done by double Dutch-braiding your hair that goes from back and ends till the crown of your head. It ultimately makes a bow bun with the front section. Classic!

It looks super cute on women of all ages and equally adorable on kids particularly. How about making your look perfect for a mother-daughter photoshoot or twinning with this style?

Space Buns with a Fringe

You can rock the look of your space buns with blunt bangs or wispy fringe. The fringe helps to balance your facial proportions and makes the space buns hairdos more astonishing, specifically if you have a large forehead. If you want something that can make you look younger, then this hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle cannot get more flattering!

It’s an ideal Go-To hairstyle look for brunch with friends, shopping, or a picnic at the beach, a fringe is like a cherry on the top of your space buns.

Space Buns Half up Half Down space bun Hairstyle with Blue Hair

Dying blue hair has been a big trend over the past year and it’s still going on. The color is trendy and popular because it symbolizes freedom of expression – and it looks good with different skin tones. If you haven’t tried it yet, then now is the time. Half up-half down space buns allow you to explore your creative side and show off your new ocean-hued blue hair while making a cute mermaid look.

Space Buns with Loose Hair

For those with extra-long hair as well as thick that seems impossible to lock them into cute space buns, choose this solution!

You can still make it up to the same hairstyle by choosing smaller side sections of your hair near the crown and winding them into the buns. Secure them with hair ties or bobby pins and leave the rest of your beautiful hair open to create a magical appearance. It is advised to give big bouncy barrel waves to your loose hair. This hairstyle will give you a cute yet complete look and you feel more confident in this hairstyle.

Ombre Space Buns

Ombre is trendy and this trend is going nowhere, if you’re not into glitzy style, then regular ombre space buns are your jam as they are still trending. Both messy or smooth-looking space buns work amazingly with ombre hair. Try this different and unique combo of ombre and space buns with your hair or any above-mentioned styles.

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