Suede shoes shopping guide – All you need to know

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“Suede” is a kind of leather made from the underside of animal skin. Soft and fuzzy to the touch with a napped finish!

It is pliable and much more flexible compared to leather. Suede shoes and boots have been in and out of style for quite some time, traditionally they were considered informal compared to leather boots. Improvements have been made in their texture, giving them a rich velvety finish, which boosted their sales in the market. No matter how difficult it is to maintain the quality of suede shoes, we will always love to lace up a pair of suede sneakers or formal shoes.

You can pair them with a vast range of outfits and finish off a casual or semi-formal look perfectly. 


Customarily, where wearing suede in the UK is considered a casual dress up, in Italy suede is one of the most high-class and formal options to wear.

The Best types of suede boots 

Chelsea’s suede boots 

Chelsea boots came into existence in the 19th century to this day they remain a quintessential style principal in a man’s wardrobe. The minimalist design of these boots makes them so versatile that you can easily assimilate them with any semi-formal outfit. Alexander McQueen was their most popular design. The real highlight is their supremely intricate details.  

You can pair Chelsea boots with jeans, a suit, and tapered varieties. It is a timeless footwear boot; rapidly changing trends do not affect them. One simply cannot resist its flattering shape. It is that item that looks more expensive than it is in reality.

Olive, blue, green, black are the best colors you can pair them with!

Suede boots by chukka

If you don’t own a pair of chukka boots this is the time to invest!

These boots have a unique aesthetic to them. You can easily pair them with a casual outfit or pair them with a smart ensemble. It’s all up to you. Any modern gentleman can wear chukka boots with a pair of black jeans or a Blazer for smart-casual style.

Blue navy, sand, gray are all super choices to pair them with!

Suede and nubuck working boots

Do people always ask what is the difference between nubuck and suede?

Well, nubuck is crafted from the outside layer of leather by sanding it down rigorously whilst suede is the inside layer of the leather hide. You can easily pair worker boots with a plain t-shirt, straight-leg jeans, and a worker jacket for the rugged man Vibe. Although it comes with a hard-wearing look, it feels soft and all subtle.

Best suede shoes for your wardrobe 

Blue suede shoes never go out of style there is even a song called “Blue Suede Shoes” written by Carl Perkins and later was covered by Elvis Presley. If you are looking for the perfect suede shoes to wear for the holiday season then this is the right place for you!

Edward green’s suede 

Made from the finest Italian material these shoes are a highly sophisticated pair of slip-on. Comfortable for your feet, super stylish, and the epitome of classic loafers. The mushroom shade of suede is the best color you can opt for. Perfect for a formal meeting and weddings!

Church’s Kingsley suede loafers 

The distinctive classic tassels are the major feature that makes these loafers special. They can easily be worn to a success party or a company meeting. Pairing it with a nice tailored suit will definitely enhance the beauty of these loafers. 

Berricks x Catiba suede made for skating 

Suede skateboard shoes are rarely found but Berricks x Catiba made it possible and invented a special skateboarding shoe made out of suede that not only protects your feet but also your skateboard while skating. A must-have feature for any skateboard enthusiast who loves to skate. 

Burberry’s vintage suede shoes 

These shoes have a unique Burberry touch to them. The Burberry print makes them super rare. They not only look fresh but quite fashionable. If you love vintage then these are must-haves.

Nike Blazer Mid Vintage Suede Black

Another ‘O.G’ sneaker that is found more suitable for routine use. Being in black, you can carry it with any dressing. Minor details give it a classy appearance. A solid shoe needs to be added to your shopping list!

Aiden and Mason Glory Boot

These boots are to die for!

Boots are designed to be worn at the workplace or home, professional or personal gatherings. It is suitable for pairing up all sorts of casual and formal attires. Compatible with a dressy coat and blazer, these will make you stand out just a tad bit making a statement.

Best styles for women suede shoes 

Over the knee boots by Stuart Weitzman

These knee-high suede boots are perfect for any tall girl who loves to wear miniskirts and short dresses. These boots are perfect for autumn and fall. You can wear them to a date or even a girl’s night out. The look of these knee-high boots gives a very fresh vibe. Pictures in these knee-high boots guarantee you the most likes on your photos. 

Ankle boots

Then we have ankle boots. Suitable for office-going women who need no disturbance in their work. H&M’s ankle boots are perfect for a busy day in the office, highly comfortable, and super fashionable. They look adorable on anyone and their affordability is easy on the pockets. 

High heel pointy toes 

If you are looking for a heeled boot Eloise by Christian Louboutin might be the one for you the pointy toe heeled boot is perfect to complete a formal look. Let it be graduation, a welcome party, or a wedding. These pointy toes will not disappoint you. The suede material gives it a nice finish which makes it look exquisite. 

The best brands for suede sneakers 

From comfortable haute couture options to essential items, these are the brands you can turn to when buying suede sneakers suitable for all genders.

  1. Adidas
  2. Puma
  3. Nike 
  4. Converse
  5. Vans

How To Clean Suede Boots?

With the help of a suede brush, dirt can be removed from the fibers if you strenuously brush in one direction. This way the surface layer of the boots will be dirt-free. But if you are faced with heavy stains on your suede boots then you will need a cleaning kit.

However, if you don’t have any then a homemade remedy might come to help. The boots can become stain-free with the help of rubbing alcohol or by making a remedy out of baking soda and vinegar. 

How to protect suede shoes?

A waterproofing spray can protect the suede from all kinds of stains in liquid form. Crep protect universal protection is a good option if you’re considering buying one to protect your lovely shoe from damage.

Can water ruin suede?

Water will not ruin suede shoes if you let the air dry!

If the shoes have contacted water do not rub, scrub or wipe the suede vigorously doing so will damage the delicate material. You just have to be patient with it. 

Home-made remedy to clean suede shoes (guided steps)

  • Firstly, you need to brush the shoe completely to remove any excess dirt then dampen the shoe’s surface with a clean washcloth dipped in warm water.
  • You will have to make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove deep-rooted stains. Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Add a few drops of water in it once a thick mixture has been formed and apply it to the stained area. Continue rubbing it with the brush until the stain is removed.
  • Wipe away the solution with a clean washcloth and let it dry for a few days.
  • Smooth out the rough surface of the stain with a razor gently if needed otherwise, you are ready to wear them again.

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