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Terry’s Chocolate Orange – History, ingredients and all about taste

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In the past years, you must have seen chocolate in combination with various elements. Such as nuts and fruits, particularly berries. And, there is no doubt that fruits and chocolates are quite a successful pair. But, we guarantee that there is nothing like the Terrys Chocolate Orange. One of the most successful and flavorful chocolate treats ever!

Being rated as the world’s most wonderful and famous chocolate luxuries since 1932, it is still at the top of the chart whenever chocolates are the topic of discussion. It was first developed in 1932 at the Chocolate Works factory in New York, England. The Terrys Chocolate Orange has been a captivating blend of delightful, original, and indulgent chocolate with all-natural orange oil for an exotic flavouring.

Since the first production, Terry’s Chocolate Orange has been experimenting. With dark chocolates and fruit oils, they have brought more and more innovative, exquisite, and scrumptious chocolates. With time, new formats and flavors have been launched to add extra sweetness to life.

Since 2018, the Terrys Chocolate Orange has been named under Carambar & Co and is produced in Strasbourg, France.

From chocolate apple to Terry’s Chocolate Orange

It might surprise you but do you have any idea about popular Terry’s chocolate apple? Well, it was the very first chocolate fruit combination marketed in 1926, after years of Terry’s efforts. The brand was also named Terry’s Chocolate Apple. He was the one who introduced the idea of new lines of chocolate, desserts and bakery, candied peel, and marmalade.

After a few years in 1932, he made Terrys Chocolate Orange. That is exactly what we have been appreciating from the start of this blog. Its lavish chocolate taste with a hint of fruit awestruck the chocolate industry. It took no time to become everyone’s favourite. Consider it the masterpiece that took him to the top of the success!

Let’s not overlook another creation of 1979 called Terry’s Chocolate Lemon. That was one of the weirdest chocolates with the strangest taste.

Who could have thought that orange can taste this DELICIOUS!

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

What exactly is Terrys chocolate orange and how it is made? What design is it available in?

When you open the packet, you will get a big ball draped in orange-skin patterned foil. On unwrapping, an orange-shaped ball made of dark and tasteful chocolate (orange chocolate ball) complemented with a hint of orange oil comes out. You can even smell the orange in it. The ball seems to be divided into equal 20 segments, just like a real orange. If you are thinking, how the 20 segments are kept together then…when packaging, all segments are fixed together right in the center.

Hold up!

Do you think its fanciful wrapping and delightful orange-shaped design make this chocolate tempting? That is not the case. It is just one part of what makes this mouthwatering treat such a fun and ideal gift or token of love for all ages. Terry’s Chocolate Orange has incredibly tasty ingredients, blended perfectly! Let’s take a look at the ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Skimmed milk powder
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cocoa mass
  • Butterfat
  • Emulsifier (Soy lecithin)
  • Flavourings (orange oil, vanillin)
  • Orange oil (natural)

It might contain nuts and soy, which are allergens. So, be careful!

All these appetising elements merge to form a very sweet, deliciously smooth, and very milky chocolate, with a fresh orange flavor to invigorate the senses.

But why is it that we love orange-flavored chocolate so much?


Every bite exposes a flawless mixture of rich, creamy, dark chocolate and lively, acidic orange flavor!

Although it is an age-old flavor but the aroma this chocolate offers is something extra. It is a treat that brings them a chocolaty joy. If you are not a fan of TOO SICKLY SWEET chocolates, it is the best option for you. The intense, smooth bitterness and darker velvet intensity of chocolate is surprisingly balanced with the sharp and sweet citrus tones.

Nothing can beat the taste of this indulgent dark chocolate studded with crystallised orange zest.

Unusual marketing

One of the reasons for its global demands is its ways of marketing that are not only unusual but highly engaging. Particularly, at the time of Christmas, it brings astounding marketing and advertisement ideas. Famous marketing phrases are:

  • Tap it and unwrap it which was replaced with “whack and unwrap”!
  • It’s not Terry’s, it’s mine
  • Don’t tap it… Whack it!

Spin-off products

  • Chocolate Orange bar – a bar of total of 6 segments arranged vertically smooth later replaced with textured parts mimicking the traditional orange shape
  • Chocolate Orange minis
  • Chocolate Orange White Eggs – a variety of white chocolate of Chocolate Orange in egg shape (available for one Easter)
  • Segsations – separate chocolate segments made of different flavors, such as milk chocolate, puffed rice, honeycomb, cornflake, and a “double seg” of layered milk and dark chocolate, with one thing in common and that is orange oil.
  • Segsations Mini Eggs – separately foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in the same above-mentioned flavors (available for Easter)
  • Chocolate Orange: Egg & Spoon – a variation with egg-shaped milk chocolate having an orange fondant filling


  • About 44 million Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are sold annually
  • They are currently available in seven countries including Great Britain, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan
  • Around 9 million UK households have been purchasing a Terry’s Chocolate Orange by year
  • It is one of the UK’s favourite and most sold chocolates
  • You can find these in 7 tempting formats
  • Since 29 May 2016, the UK serving size has been minimised for Terry’s chocolate orange from 175g to 157g. A big change in the segment’s molded shape was made, leaving an air gap between every segment.

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