Surprising Facts about Sandy Mahl You probably Didn’t Know

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Who is Sandy Mahl? Commonly known as Elly May Mahl, you must have known her as the wife of one of the most popular country music legends Garth Brooks’ first wife. But, you must not take her just his ex-wife because she is MUCH MORE THAN THAT! And, probably you didn’t know, yet. Being a mother of three lovely daughters, she is one of the most kindhearted women.

In short, Sandy is more than a woman you can imagine her to be!

We all know how private of a person she is, but lucky for you, we have gathered some of the most exciting, unknown, likable, and fun facts about her.

Sandy Mahl net worth

The ex-wife of country music star and now an American businesswoman, Sandy Mahl is known to have a net worth of a whopping $125 million. Well, now you have an idea how much else she is apart from being an ex-wife and worth a lot more than you have guessed.

Sandy Mahl in Oklahoma

Sandy and Oklahoma have a very close relation and a lot of memories. Born in 1965, she spent her childhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her family, Pat Mahl and John Mahl, and a sister named Debbie Mahl. She has not gotten her high school or college degree from any popular city but Oklahoma State University located in Stillwater.

Now, adding to your surprise, Garth Brooks was also studying in the same university at the same time. But wait, they didn’t meet there.

Escaped a kidnapping

Most people already know but for those who do not know, she was reported to have been kidnapped from her home but managed to escape successfully back in 2006.

Being taken against her will by a man who was planning to escape from a bail bondsman, Sandy Mahl was devilishly forced to drive. Luckily, she acted sensibly and got rid of the situation by running into the convenience store. It was a near miss but lucky for her, she was not harmed.

An energetic Athlete

She is not only a talented songwriter but an athlete back in her high school days. She used to be not only a cheerleader but also a girl who was enthusiastic enough to take part in track and field gaming sessions, actively.

A qualified songwriter

By profession, we all know Sandy Mahl is a songwriter and has successfully marked her place in the music industry. How can you forget the ‘I’ve Got A Good Thing Going, song featured in her ex-husband’s debut album. Consider that song her breakthrough but that is not her only successful song. The 1993 song ‘That Summer’ is another big success.

It proves that she was not only a faithful but also a supportive wife!

Love for wildlife

Moving back to Oklahoma took her to the wildlife passion. Since she found her love for animals, she helped others found a Wild Heart Ranch in Rogers County, Oklahoma. At present, she is acting as a Vice-President and Co-Founder of Annette King Tucker.

The organization is dedicated to taking care of all wounded or misplaced wild animals. And, truly speaking, we are genuinely so happy for her as Sandy Mahl has already experienced a lot of bad times.

Battle with cancer

Yes, you have heard it right! She is a cancer survivor. In the same year, when she escaped a deadly kidnapping, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She kept it private and fought the battle with the full will to live.

It goes without saying BUT, Sandy is one of the toughest ladies with the power of ironwoman.

First meeting with Garth Brooks

It is undoubtedly the most famous story ever circulated in the media regarding Sandy and Garth’s meetup as it is pretty different from being romantic or candid but INTERESTING!

They met in a fight club where he came as her survivor when she had gotten herself into a serious argument. In Oklahoma club, Garth was working as a bouncer where he broke off the fight.

Are they destined or was it all a coincidence?

This might be shocking news, but they have studied in the same college and were born in the same hospital. Whoa! Fate or coincidence? What we can say!

Although they met first in the bar they used to be in the same college where they have started dating later. We guess they absolutely had a humble beginning. Well, they were not just lucky enough to have the same college but birthplace, as well.

Marriage with Garth Brooks

Met back at the bar, they finally decide to tie the knot in 1986 even though they were in their twenties only. Why so early? Because they had a lot in common and what else you can see in your partner. A journey from being a college sweetheart to the wife of Sandy Mahl was absolutely a fairytale.

She has three sweet daughters, namely Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks, August Anna Brooks, and Allie Colleen Brooks.

What was the divorce settlement?

15 years is such a long period to imagine and when someone is in love so much, how they can stay away from each other but unfortunately the marriage didn’t work so well for Sandy and Garth. They got divorced in 2001 but do you know how much money she got as a final settlement?

This extremely publicized divorce ended with a lengthy legal battle and is considered one of the most expensive divorces of the decades. Garth paid her $125 million! Yes, loads of millions, we assume!

Life after divorce

Who is Sandy Mahl married to now? You must have heard the rumors about Sandy Mahl second marriage but that is not true. Sandy has been single since her divorce from Garth. She has put all his focus on being a good mother of their three daughters.

Being a grandmother

Well, now we are adding a little of a happiness splash by giving you the good news about Sandy being a grandmother. In 2013, one of her daughters gave birth and in 2016, she welcomed another daughter.

Now, what have you gotten about Sandy Mahl? That she is not only a mother but a lucky grandmother, a cancer battle survivor, a wildlife saver, an active field player, and whatnot!

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